December 10, 2012

Six Days In ~ An Update

This is a preliminary report ~
Six days in.

Austin has avoided infection so far.
His pain levels decrease each day.
He has walked to and from the little local store
and was able to tackle the hill without a hitch.
There is a spring (albeit a small one) in his step!
There is (a little bit of) colour in his cheeks.
He is becoming more animated and talkative.
The *old* Austin is emerging.
And...he's hungry!!

Good things are happening ~

Please join us in giving praise to
our Great God!

This is a process.
We must be patient.  I must be patient!  
But, the initial response to the pacemaker is positive.
Austin's heart is being worked!
And, it is working.  :)

God is the Great Physician.
HE knit us together in the womb,
and He knits us together after surgery or illness.
Our times are in His hands.
Each day is a gift.

We give thanks.

The road ahead is unclear to us.
But, it is not unclear to our Great God.
We know that the LORD is working out His perfect plan.
And, we know that He does all things well.
Not being able to see around the bend in the road
is difficult for me, but, knowing that the LORD is already there
is such an incredible comfort to my heart.

HE is already there!

Thank you to each and every one of you who

have prayed for us ~
You have blessed our family beyond measure!
This will be an ongoing journey.
As I know more, I will update.
For the time being, *regular* posts will resume.

Life and living.

Day by day.  Moment by moment.
Gifts from HIS hand.
Praise HIM for all HIS goodness!

Many Blessings to you!



PippaDavies said...

Praising the Lord with you Camille! We were just praying this morning, so it was good to hear back so soon that Austin is doing so much better. Praying that the Lord will keep his strength up and restore him to full health! Such good news:) Blessings to you all.

Justine said...

So so so happy to hear Austin is doing well... something to be truly grateful for this christmas season... I will continue to pray that he gets better and your whole family have a happy christmas season!

Patty said...

It is good to hear that things are coming along in such a positive way. I know your heart must be full of joy for each improvement ~ a blessing indeed. Saying a prayer right now for your family.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Praising God with you! What a wonderful update on Austin. Praying for complete healing for Austin! Much love and prayers...

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

What a wonderful praise report Camille! 'He's already there' - how true that is, no matter what lies ahead. That line just sticks in my memory because of that wonderful song by Casting Crowns that I listen to often - they are my favourite Christian artists because of the Biblical truth that resonates through every song that they write. I am sure that song has uplifted many people going through times of trial. I might even put 'Come to the Well' on today because it so ministers to me as I go about my day.
Rejoicing with you today. And a hungry teenager - that is a very positive sign!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Praise His Holy Name! I'm so happy to read this post. I love that you mentioned that Austin is hungry! A sure sign that a growing boy is feeling better :0

Maryann said...

Praising God for this good report. He knows the path that we must all walk and there is such comfort in that isn't there? nothing comes into our live that is not filtered by him...I can rest in that.
Austin looks wonderful, praying that he will continue to get stronger with each passing day

Camille said...

Dear Pippa ~ Thank you so much for your continued prayers! One day at a time...moment by moment...HE walks this path with us...what a blessing it is to know that our times are in HIS hands! I appreciate all your kindness to our family. May the LORD richly bless you! :)

Dear Justine ~ I do wish I could stop by your blog and leave you a note or two...I miss you in the blogging world. I understand, though...I do!! May the LORD bless you and your family this Christmas season and throughout the coming year. Thank you for your kind friendship. :)

Dear Patty ~ Thank you for rejoicing with us my friend. The LORD has blessed us beyond measure!! Merry Christmas to you and your family. :)

Dear Anonymous ~ I do wish I could address you by your name (no pressure though) continue to bless me with your sweet encouragement and I am thankful for you! May the LORD bless you throughout this Christmas season and in the coming year. :)

Dear Ann ~ Oh how blessed we are to belong to the LORD...don't you agree? (I know you do!) Yes, a hungry teen is a very good sign. He has not been hungry for months!!! Oh...I cannot tell you how happy that has made me!! Thank you so much for always encouraging my heart my friend. :)

Dear Jackie ~ Thank you for rejoicing with us my friend! Yes...a hungry boy is a blessing indeed! As I mentioned above to's not been that way for months! I'm breathing a little sigh of relief. :)

Dear Maryann ~ How precious the LORD is!! Yes, I know you understand many of these truths as you have walked a similar path. The LORD truly does all things well and HE is Faithful. What a blessing it is to know that HE will never leave us nor forsake us!! May HE continue to give you grace and strength. Blessings to you my friend. Thank you for rejoicing with us. :)

With Love,

Angela said...

Dear Camille,

Praise the Lord!!!! It is good to hear that Austin is improving and hungry! I pray you and your family have a very blessed Christmas.

Grandma Becky said...

Thanks for the update. Phil was inquiring how he was this evening so now I can tell him the update. You know someone is feeling better when their appetite improves, and he's a boy so I'm sure he gets hungry, as our son did. Hugs and continued prayers.

Camille said...

Dear Angela ~ Thank you so much for faithfully stopping by and for your prayers for our family! You have blessed my heart! Merry Christmas to you! :)

Dear Becky ~ it warms my heart that he wants to eat!! Please tell Phil that I appreciate his concern for our son...what a blessing!! Merry Christmas from our home to yours! :)

With Love,

Terri said...

So very thankful for this wonderful news! Love you dearly!

Camille said...

Dear Terri ~ Thank you my sweet friend...isn't it interesting how the LORD knits our hearts together across these many miles? I'm thankful for you!

With Love,