November 17, 2009

The Art of Sewing

My friend Christa has dedicated an entire post to the art of sewing on her blog ~ Country Hearts at Home. Her article is full of comments from many ladies who have been blessed with the ability to sew. Their stories often include the mention of a gift of time invested in their lives by someone older and wiser who patiently taught them this dying art form. I agree with Christa ~ We must never let it die! Hop on over and enjoy an encouraging journey through the stories will be blessed. The heirloom quilt you see pictured above is there along with its story ~ ENJOY!


Christa said...

Thank you Camille. :)
I loved all the pictures you sent over for my post.


Sharon said...

This is so nice! I truly wish that I knew how to sew. I took it in High School (ages ago) It is however on my list to try to pick up again this year. Hopefully I can attain that goal if not next year for sure :)

have a blessed evening Camille and thank you for always being so encouraging :)


Farmgirl Cyn said...

Sadly, I had no one to teach me to sew....I learned how to mess it up all by myself! I know it takes me twice as long as it should, but I have to look at it as a learning experience, and not get so frustrated by it. Just enjoy the journey, I tell myself. Ha!

J said...

My 84 year old neighbor is teaching me to sew!!! So glad you wrote about this! Do you sew?

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Loved Christa's post. The curtains you made are adorable! Great job!

Camille said...

Christa ~ Thank YOU! :)

Sharon ~ I hope you enjoy your journey into is so rewarding to create something pretty for you home or others.

Cindy ~ You make me chuckle...I think you did a great job on your apron...did you ever modify it?? The buttonholes are challenging too...well done for tackling it!!

J ~ How wonderful that you have a private tutor in the adventure of sewing! I have been sewing since I was about six years old on the machine that I now call my own. Mostly I do things for the home really does save $$ especially in the curtain department. If you go to the post Christa did and scroll down to the bottom there are pics of two windows I have done in our home. I hope you enjoy learning to sew! :)

Jackie ~ You are very sweet...I chose easy patterns for the curtains you saw...thanks for the compliment! :)

Blessings to you all!