September 28, 2015

The Quotidian (28. 9. 15)

Quotidian: daily, usual, or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace. 

Running Rodent.

Outside our front door.

Close up.

See the steam?

Sunshine streaming in ~ a rare treat these days.

To eat by.

Into the woods with two of my treasures.


Surveying the work in progress.

Blurred...but, a memory I want to keep.

After the ride.

The empty space has been filled ~ finally.

Happy Monday!
With Love, Camille

September 24, 2015

Suddenly and Slowly

Life is full of seasons.
And, the seasons change.

One sure thing this side of eternity is change.
Sometimes, it sneaks up on us quietly.  Softly.
At other times, we are thrown into the deep end and 
barely have a chance to catch our breath.

It is how it is.

While mothering little people, it is easy to get lulled into the false
notion that everything will go on and on and on.  Just the same.  For always.
But, change slowly creeps up on us.  And, then, life is different.

When we were in the midst of diapers and high chairs and naps,
it felt like that season would never end.  Like it would never change.
But, it did.  Diapers were no longer needed.  Naps were abandoned.
The little people grew into bigger people.  Suddenly and slowly.

One season gives way to the next.

For years, we walked at the beach together as a family.
We thought it would last forever.
We knew it couldn't.  But, we hoped it would.

Those were precious days.  And, we knew they were.
We had no idea how much we would miss them when they were gone.
We had no idea how quietly that season would slip away.

When we look back, we see how gently the Lord dealt with us.
How tenderly He led us.  How graciously He kept us.
Through it all, our great God never changes.  He always is the same.
Because of Him we carry on.  Because of Him we hope and trust.

Because of Him, we are able to move forward.
Only because of Him.

Our Austin's body was laid to rest at the edge of these woods.
It's where we walk most days now.
We still love the beach, but, we love the woods even more.

These days, Calvin is working and studying, so, he exercises alone.  Early.
Fraser and Emma exercise together most days ~ often just ahead of us on the trail.
So, Howie and I are experiencing a bit of a throw-back to our newlywed days.
Just us two.  At least, that's the way it is in the exercising department.

But, we know this is just another season.
Likely before we really want it to, it will change.

Just the other day, Howie was away for the morning, so, I headed into
the woods with our younger two.  It was a precious time together.
I am fully aware that each moment is a gift.  Nothing ought to be taken for granted.

This is a season of transition.
All seasons are.

During our trip to the UK nearly a year ago, we had the opportunity
to visit with various members of Auntie Mary's village church.
A precious couple shared some of their story with Howie.
In so doing, they offered wonderful encouragement for our grieving hearts.

They know first hand how to encourage in these things.  They have walked a similar path.
At the age of twelve, their boy was killed when he was struck down by a passing truck.
More than thirty years ago.  Their's was a sudden change.  A shocking one.
In that moment, their family was torn apart in the physical sense.

And, yet, they looked to the Lord in the midst of it all and found comfort.
They stood firm on the very promises that encourage our hearts, and they found peace.
A continual reigning in of heart and mind is necessary for the journey.
The steadying place to stand is on the Word of God.  On His Word alone.

This precious couple still carry the memory of their boy along with them.
They do not forget, but, the sharpness of the pain lessens as the years pass by.
As they near the end of their earthly journey, they are finishing their race well.
They are a joy to be around.  It is our desire that we would follow in their footsteps.

Only by the great grace of our great God is it even possible.
But, it is possible.  And, it is attainable.  In His strength alone.

So, as the seasons change and the path takes twists and turns,
may we be found following wherever our Saviour leads.
May we be found rejoicing in Him each step of the way.
And, may we embrace the seasons as they come.

The Lord is eternally good.  And, eternally faithful.
We have nothing to fear when we follow Him.
One day, not long from now, He will lead us Home.

With Love, Camille

September 22, 2015

Creamy Potato Soup ~ Gluten Free

This soup!  It's inexpensive to make and SO yummy to eat!
You can satisfy all those hungry tummies for approximately
$1 per person (hearty appetites included).

