November 24, 2010

First Snow!


We are in for more, so they say.
Last winter we hardly had any snow at all.
But this year it's supposed to be different.
The word is that it's going to be the worst winter our area
has seen in thirty years or more!

We will make the most of it.
And buy winter tires ~ a first for us!

Here are some photos of our first "snow day" ~
Saturday, November 20th.
The day after one of the most frightening
drives I've ever had!

I was
to be home!

Oh, the joys of childhood!


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Our kids are absolutely loving the snow, but it was too cold to play in it today. Looks like your kids are having a great time playing in it, too. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Nadine said...

It looks a lot like that down here too!
My younger ones have been outdoors having fun playing in the snow.

It is too cold for me though! :)


Linda Stubbs said...

Just had to drop in and say HI! Look at all that snow and kids! That makes for a lot of wonderful memories. I am up and baking will be filled with family.......can't get better than that!

Hugs sweet friend! Linda

Farmgirl Cyn said...

There is nothing like that 1st snow of the season to bring out the kid in all of us! (except for those driving in the 1st snow of the year...YIKES! Girl, go get some snow tires!!!!)

Trisha said...

Love these pictures, Camille! Oh, enjoy the snow, and make some snow cream, too! Yum. :)

Treasures Evermore said...

Yes, it looks like our area. I do NOT like driving in the snow. But dh did manage to get the kids to school and HE will be picking them up early. My MIL and I were almost killed in a snowstorm but a very old lady (who should NOT have been on the road) who was driving in the center lane as she couldn't figure out which was her side our ours....and every since then I have fear driving in it.

So thankful that God spared us that day...but it was horrible...and the only reason I was out was my MIL forgot her heart medication at home and needed to have it as they were staying with us for a few days.

Anyway, that's my thing about snow. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it...but as long as we are ALL home.

Sure looks like your kiddo's are having fun.


Heather said...

Oh, wow! It looks like what Ontario usually looks like! This week, we had 15 degrees ;) We switched our typical weather just so you could have a taste of winter :)

Camille said...

Dear Jackie ~ They are out there again! It snowed some more times!! Happy Thanksgiving to you too! :)

Dear Nadine ~ It is chilly, isn't it? But the kids do not seem to mind...I suppose they are having too much fun! It sounds like we are in for more as the winter progresses...I enjoy it if we are all home safe and sound! :)

Dear Linda ~ Thank you for your is always lovely to hear from you! I know you are *SO* busy these days!! What a blessing that you are having a house-full today...enjoy!! :)

Dear Cindy ~ Yes, we plan to buy snow tires withing the week! Funny thing is, where we live it is rarely needful! It's supposed to be "temperate" here year 'round. We have never had snow tires on our vehicles...but this year that is going to change! It is lovely to hear from all is well? :)

Dear Trisha ~ Yes...snow cream! Sounds yummy...we've never done that! Usually the children ask for hot cocoa on days like this. :)

Dear Treasures ~ Oh. Dear. Me. What a snow story you have!! Yes, I is lovely when everyone is safe and sound at home...and there is no reason to leave. Cosy! Enjoy these days...apparently there are more to come! :)

Blessings to you each one!
In His Love,

Camille said...

Sorry Heather ~ I was writing my comments as you were leaving yours. Ah, yes...Ontario weather! Well...enjoy your BC weather for awhile...but only for awhile because soon we will want it back! ;-)

Have a lovely evening my friend!

Christa said...

Oh how fun Camille! Your kids look like they were having so much fun. We just celebrated our thanksgiving yesterday and it was 70 degrees outside! Not normal for Tennessee. We are wondering what happened to the cold weather that is usually upon us at this time of the year.

Have a great weekend...Christa

Linda said...

Good Morning Camille!
Love your photos and post.
I am in Georgia on vacation and I think I brought England's rain with me!!! Now I hear back home we have snow!!!
Have a wonderful day.
Hugs and blessings.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

That is what it looks like here, too.

I'm thankful for my old four wheel drive Suburban that gets us up and down the driveway that turns to solid ice.

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. You are such a lovely, encouraging person and I am thankful to have you as a friend.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Camille said...

Dear Christa ~ Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! I hear that it is a La Nina year...which apparently makes the southeast warmer than normal and the northwest colder than normal ~ maybe it will be a mild winter for you? We are planning to buy snow tires for the first time!! :)

Dear Linda ~ Oh I do hope you have a lovely visit with your sister!! Enjoy the mild temps! I suppose we have similar weather to England here in our area of maybe we are both in for a colder than normal winter? :)

Dear Stacie ~ Thank you for your friendship and are a blessing to me! How wonderful that you have a reliable vehicle for this type of weather! I'm sure your children are enjoying the snow too. Fun times!! :)

Blessings to you each one!
In His Love,

His bondservant said...

Okay, pray for me...I feel the jealousy bug biting! Seriously, would LOVE to have some snow here. Do you think you could ship it? Enough all those wonderful snow activities with your precious family!

Jenn said...

What fun and you captured it perfectly with your camera!

Camille said...

Dear Jackie ~ LOL!! What a great business opportunity! Maybe we will look into the shipping possibilities. Would Christmas be a good time for you to receive the parcel?? ;-)

Dear Jenn ~ Thank you for your sweet is a blessing! :)

May the LORD bless you both this weekend!

In His Love,

Justine said...

Great Pictures! Snow tires are a must Chris and I are planning on picking up a set since we got stuck in the driveway tonight! Have fun with the snow!

Wanting What I Have said...

S.M.I.L.E.!!!!! SO much fun!

Camille said...

Dear Justine ~ Oh. Dear. Me. Stuck in the driveway...not fun! At least you were safe at home. :) For us, the snow is somewhat of a novelty, so the kids have lots of fun in it. But, it seems this year it will be with us more than most years. Enjoy your new snow tires!

Dear Jennifer ~ The kids had a great time that afternoon...outside for about three hours! Don't you wish you were a kid again sometimes?? :)

Blessings to you both!