October 14, 2016

Flashback Friday ~ Pink!

Three boys.  In light of that fact, I was convinced
that our fourth child would follow suit.
We had chosen names for our soon-to-be-born little man.
We were prepared.  Or, so we thought.

On the way to the hospital, while in labour, it dawned on me
that we might actually have a daughter this time around.  
We hadn't settled on a name if that were to be the case.

But, it wouldn't be required.  We just knew.
It should be obvious how that turned out.

Howie had a favourite name for a girl, and I had mine.
As soon as she was delivered, however, I had the final say.

We were beyond thrilled with our newest little family member.
The boys were excited to take on the role of being 
 big brothers to a little sister.  Life as we knew it would never be the same.
And, we all happily embraced our new world of pink!  :)

Happy Friday to you!
With Love, Camille

**Photos in this post were taken in 2003 ~
Austin (8), Calvin (6), Fraser (4), and Emma (1)


Sandi said...

Emma! That's a wonderful name. I shudder to think what I would have come up with spur of the moment. Uh...Cleopatra? ;-)

Becky L. said...

How sweet! We had names picked out for our children as we didn't know either and no ultrasounds used unless you had a problem. Emma is a lovely name! We've got quite a few new babies in our church and so thankful to see them...and a new granddaughter! Good memories to share, Camille! Hugs!

Debbie Slaughter said...

I found your blog on a friend's list :)

You have beautiful children!

My granddaughter's name is Emmalyn. My son and DIL are very slow at picking out names. They just now settled on the name of their 2nd girl, who is due in January. I used to think it was the first thing new parents did, but I'm learning that it's not so easy for some.

Camille said...

Sandi ~ Thank you for your kind words! Haha! It wasn't so much that it was *spur of the moment*, it was that it was not expected, so, we were sure of the boy's name and not the girl's. We had narrowed it down to two choices...his and mine. I clarified in the post that, in the end, I won. :)

Becky ~ We were like you, we didn't know ahead of time. I liked the surprise of it all after the hard work of labour and delivery. We always liked to have names decided, but, boy #4 posed a challenge, so it was where our focus was at the time. In fact, we chose the names for our fourth boy when Fraser was only a few weeks old. :)

Debbie ~ It's lovely to *meet* you. Thank you for your kind words....we are so thankful for the Lord's goodness to have given us so many precious memories of those days long ago. After three boys, it was the boys names that posed a challenge to us. We really didn't think that a girl was possible. Your granddaughter's name is sweet...what fun that another is on the way! :)

With Love,

Nikki said...

This post just made me smile.
We never have found out ahead of time what we were having as we like the surprise after delivery. :) We too were SHOCKED to get a baby girl this last time. We really just thought we'd be having a boy. So we were all very surprised but happy. :) We would have been happy with a boy as well but we can't imagine life without Eleanor now. We obviously like your Emma choice too. :)

Dianna said...

Oh my, Camille...I loved reading about sweet Emma's arrival. Her big brothers are so precious in this picture. How time flies by, yes?

Patti said...

Hi Camille, I discovered your blog through another blog. Flowers in His Garden is such a a beautiful name, so I wanted to stop by to visit such a place of beauty.

What a sweet photo! And how funny that you were sure she would be a boy.

I cannot imagine the pain of losing a child. Thank God for the promise of Heaven and eternal life with our loved ones!

Patti @ Joy in the Middle

Katy said...

Daughters are such a beautiful gift to mamas...as are our boys...but in a different way! :) So glad God blessed you and I both with daughters! :)

Camille said...

Nikki ~ Congratulations on your newest little family member! What a precious blessing from the Lord! Thank you for stopping by and for leaving sweet words behind you. Hugs to you! :)

Dianna ~ Truly....time flies by way too quickly for my Mama's heart!! It was a flurry of activity in those days. Thank you for your kind words. Hugs! :)

Patti ~ Welcome! It's lovely to have you stop by. After three boys, I didn't think a girl was possible. What a shock that was! (But, a good one...I assure you.) The Lord truly is good to us, isn't He? Hugs to you. :)

Katy ~ Yes, I had no idea what a special thing it was to experience the connection a mother has with her daughter until it happened to me. I absolutely love my men, too. How good and gracious our Great God is to us, don't you think? Hugs! :)

With Love,

Esther said...

So thankful for Emma and that the Lord knew exactly where she belonged!! We were also very surprised to have a girl after 2 boys and then after having 2 more boys, she became lovingly referred to as our Hannah sandwich! Girls are great fun!!

Camille said...

Esther ~ You make me smile. I am sure Hannah loves to be referred to in that way. Haha! Hugs, Camille

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Their relationship with her is precious indeed. What a blessing for "Mum", too :) Nice to have a bit more estrogen in the house to balance out all that testosterone!

Camille said...

Jackie ~ It has definitely brought a different dynamic into this household...that's for sure! We love her to pieces. Hugs to you! :) Love, Camille