September 9, 2015

Yoho ~ Men Out of Boys

Last month, they drove clear across our Province and 
settled themselves in the heart of bear country.
And, cougar country.  And, wildfire country.

It's a good thing I am unaware of the various dangers they come face to face
with until they are safe and sound in their own beds under our roof.

They are young and invincible.
Or, so it would seem.

I found out after the fact that helmets and rope were recommended
at some points along the trail.  Neither were used by our boys.
See what I mean?  Mamas are not welcome on trips like these.

By all reports, the trip was a success.
These are the experiences that help make men out of boys.
By God's grace, I won't stand in their way.

Thankfully, it will be nearly a year before I have to let them go again.
Little by little, the apron strings are being cut.  Little by little I let go.
But, as long as there is food involved, I think I can lure them back.

With Love,

**Photos in this post courtesy of Jonathan H. with the
exception of the panoramic is Calvin's.
Thank you to you both!  :)


Nadine said...

As a mama, I can relate. We want them to have these fun adventures, but it is oh so hard to sometimes let them go! ;)

Katy said...

Fantastic photos! Seems like a GREAT trip for your boys! I, too, would have been nervous if I had been there as a mama! My boys are getting older and I don't look forward to the day of them venturing off on an adventure like this! It won't be good for my nerves!!! :) It's a good thing I trust in a sovereign God! :)


Nikki said...

They got some amazing pictures. :) I guess we must let our little boys grow up to be men. :) What a blessing to have boys so close in age that they can be good friends as well as brothers. How do they grow up so fast? I have been reading your blog for a couple years now and can not believe how much your children have grown in that time.

Jill said...

Love these pictures! They look so very happy! I'm with you as a mom... my heart couldn't take being there in person, lol. So great though they they are developing their independence.


Camille said...

Nadine ~ Yes, it really is!! I know you understand. What a blessing to know that the Lord is with them and goes before them. Hugs to you! :)

Katy ~ It's the only way to keep sane....I am so thankful that they belong to the Lord first and that He is sovereign over all things. What a comforting thought! When the time comes to let your boys soar, you will have the grace for it. Hugs. :)

Nikki ~ They really do grow up way too quickly...I agree! Your young ones are not far behind and your older ones are becoming adults at a speedy rate as well. We must just do our best to enjoy the moments as they come and's a blessing to rest in the Lord's good plans in all these things, don't you think? Hugs to you. :)

Jill ~ It's sometimes a blessing to not know until after the fact....independence is necessary, however, so....we don't want to stand in their way. One step at a time! Hugs. :)

With Love,

Pam said...

Oh my goodness, what an adventure. I feel all the mixed emotions you must feel. It is indeed so wonderful to let them go do these things, but it is so hard for us Mom's, I completely relate to that. I chuckled about "as long as there is food involved, you can lure them back". I do remember after Nathan and Luke went on a week long camping trip here in Colorado, They ate and ate and ate. They were so hungry, hahaha, so I think you are right on that one. Loved all of the pictures…. but the Panoramic view could be a poster; very good picture.

Maryann said...

Simply amazing photos, really beautiful scenery! As a mom of son's myself, I'm telling you, it's best you don't know everything until after the fact, I could tell you some stories! It's part of growing up and becoming a man...I'm convinced of it! I still pray for protection (and that they use wisdom) whenever we know they are headed out somewhere...the mom part never stops, even when they are grown. Blessings to you my friend!

Camille said...

Pam ~ I love your perspective on these things my friend....I know you understand!! Hugs to you. :)

Maryann ~ And, you're perspective, too! Just like Pam...I know you know!! Hugs! :)

With Love,

Stephanie said...

That last photo - absolutely amazing! What a fabulous time for the guys, my friend :) And I know what you mean about not knowing the dangers they face until they are safe and sound at home. Some of the stories my son and husband share with me when they go 4-wheeling in the woods..... Well, let's just say they have give me a few strands of silver in my hair {{smiles}} Hugs to you!

Cheryl said...

Oh, my! I surely understand how you feel, my friend! We mamas have trouble letting go...those apron strings seem to have a very strong ability to stretch, don't they? So thankful for you and your precious posts and your heart for the Lord and family. God bless you and your family abundantly, and may He always keep all of you safe! :)

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

So glad your boys had a safe time out and about and made some good memories. One of these days they will realize a recommendation of wearing safety gear and USE it! Boys! The photos were great, especially the panorama photo! It's hard to let go of our children but we live through it. So many times I want to "fix it" but I can't and we all live through it. So thankful for God in the lives of our children and that He hears our prayers for them. Hugs, my friend!

Camille said...

Stephanie ~ I have more than just a few strands of silver in my hair!! I agree with's so much better to find these things out after the fact. :)

Cheryl ~ Thank you for your kind's lovely to hear from you. Yes, stretch-able apron true! :)

Becky ~ It was only at one point along the trail (apparently) that safety gear was recommended....I am thankful that they were kept safe through that experience. Thank you, as always, for being a sweet encouragement to my heart. :)

With love,

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

So neat you let them do this. Hard as a mom to start letting our kiddos go in increments they can handle. If we don't give them the chance to try, even if they fail, I believe we do them a huge disservice. Good parenting!!!

Camille said...

Jackie ~ You are always a sweet encouragement to my heart. Thank you! Hugs to you...with love, Camille