Why Blog?

"Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do,
do all to the glory of God." ~ I Corinthians 10:31

We have all got stories to tell.  And, we are all unique.

The blogging world is no different ~ much diversity is evident within it.
Some blog to keep family and friends informed on the happenings of life.
Some blog to encourage, equip, or inform.  To share knowledge.
Others enjoy the art of writing ~ blogging is a natural outlet for its pursuit.

And, it's enjoyable ~ let's not forget that point.  

Many blog just for the fun of it.

~ Circa 2005 ~

So, as many bloggers as there are out there ~

there are just as many answers to the question ~ Why Blog?  Fair enough. 
 I am only equipped to answer that question from my perspective.

It all began for me around 2007.  My sister had moved

to Maine on the east coast of the USA, at which time she began writing a blog.
I had never read a blog prior to reading hers.  It was a whole new world.

It was lovely to keep up with their lives in that way ~ complete with photos.
However, the whole idea was too *out there* for my liking.  
I would never do it ~ it was far too frightening a thought!

Obviously, I eventually got over those fears and took the plunge.

But, why?  For what purpose?

~ 2012 One of the last family photos we have with Austin ~

For the longest time, I read only two blogs ~ my sister's as well as
that of a Christian home educating mama who didn't know me.
I had *randomly* (I don't believe in *chance*, so I use that word loosely)
come across her blog.  The year was 2008.  

I read silently.  I was a lurker without knowing what that was.  :) 

She didn't just write about family events.  She also wrote about her faith.

Hers was a blog of mixtures, and I liked it.  I read for about a year without her knowledge.
The words she wrote touched my soul and ministered to my heart.  It was powerful.
Nearly a year of reading transpired before I was able to pluck up the courage 
to tell her I had been there.  It was a big step into the unknown.

I still was unsure of how the blogging world worked ~

I had no idea what she would think.

Well, she quickly became my friend.  A true friend.

Over the years, we've exchanged notes in the mail and chatted on the phone.
We've prayed together.  The invitation to visit in person has been extended.
She is a precious sister in the Lord ~ and, one day, we will meet.
We may have to wait until Heaven, but, it will happen.

The impact these two blogs had on me was huge.

More than two years after my sister began her blog, I began mine.
The publish button was first clicked at the beginning of August 2009.
Life has not been the same since.  It's been a good thing ~ surprisingly good.

My purpose in blogging is the same as in life ~ to glorify my Saviour.

Do I always fulfill this perfectly?  Of course not!
But, my God is Great and worthy of all praise.  He always does all things well.
And, He walks this path of life with me. 

He forgives when I fail.  He picks me up when I fall.

It's a wonderful, beautiful thing.  It's precious.

~ 2013 At Austin's memorial service ~

So, why blog?  For me, the answer is multifaceted.

I blog to chronicle life as it happens, record my thanks, and encourage.

I can also be found sharing recipes, home-keeping ideas, and favourite resources.
Things pertaining to motherhood and just-for-fun random stuff
will appear from time to time as well.  It's always changing ~ just like life.

Sharing my faith is another reason I blog ~ 

perhaps, when all is said and done, it's the most important one of all.

My walk with God affects all I do ~ it reaches into all of life.  This blog reflects me. 

It gives a glimpse into the everyday happenings of us ~ the good and the not so good.
Sometimes it's random and sporadic ~ it ebbs and flows with life.

Through it all, I aim to keep it real and truthful.  Honest.

My prayer as you visit here is that you will be drawn closer to

the Lord Jesus Christ and affected for eternity.
Because, at the end of it all, eternity is all that really matters.
May the Lord help us each to live in light of this.
By His Grace and for His Glory.  Alone.

With Love,