The cost increases if cheese and bacon are served.
Of course, bacon and cheese are wonderful additions, but,
not necessary for the yum factor.

Here's what you need:

7 or 8 large Yukon Gold Potatoes ~ diced, skins on
(You should have about 10 to 12 cups diced potatoes)
1/3 cup Butter
1 large cooking Onion ~ peeled and diced
6 cloves Garlic ~ minced
Water to cover potatoes in pot
2 cups Heavy Cream
1 Tbsp Sea Salt
1/2 tsp freshly ground Black Pepper
Grated cheddar and crumbled bacon for toppings

Here's what you do:

Scrub and dice the potatoes ~ be sure to leave the skins on.  Set aside.
In large pot (mine's a 5 Quart size), melt butter and saute
the garlic and onions until translucent.  Add potatoes and toss to coat.

Cover potatoes in pot with water (only until barely covered) and bring to a boil.
Reduce heat and simmer, partially covered, for about 20 minutes,
or until potatoes are very soft.

Puree with an immersion blender until mixture is nearly smooth.
I like to leave some chunks of potato in the soup for a little texture.
Stir in the sea salt, pepper, and cream.
Heat through and serve.

Crisply fried and crumbled bacon along with
shredded cheese are wonderful toppings for this yummy soup.

Serve this creamy potato soup to six or seven very hungry people
on a cold, blustery day while a fire blazes in the fireplace.
You'll make all your guests very happy.  Guaranteed.

Hugs all around!
With Love, Camille

September 21, 2015

The Quotidian (21. 9. 15)

Quotidian: daily, usual, or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace. 

Back in the swing of things.

Day One of Two ~ Emma's Schedule.

The nights are drawing in.

More of this and so much more to go!

Off to a shoot.

The obligatory wave good-bye ~ love!

The Hamster Hilton.

The best spelling program ever!

Lessons begin again.

Getting 'em done ~ spelling errors and all.

Change required in a hurry.

Curl on my girl.

No more lessons ~ he just enjoys playing.

The composer's hands.

For emergencies.

Ten years and counting.
(Only one paper and two carriers these days.)

Fancy cereal bowls for the first time in our married life.

So my sister can see ~ our new plates.

Happy Monday Y'all.
With Love, Camille

September 18, 2015

Critter Number Two

We've been down this road before.
Last time, however, it didn't end very well.

"Mischievious" was the best hamster ever.  At least, we thought so.
He won his way into our hearts with his lovable ways.
Unfortunately, he was only with us for a few short months.

It all took a turn for the worse when we took him to
the vet to get his nails clipped.  What a mistake!
Within 24 hours, he was afflicted with wet-tail.  Stress induced.
He lingered on for eight days.  Eight long and excruciating days.
Then, he died as we fussed and cuddled him.  Tears were shed.

We buried him in the back yard under the trees,
all wrapped up in his little blanket with a daisy tucked in.
We had a little service and sang a hymn.

By all accounts, it was a painful experience.
It's taken three years to summon up the courage to begin again.

Emma has been asking to get another hamster and
would not give up on the idea as I had hoped she would.

I found myself softening to the prospect...slowly.

Last Saturday, Emma and I were out doing errands together.
And, she requested that we stop in at the pet store 
where we had purchased "Mischievious"...
...just to look.

I think it's obvious how that turned out.

So, we have welcomed critter number two into our home.
And, he's quickly winning his way into our affections. "Reepicheep" (Cheepers for short).

We hope his life will be happy and long.
And, just for the record, we have no intention of getting his nails clipped.  Ever.
All things considered, it seems to be the most sensible thing to do. :)

With Love,

September 16, 2015

True Security

If we have the Lord Jesus Christ as our Saviour,
we can hold fast to all the promises given to His people in His Word.
Only when we are in Him is true security to be found.

Spurgeon always encourages my heart.
This particular quote comes from a reading that ministered
comfort on a day when comfort was needed.
It's always a good thing to redirect our gaze on those things
that are true.  On those things that are stabilizing and do not move.

Our Great God never changes.
How often we must remind ourselves of this!

