October 17, 2016

The Hills are Alive....

"The hills are alive, with the sound of music..."

It's what plays in my mind each time I look at this photo.
Calvin took it with his phone on a hike he was on last Monday.
Fraser and Emma, along with extended family, made up the hiking party.

Howie and I opted to stay home for the day.
After seeing this shot, I am not so sure we made the wisest choice.
God's creation truly is glorious, wouldn't you agree?

Happy Monday!

With Love, Camille


Patty said...

It is beautiful, Camille! Maybe they will go again and you and Howie can go too.

Jill said...

Wow... there are just no words for this picture... absolutely breathtaking!
Thank you for sharing this with us

Blessings, Jill

American Home said...

So very beautiful!

Dianna said...

Absolutely beautiful! Is that snow on some of the mountains? It reminds me of when we were in Switzerland.

Jennifer Jo said...

That is stunning.

Sandi said...

Oh, wow! Do you live in the Swiss Alps??

Katy said...

Oh my gracious! What a stunning photo! God's creation is absolutely glorious!

Camille said...

Patty ~ Yes, maybe we will! I love all the fall colours they saw. It was a gorgeous day. :)

Jill ~ Truly, God's creation does declare His glory! Hugs. :)

Donna ~ How lovely it is to hear from you! Hugs to you. :)

Dianna ~ What fun that you have been in Switzerland. Yes, that is snow. In fact, it was snowing on them for part of their hike. :)

Jennifer Jo ~ I couldn't agree with you more. I love how creation shouts out that there is a God. Hugs to you. :)

Sandi ~ No, but, it could almost be mistaken for the Alps, don't you think? It was actually Mount Baker in Washington State. :)

Katy ~ You said it well my friend. Stunning is a perfect word. Hugs! :)

With Love,

Becky L. said...

Our world is so beautiful! Lovely photo by Calvin. We were out in the Gorge a few weekends ago and waterfall were amazing even tho they were a bit low on water. Landscape, trees, slugs, mushrooms and plants are amazing!! The Lord is good to have this world full of His handiwork to view! Thanks for sharing the view! Hugs and prayers.

Jenn Bowers said...

WOW!!! I want to go! Tell Calvin this is an amazing photo for me, please!

Camille said...

Becky ~ I suppose slugs could fit into the category of *beautiful* to a photographer...haha! *wink* I'll have to ask Calvin what he thinks. :) Thank you for sweetly encouraging him in his pursuit of photography...he so enjoys it. It's a lovely thing to have a creative outlet like you have looking at the world through a lens. The Lord has given us such a beautiful world to explore. It all brings Him glory. Hugs to you! :)

Jenny ~ Come for a visit sometime! Wouldn't that be fun? Thank you for your sweet encouragement to Calvin...I will share your comment with him. Big Hugs! :)

With Love,

Esther said...

That is where Phil asked me to marry him! (Well not that exact spot!) A little trivia for you! Haha And it is still every bit as beautiful as I remember it 23 years ago!!

Camille said...

Esther ~ No way!! He proposed to you at Mount Baker?? What a fun story to add to the comments of this post! XOXO

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Wow, gorgeous!!!

Camille said...

Jackie ~ And, it is in your country. :) XO