November 27, 2012

Roller Coaster ~ An Update

It feels a little like we've been riding a Roller Coaster.
Up and down, and whipped back up again,
only to come crashing back down!

It's certainly been an interesting journey,
and we do not have all the answers.  The specialists don't either.
It's a little confusing and difficult to untangle.

Austin was admitted for heart failure 
management and to prep his body for surgery.
While in ICU Austin's temp was up a little.
(It was HOT in there).

Due to Austin's physical condition, 
it was decided to give a potent IV antibiotic.
An infection could be fatal to Austin at this time.
It was a reasonable thing to do.

However, the culture that they took
at the time the antibiotics were started came back negative.
The IV antibiotics were stopped as soon as that news was received.
But, they had already rendered their nasty side effects.

Crohn's is now in a full-on flare.
He seemed to be well managed on that front on admission.
Austin is now more sick than he was last week.

Two sets of specialists are continually assessing Austin ~
Cardiologists and Gastroenterologists.
Please pray that they both would have insight and wisdom
to know what to do for Austin.
Please pray that we would have wisdom to
pursue the right course of treatment for our precious son.
Please pray that God would continue to have HIS
way in this whirlwind.  HE is Good.  Always.

Thank you so much!
We appreciate each and every one of you!

With Love, Camille


PippaDavies said...

Oh Camille, my heart is crying for you! What a horrible struggle for Austin and all of you watching him go through this. May the Lord encourage you as he fights the downs in the roller coaster. I am praying that the ups will come soon, be miraculous and that all of you will sense His peace and reassurance in this battle. Praying comfort, peace, wisdom, strength and His love at this time. Many blessings Pippa

Patty said...

I have prayed as you asked and that He would also sustain and strengthen you and your family. May His grace be showered upon you all this day.

Nadine said...

Dear Camille,

So sorry to hear that things are so confusing right now, praying for wisdom for the physicians in charge of Austin's care.
Hugs to you my friend!

Love & Blessings!

Lisa said...

Oh my friend--I'll be praying for each of those things you asked!

Lisa said...

How my heart went out to you as I read this post! Our kiddos ask often for an update on Austin, and pray everyday for his recovery. Please know that your family is held with such love in our hearts!

I pray the Lord will pour out great comfort and strength upon your sweet family!

Sending much love and many
prayers your way :)

Anonymous said...

We are praying for you each and every day! Please continue updating us as you are able. Our hearts go out to you in this trial. We trust and pray that the LORD will do what is best for Austin - He loves Austin more than anyone, and I know that Austin is in God's loving hands. What a blessing to know that God is all-powerful, sovereign, and able to do above all that we ask or think. (Ephesians 3:20)!! May you find much peace in that knowledge. We will continue to pray for Austin's healing. Much love to you all...

Sun Valley Homestead said...

Continuing to pray. I am sorry Austin is suffering so much. Will check back with you soon. But won't stop praying.


Maryann said...

I have been praying and will continue to do so. Praying for healing, that God would give doctors wisdom and he would give you peace and comfort through this time.

Cinnamon said...

Camille, HUGS!!

I was thinking of you and Austin as I headed to town tonight. Praying for God's strength and wisdom....and healing..wonderful complete healing

hugs sweet friend~ Cinnamon

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Oh, Camille, I'm so sorry to hear this. My prayers are with you all! May God give those doctors wisdom! Thank you for keeping us posted so we know how to pray for you guys.

Big Hugs! Jackie

Anonymous said...

Camille, I'm praying for you all. May God's grace give you all peace. It must hurt to give us an update like this, but I thank you for it. It helps us to know how to pray for you. One of my sons was wondering how Austin was doing too. I'll let him know in the morning when he wakes up.
Lisa in BC

Jenn said...

Oh, Camille! My heart is aching for you right now! How weary you all must be. I will pray for spiritual as well as physical strength for all of you. And of course, Austin is on our hearts often and in our prayers daily.

Camille said...

Precious Friends ~ I am thankful for each one of you and for the love you have shown to us through this means and for your prayers!! Due to the nature of life at the moment, I must limit myself to one reply to each of you's not my first choice, but, it is necessary at this time. Thank you for understanding! Each of your notes have been read and taken to heart. You bless me!

Much Love,