January 23, 2011

Of Gingerbread and Other Good Things

It's a tradition.

We *must* bake gingerbread
at least once over Christmas.

And we did.

The rolling.
The shaping.
The sprinkles.
The icing.
The candies.
The tasting.

It's all an adventure.
I find myself becoming a *little*
more relaxed with the whole process.

And OH!

How the children

Thankful this Monday for more of the *everyday*.
Thankful for more of the *ordinary*.
How precious it is to number them and
to reflect on HIS goodness!
Have you joined us yet?
Oh, do come along...
it is a JOY!

1091. Family beach walk
on a crisp winter morning ~

1092. Tazo Vanilla Rooibos Tea ~ Yum!
(Notice the tea mug?
It's the one Emma gave me for Christmas,
and the tea was from Fraser ~ precious)!

1093. Bonus Air Miles!

1094. Music teachers for our children

1095. Sleeping in

1096. Catching up

1097. Routine

1098. Admitting I was wrong and making it right ~
with the LORD and others...forgiveness!

1099. Fresh starts

1100. Homemade soup for lunch

1101. Lunch as a family ~ all six of us together

1102. Early to bed

1103. Early to rise

1104. Purpose

1105. Grounding ourselves with the Truth

1106. Dispelling fears

1107. Being able to glue together a broken ornament for at
least the third time (and it's been broken in three places too) ~
Yaay for Super Glue!

1108. Seeing old friends

1109. Being greeted warmly by a teenager who is not related ~
very sweet!

1110. Snow in the night ~ waking up to white!

1111. Furnace that faithfully heats this house again and again ~
I think it's the original...nearly 40 years old!!

1112. Rain that washes all the snow and ice away

1113. Warm, dry home on a cold, wet day

1114. The sound of the downpour as we fall asleep

1115. Chicken Pot Pie for dinner ~ Yum!

1116. Muffins for breakfast

1117. Pre-soaked steel cut oats ready to be cooked up
quickly in the morning ~ Do you notice how much of my
life revolves around food?? LOL!

1118. Casting all my care upon HIM ~
HE cares for me! What a comforting thought!

1119. Freshly boiled water poured over a favourite tea bag
to enjoy just before bed

1120. Little girl asking me to play "Canon in D"
on the piano while she settles down to sleep ~
"Why do you like it?" I ask.
"I don't know, but it is so beautiful!" comes the reply.

1121. When things are not perfect...
points me to the ONE Who is!

1122. The sense of humour in the children evidenced
more and more as they grow...sometimes I really laugh!

1123. Snuggling on the couch with the two youngest
during morning quiet times...
Precious moments thatwon't last forever.

1124. An evening of hockey with our two oldest

1125. A fresh dose of P.E.R.S.P.E.C.T.I.V.E.

1126. Knowing that the LORD not only knows,
but HE also cares

1127. Cheering my husband on from the sidelines ~
I am so thankful for his *never give up* attitude

1128. Book recommendations

1129. The occasional coffee...yum!
(I *love* it, but it doesn't love me back)

1130. Getting the thank you notes done and mailed!

1131. Precious people to thank! :)


Dianna said...

Such a beautiful list, Camille. Oh..to admit when we are wrong and making it right...isn't the forgiveness wonderful?

I always enjoy coming here to visit with you. The music is so calming and I always enjoy the pictures you post...especially of your beautiful family. The children did such a nice job on their gingerbread house!

Thank you, dear one, for friendship!

His bondservant said...

How fun Camille. Do you know I have never done the gingerbread thing? Maybe this will inspire me!!! Too funny about gluing the piece back together...we have things all over our house that have been glued for the second or third time! Have a blessed day my friend, Jackie

Michelle said...

I did a gingerbread house for the first time this year. I'm a neat/control freak. My children are 3 and 20 months. Now...are you a laughing? Wow. What a mess. I let it all go though and will know what to expect next year/time.

Looks like you all had wonderful time!

Nadine said...

That is one loaded cookie! :)
What a fun tradition to have with your children. Beautiful blessings you have shared this day!


Julze said...

I love that last photo...such precious faces and lives! They look like the had a great time too. Traditions are great memory-builders.

I struggle with Christmas (because of my broken marriage) but my kids said "Mum, we HAVE to get a real tree..it's our tradition..." I nearly cried...I didn't realise HOW important it was to them!

Jenn said...

The pictures of your children working on gingerbread are so precious! Great memories!

Terri said...

What an amazing list! Take care, my friend! :)

Farmgirl said...

I'm so glad you posted the gingerbread baking adventure pictures! Braden and Emily made the traditonal gingerbread house this Christas - but it came already assembled out of the box! We couldn't enjoy the lovely aroma of it baking, but it was fun to tear apart!

