August 22, 2009

Back Yard...Work in Progress

Looking down on the old stairs and back entry from the deck...preparations for the new cement work!

Looking back toward the house...see the new cement steps and walkway?

Look at all that sod! Lots of work ahead for these smiling young men.

"Hurry Mum...take the picture...this stuff is heavy!" That's really what he was saying.

My four men working hard to make me sweet...I'm so thankful!

Looking to the top picture...yay!! :)

Fraser working hard to "keep it moist"!


Peg V.O. said...

WOW, what a beautiful backyard! I'm sure your family will enjoy using it for many years to come. They should be very proud of their hard work!

Camille said...

Thanks for your comment! It would appear that we just moved in, but it has been our yard for nearly 15 years...many great times have been had by our boys digging and playing and making mud!! We installed sod about 5 years ago and it got completely ruined by neglect and four kids slipping and sliding in it like it was a mud bath! (We live in the Pacific North West and it gets very wet in the winter months). The silver lining?...they had fun doing it! :) Hopefully we will be able to maintain it better now that the boys are older and they will care what happens to it too! We don't regret any of the many fun times they had back I read in a comic once, "we are growing kids, not grass"...