September 2, 2009

Getting Organized...Baby Steps

Two of my friends were asking about a couple of little thoughts are running through my brain. Something I was reminded of on this site and have put into practice over the years is this: Take it in baby steps! Set the timer for whatever amount of time you have and tackle one closet, or one shelf in that closet, one drawer or whatever. Even if you only have 15 minutes, do a small area. Very often we get frozen in the overwhelming thought of so much to do that we do nothing! Imagine what could get organized in your home if you only adopted this one steps and only one a day! This is what I just did yesterday...organized this little feels so much better. Maybe next time I will have to post "before" and "after" pics...or then again, maybe not! :)


Camille said...

LOL...check out the "Better Homes and Gardens" cookbook...there is a good story behind that! Notice the shape of the burn? Well...let's just say, NEVER put ANYTHING on your burners that you don't want to cook...even if they are supposedly turned off...'nuff said!

Peg V.O. said...

Thanks for suggesting the "baby steps". I've heard it before and know it works. Now I just have to actually DO it! I've always had a hard time with "accountability" it seems. :) Thanks for the inspiration and the chuckle over the cookbook. I have a plastic-handled Pampered Chef can opener that has the same burn marks on it. :)

Camille said...

Haha...the sad part was that I was reading the cookbook as it lay heating up on the "low" burner then a smell began to waft up and alerted me to the situation! I was tempted to replace it, but it is a good reminder and a great example to show my kids. :)

Susan said...

Dear Camille,

I have enjoyed looking through your blog. The flylady has really been helping me head towards organization, too! It can be fun and it makes me feel so calm and good to see things in their right places.

Enjoy the winter day! I think we are going to get a small taste of it here...high of 22 degrees low of 11 degrees. That is really cold for us southerners!!

I will be back,

Camille said...

Welcome Susan! It's lovely that you stopped by...thank you for letting me know you were here. :) I am glad you have found that the flylady has been a blessing to you. How wonderful it is to maintain an organised home! I feel as though it's about time for another overhaul at my house. :)

Many blessings,