So wonderful to build such great memories!

love you my friend!!

Camille said...

Dear Dianna ~ Oh yes! Forgiveness is AMAZING!! And how much I have been forgiven for! Thank you so much for your kind friendship and your encouraging words...they are a blessing to my heart. :)

Dear Jackie ~ Ah, yes...glue!! I really was thankful for it that day...it is getting more and more difficult to put back together!! Oh Gingerbread...it smells so yummy and is such fun (but messy...really messy!) :)

Dear Michelle ~ LOL...you must have had quite the mess!! It does get easier to contain it all as they get bigger. Good for you to attempt it...your children will have happy memories that will build year after year. Trust me...I know. It's all worth it. :)

Dear Nadine ~ LOL...yup! The work of one little girl...I think she enjoyed eating it too. :) Thank you for being a sweet encouragement...I appreciate you.

Dear Julze ~ So sorry about your difficulty with Christmas! What a blessing that you have your children to celebrate with...precious! :)

Dear Jenn ~ Thank you for your sweet friendship and encouraging words...I appreciate you! :)

Dear Terri ~ Thank you my friend! Oh...about taking care...YOU must be careful and give yourself time to heal!! Be patient and don't overdo it!! :)

Dear Farmgirl ~ I would say you did miss out a little on the baking end of it...but, I can't say that I blame you for doing it that way! But, oh...the yummy smells make all the mess a little more tolerable! :)

Many blessings,

Treasures Evermore said...

What a beautiful list...great photos of your children working together and having fun.

blessings for your week.


Jill said...

I love Tazo tea!! :-) Looks like everyone had fun making the cookies. Great family memories and so many wonderful things to be thankful for!!


Heather said...

#1129... you're so funny :)
Love your list and your photos.
They always make me feel like I'm right there with all of you.
Have a good week.

Love, Heather

Mountain Mama said...

Every beautiful word!!! Love your list as always...from the thrice glued ornament to the warm teenager, from perspective to chicken pot pie, from Canon in D to the coffee that doesn't love you back. I love how this one is all over the place...just like our thanks should be - EVERYWHERE!
Love from TX -

Cinnamon said...

Oh I love the tea mug and the little one asking for Canon in D.....so sweet!

Great thankful list~


Camille said...

Dear Connie ~ Thank you so much! Many blessings to you too as you enter this new phase in your lives...so exciting! :)

Dear Jill ~ Life is so full of God's blessings, don't you think? Yaay for another Tazo Tea girl...how fun! :)

Dear Heather ~ Thank you for your sweet words! It would be fun if you and your clan could be here for real...wouldn't it? :)

Dear Tami ~ How sweet that you read it ALL! You are right...our thanks ought to be *everywhere*...isn't that just how it works? The reason for the scattered list is it is now being recorded in a journal on my counter and the list is made up *as it happens* in *real* life. The first 1000 were recorded only online...I'm enjoying this *new* way of counting. :)

Dear Cinnamon ~ Thank you my sweet friend! :)

Many blessings!

Mountain Mama said...

Ooooo!!! Do tell!!! So do you journal on your computer and then transfer to your blog? Sounds more efficient! I sometimes find myself jotting things down so I won't forget to name it, and then transfer to my blog. Been dreaming of a newer more efficient way to capture all those little ones that oftentimes I *think* I won't dare forget to number, but inevitably I do! What program do you use? What's your M.O.? Sorry for the 20 questions!

Are you reading through One Thousand Gifts? I just started last night and am only ready to begin Chapter 4, but my oh my is it RICH!

Love to you,

Camille said...

Dear Tami ~ I don't mind the questions at all...it's very, very simple, really! I use a little notebook my husband gifted to me to literally number as it happens...since most of life happens in the kitchen or schoolroom...that's where it sits...on the counter. When *Mutitude Monday* rolls around I just transfer them to my post. You certainly could keep it on the computer, but I am not always near the thing and find the actual notebook with the actual pen works best for me. :)

About the book...no, I haven't begun to read yet as it has not arrived yet...it's on order. I'm glad you are enjoying it.

Have a wonderful evening!
With Love,

Mountain Mama said...

Haha! You are a sweetheart! So that's what I call an "ancient Chinese secret." Pen and paper. What a concept!!! Alrighty, I think I may just have to adopt this and stick a notebook in the kitchen, and maybe one in the bedroom too. Go figure! It's that easy to keep up! And boy am I loving keeping up. It's a hunt where I don't have to look too hard...God is everywhere!

You will love the book! It is better than I expected...and I expected a lot from her.

Love you, friend!

Camille said...

Dear Tami ~ LOL!! You made me smile! Thank you. I'm looking forward to the book....I'm glad it's a good read...I would imagine it would be. :)

Much Love,