September 29, 2011

Sweet Indulgence

Born and raised (mostly) in
British Columbia, Canada,
I think I have always
known about Purdy's.

It seems.

For Birthdays and for Christmas...
the children know the way to my heart.

It's on the top of my list ~
A box of Purdy's.

But, I am also very
VERY happy
with a bag of *seconds*.

They always seem to
settle on a box rather
than a bag.

Oh Y.U.M.

It's a very good thing
that my Birthday and
Christmas are almost exactly
six months apart!

A VERY good thing! :)

Purdy's are my favourite
sweet indulgence.

What is YOUR favourite treat?

Happy Weekend!

May it be very
VERY sweet!
Many blessings,

September 24, 2011

All That's Required

Sometimes the *extras*
must be abandoned.
Just the *basics*
can be managed.

And that is okay.

How we need wisdom to know
what those *basics* really are!

We all, on occasion,
need to take a step back.
Assess what it is we are doing.

Ask our husband.
Ask our children.
Ask a trusted friend.

Most importantly...
Ask the LORD.

What does HE require of us?
So often I have found it is
not the same as what
I have required of me!

Maybe it's time to
let those *extra* things GO!

How Gracious and Loving and Kind
our Precious Saviour is!

HE is to be praised!
To be glorified.
To be honoured.
To be followed.

Try to get a time alone.
In the quiet.
Early in the morning is best.
Night-time will work too.

When the house is silent.
When the children sleep.

"Be still, and know that I am God..."
~ Psalm 46:10 ~

Ask Him.

It might help to have pen and paper handy.
Jot down things that you believe
MUST be accomplished on a daily basis.

Pray over that list.

Who is requiring
these things of you?

Is it a command from
HIS Word?

If so, obey.

If not, take stock.

Prayerfully consider what
is best for your family at this time.

"If any of you lack wisdom,
let him ask of God,
that giveth to all men liberally,
and upbraideth not;
and it shall be given him."
~ James 1:5 ~

Last year's model may not be a fit.
It may be time to...


And really Live!

All for HIM!
And for HIS Glory!

"And whatsoever ye do in word or deed,
do all in the name of the Lord Jesus,
giving thanks to God and the Father by him."
~ Colossians 3:17 ~

May the LORD bless you
as you seek to follow HIM
with all your heart.

In HIS Love,

**All photos in this post
courtesy of Calvin ~ Thanks so much! xo

September 19, 2011

Until Next Year....

Summer fades.
Autumn arrives.

Seeking to treasure up
the beauties of the season
just past.

1485. Fresh blueberries to freeze.

1486. Crisp watermelon to enjoy ~
And the satisfying crunch as it splits open

1487. Full moon and the wonder of its beauty
(can a photo really capture it?)

1488. The crock pot to cook
for me outdoors on a hot day

1489. A boy who remembers and sheds the
socks before entering the house ~
filthy from outdoor work

1490. Backyard Badminton

1491. That the grass grows back ~ smile!

1492. Little local pool and watching the kids
jump in and jump in...

...and jump in again!

1493. Hot Dog cookout on the beach

1494. Saying *Yes* to Emma
(who will soon grow out of these requests)
and allowing her to bring her stroller to
the grocery store

1495. A generous cousin who loaned
her American girl doll to Emma...
complete with outfits galore! :)

1496. That the wheels can be cleaned ~
Almost as good as new

1497. More memories made

1498. The way that Emma talks to *the girls* ~
her doll and her cousin's

1499. Boys who climb trees and
a Daddy who goes with them!
(This photo is from last Summer ~
the scene this year was similar.
The little white dot at the top is Austin!)

1500. One of this Summer's last loads of
sheets drying on the line ~
I *love* this view!! :)

Welcoming Autumn...
saying goodbye to Summer.
Until next year....

"To everything there is a season,
and a time to every purpose under
the heaven..."
~ Ecclesiastes 3:1 ~

May each of you, kind friends,
celebrate the season the LORD has you in!

Many blessings,

September 14, 2011

The Syllabus Blues

Have you ever had them?
Do you know what they are?
I do.
First hand.

*The Syllabus Blues*

I'm recovering from a
moderate case of them.

Last night I was
in the midst.
And my Sweetheart listened.
And encouraged.
And calmed my worries.

He also countered the lies
I was telling myself.

It's true.
Things often do
look better in the morning.

I think every Mum
at one point or another
second-guesses herself.

It's important to remind
ourselves what is true.
And remember what is truly

Sometimes we need to
get back to the

The LORD is Faithful.
HE leads us and gives us wisdom
as we seek HIM for it.

Are you in the midst of
your own version of the
*Syllabus Blues*?

Hold onto the Truth.
Go forward in HIS strength.
And in HIS Grace.

One day at a time.
Step by Step.
Moment by Moment.

May I encourage you to
seek the LORD for wisdom?
Seek HIM for the guidance you need
for the days that lie ahead.

I will too.

Many Blessings,

September 12, 2011

Indian Summer

It's been warm here recently.
Around 80 Degrees.
Warm for us. :)

Last week Howie had a few days off.
We did some *local* stuff.
Day trips.

Like a holiday in our own back yard.
Just before the cooler days of Autumn set in.

We drove around to this beach
which is directly across from *our* beach.
It's about 25 minutes away.

There are fire pits where we were.
So, we brought along some wood.
And, we roasted our dinner by the shore.

It was wonderful!

Is it getting cooler there,
or warming up?
The cooler days seem to have
arrived in our neck of the woods.
Autumn officially begins in
just over a week.
Our Indian Summer is fading.

Have a wonderful week!
Many blessings,

September 9, 2011

Renovating the System

Our old system wasn't working.
It needed to be renovated.

I gave my Sweetie a roughly scrawled note
with ideas for
responsibilities the children
could carry out.

And he transformed it into this...

I added my *two cents worth*.
I *tweaked* it.
Together we added some colour.

We are in the early days
of implementation.
How sweet it is!

Would you like to share what works for
you in your home?
I'd enjoy reading your ideas.
Maybe some of them will be included
in our next renovation. :)

Many blessings,

September 6, 2011

Pralined Pecans ~ Oh Dear Me!

Ever wanted to know how to make
your own pralines?

Oh. Dear. Me!

Frighteningly yummy!!

My advice is to make these up
on the day you need them,
or you may end up making an extra,
unplanned batch to replace what
seemingly disappeared into thin air!

This will be a step-by-step
tutorial/pictorial to
walk you through the process.

measure out two cups of raw pecans.
Chop them coarsely.
Put into a large bottomed
pan on the stove.

Measure into that same pan the following ~
1 cup white sugar (granulated)
2 Tbsp + 2 tsp water
1 Tbsp + 1 tsp butter

Turn on the heat to medium.
Stir with wooden spoon until melted.
This will take about two minutes.

It will bubble up and look wonderful.

And then it will dry out
and look like it's not working.
Not working at all!

This is normal.

Don't worry!

After about six minutes
it will begin to melt.
This is when the sugar

Be patient.

Stir slowly.

Let the sugar carmelize
and stir gently to coat
all those pecan pieces.
This will take another
minute or two.

At this point I had to stop taking pictures
as it can scorch very easily!

The goal is to coat all your pecan
pieces evenly without burning them.

Once coated, turn out quickly onto
a sheet of parchment paper (or foil).
The sugar in the pan
will continue to cook and smoke.
I run the water very hot and put the
pan under it in the sink.

It will boil and splatter.
No worries.
That will settle down quickly.

Enjoy on some homemade ice cream,
Or some store bought ice cream,
Or just by the handful! :)