* "All things are safe in Jehovah's hands; what we entrust to the Lord will be secure, 
both now and in that day of days towards which we are hastening.
It is peaceful living, and glorious dying, to repose in the care of heaven.

At all times we should commit our all to Jesus' faithful hand;
then, though life may hang on a thread,
and adversities may multiply as the sands of the sea,
our soul shall dwell at ease, and delight itself in quiet resting places....

...Past deliverances are strong pleas for present assistance.
What the Lord has done He will do again,
for He changes not.  He is faithful to His promises,
and gracious to his saints; He will not turn away from His people." *

May the Lord be your everything.
Whatever it is that you may be facing...HE is bigger.

Happy Wednesday!
With Love, Camille

*Quoted from Spurgeon's "Morning and Evening" ~
August 27 Evening Reading.

**Image in this post courtesy of Calvin ~
Thank you my love xo

September 14, 2015

Our Winter Eats

I've landed on my favourite way to meal plan.
It's been a bit of a journey to arrive at this place.
Click here, here, and here for evidence of that.
Perhaps it's a sickness?  ;-)

This is by far the best way to go about things.
At least, for me it is.

I like to have a plan.  But, I don't like to be locked in.
Flexibility and wiggle room are necessary for my sanity.
Life happens and that is okay.

At the beginning of June, I posted our summer eats.
That plan was copied into a Word document and printed off.
A magnet held it to the side of the fridge and relief set in.
Each week, seven (more or less) meals were chosen
and highlighted and shopped for.

All that remained was for it to be implemented.
If there were leftovers, a meal could be delayed by a day.
Flexibility and wiggle room naturally fit into the plan.

Winter seems to be quickly approaching.
After our hotter-than-normal summer, the tide seems to have turned.
Windy and rainy weather has already made its appearance.
My brain has turned to comfort foods ~ soups and stews.

So, the winter meal plan is well under way.

This time around, I have organized the meals into categories.
This way, it is easier for me to make a weekly menu that pulls from a
variety of sources.  It's my goal to serve chicken, beef, and
meatless meals twice per week each.
Fish is included at least once for good measure.

Of course, veggies and sides and lunches all will be thrown into the mix.
For ease of operation, this plan lists only the main feature for each meal.
On a weekly basis, as I make my shopping list, I fill in the gaps.

~ Dinner Ideas by Category ~


1.  Tanya's Chicken Soup
2. Tex Mex Chicken Soup
3. Chicken Wraps
4. Chicken Noodle Soup
5. Janine's Indian Chicken
6. Chicken Pot Pie
7. Slow Cooker Orange Chicken
8. Hawaiian Chicken


1. African Dish
2. Idaho Tacos
3. Chili
4. Shepherd's Pie
5. Spaghetti
6. Beef Stew
7. Skillet Dinner
8. Shipwreck
9. BBQ Meatballs
10. Meatloaf with Scallop Potatoes
11. Hamburger Soup
12. Hobo Beans
13. Auntie Fran's Quiche
14. Roast Beef Dinner
15. Homemade Pizza
16. Sloppy Joe's
17. Black Bean and Sausage Soup


1. Salmon Loaf
2. Salmon Burgers
3. Tuna Casserole
4. Sole or Cod Fillets
5. Crab Bisque


1. Refried Beans
2. Black Beans and Rice
3. Macaroni and Cheese
4. Chick Pea and Pasta Soup
5. Pumpkin Leek Soup
6. Farmer's Breakfast
7. Cheesy Lentil Bake
8. Autumn Chowder
9. Green Pea Soup
10. Vegetable Soup
11. Sweet and Sour Lentils
12. Pasta Primavera
13. Roasted Root Vegetable Soup
14. Scrambled Eggs with Veggies
15. Stuffed Baked Potatoes
16. Homemade Tomato Soup
17. Cauliflower Soup
18. Creamy Potato Soup
19. Broccoli Soup

And, there you have it.  My winter eating/cooking plan.
Click on the links provided to find recipes I've previously featured here.
Happy Winter-ing!  Aren't seasons just the best?
Which is your favourite season of all and why?

Hugs to you!
With Love, Camille