December 6, 2016

Storms of Afflictions

"(The Lord Jesus Christ) has undertaken that all who come to Him shall have 
all things pertaining to life and godliness; but He has never undertaken that
He will make them prosperous, or rich, or healthy,
and that death and sorrow shall never come to their family...

...I dare not offer (any son or daughter of Adam) long life,
an increased income and freedom from pain.
I dare not promise the man who takes up the cross and follows Christ
that in the following he shall ever meet with a storm.

I know well that many do not like these terms...
...they do not like Christ and the cross, Christ and tribulation,
Christ and the conflict, Christ and the howling wind,
Christ and the storm...

...How should you know who are true Christians,
if following Christ was the way to be free from trouble?
How should we discern the wheat from the chaff, 
if it were not for the winnowing of trial?...

...The storms of afflictions and care are used in the same way.
They discover whose faith is real and whose is nothing
but profession and form.

How would the great work of sanctification
go on in a man if he had no trial?

Trouble is often the only fire which will burn away the
dross that clings to our hearts.  Trouble is the pruning-knife
which the great Husbandman employs in order to make us fruitful in good works.
The harvest of the Lord's field is seldom ripened by sunshine only.

It must go through its days of wind and rain and storm.
If you desire to serve Christ and be saved, I intreat you to take
the Lord on His own terms.  Make up your mind to meet with your share
of crosses and sorrows, and then you will not be surprised...

...If you profess to be a child of God, leave to the Lord Jesus
to sanctify you in His own way.

Rest satisfied that He never makes any mistakes.
Be sure that He does all things well.
The winds may howl around you, and waters swell.
But, fear not, 'He is leading you by the right way, that He may
bring you to a city of habitation' (Psalm 107:7)."

Quoted from "Holiness" by J. C. Ryle pages 193-94

With Love,

**Image in this post courtesy of Calvin ~
Thank you so much my love.  XO


Jill said...

Hope all is well :-)


Camille said...

Jill ~ Thank you my friend...we are just fine. I trust you and your family are doing well, too. Hugs to you! Camille

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Amen! We need to count the cost. His ways are always good, even when it doesn't feel like it to us. Knowing that truth will get us through anything. Your family is a good example to us all in this particularly.

Camille said...

Jackie ~ You are a sweet blessing to me, do you know that? Thank you for always being so encouraging. The Lord truly is so very, very good to us, isn't He? Hugs to you! Love, Camille xo