December 22, 2016

Doggy Day Care ~ On Location

A couple of weeks ago, we returned home from a trip we were able to take as a family.
My sister and brother-in-law needed someone to stay with their dog while they
vacationed in Hawaii with their children.  They agreed to have all five of us fill that role.
It was a sacrifice of love, but, we did it!  (Joking, of course).

Apparently, Cloe (doggy's name) has been known to go into mourning
and on a hunger strike for at least three days when left at a kennel.
We couldn't let that happen, so, we make the trek down to take care of her.
She was sad that her people left.  But, before too long, we were her people.

This was our fist visit to their new location in Northern California.  
It was fun to explore new things with our kids.
And, in the process, we made new memories together.
The Lord truly is so very good and gracious, isn't He?

There is a mountain not too far from my sister's house,
and we conquered our car.  :)

It is a State park and a very beautiful spot.
Fraser wasn't quite sure how to get down, but, he made it
without tearing his pants or skinning his knees.

Our original plan included a walk around the trail at the top,
but, the winds were howling at 40 miles an hour, and it was cold!
The summit (nearly 4000 ft) provided a stunning 360 degree view.

Since we were dog-sitting, we couldn't all go away overnight.
However, Howie happily volunteered to stay behind while the kids and I
caught a flight to Anaheim to take in Disneyland for one day.
We flew out in the wee hours of the morning, and returned the following evening.

One of our outings found us driving for about two hours to reach
Carmel-By-The-Sea.  It was well worth the effort.

Bare feet in December....crazy!

We took a little longer route home to take advantage of the view points
along what is known as the 17-Mile Drive.
This is a common sight....Calvin with his camera.

They are a little difficult to see, but, Howie is
with Fraser and Emma in the photo above.

Once my sister and her family were back home,
we took a day trip together into the city.

No San Francisco visit is complete without
stopping in to see the shops at Ghirardelli Square.

Emma captured a shot of my sister's family
on their phone.  Calvin captured Emma in the process.

Buses kept on separating us from the rest of the group while
they waited for a walk signal.  So, I got the girls to do silly faces with me.
There's just something about being with teenage girls that brings out the best in me.  :)

Fraser is always on the lookout for a spectacular souvenir.
Click here to see what he found for his collection while we were in London.

Calvin worked his magic and got the BEST family
photo of all time of my sister and her precious family.

Three of our treasures on our last night in the city.
I won't elaborate on the fact that this was Howie's, Emma's
and my second time at this very location at twighlight.  Don't even ask.  :)

My sweetie and me.

Thank you, J and K, for allowing us the opportunity
to take care of your dog and stay in your lovely home.
We know that all these things are gifts from our Lord's loving hand to us.
Thank you for being willing to have us take over your home in your absence.

With Love,

**Images in this post courtesy of my two photographers,
Emma and Calvin ~ Thank you my loves xoxo


Down On The Farm said...

That's awesome!! Great opportunity for you all!!! My cousin lives just outside San Francisco and I've been there a couple of times. Beautiful city!!!

Anonymous said...

ALWAYS a pleasure to have you in our home....we just need to stick around next time... LOL :)
Thank you again for taking such good care of Cloe... she loves her cousins!
And thank you for including us in your memories!

Love, J

Chelle said...

Oh So glad you were able to take a trip. Our family took a trip there a few years ago. It is a lovely place to visit. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!!

Esther said...

I've always wondered where people who live in California go for vacation. Lol! So happy for you that your family had such a fun time together. As usual, your pictures are amazing!! California is such a beautiful place, I would love to go back there one day! Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!!

Camille said...

Robbin ~ What fun that you have had the opportunity to visit the area as's a pretty city. :)

Janine ~ We love Cloe, too. :) Yes, next time we need to have a little longer together...but, I am thankful for the few days we had. It's your turn to come this way...remember? XO

Chelle ~ It was a blessing to be able to go...thank you for entering into our joy. I am sure your family had fun exploring that area as well. There is so much to see. Merry Christmas to you! :)

Esther ~ Too funny! It was their first time to Hawaii and they enjoyed it. Our kids enjoyed the Bay area....I suppose exploring a new location is a big part of the fun. Merry Christmas to you all! :)

With Love,

Katy said...

Those night pictures are just stunning! I love the one of Fraser "holding the bridge"! So fun! :)
I love your sense of adventure...the places you go, the things you do! What fun and great times of enjoyment with your family. I am quite the home-body but *want* to do those sort of fun adventures...but at the same time, struggle to do it. I think it's so neat that you just "hopped on a plane" to Disneyland! I have flown before (in my teens on a mission trip to Mexico) but that is it. Honestly, the furthest I really go from my house is the hour trip to my sister's home from time to time. That's really it though. I just struggle being too far from home (and I'm not sure why?). It's so nice to see you all enjoying fun places and doing fun things together! :)

Camille said...

Katy ~ Calvin is the master-mind behind all the night shots. He sets up shop with his tripod and we rely on him to capture the images....what a sweet blessing it is! There is something comforting and beautiful about home....there really is....we always enjoy coming back through our door after our adventures. Thank you for being so kind with your are a lovely friend in this blog world. Thank you for entering into our joy. The Lord has truly given us many things to be thankful for. May you know His loving hand to be continually upon you and your precious family as well. Big hugs to you! With Love, Camille