October 18, 2016

Two Raggy Quilts

In recent days, I put together two raggy quilts
for two precious little people. It was so much fun!
  One side is made up with squares of flannel...

...and the other side is made up of cotton prints.

I used 7 inch squares of fabric for these two quilts.
And, they are both 8 squares by 8 squares in size.

I feel like a kid in a candy shop when I am choosing fabric.
Piecing that fabric together, however, can be a bit more of a challenge.
My sister helped with that process via texting.
Technology can be an amazing tool, can't it?  Thanks again, Janine.  XO

For step-by-step instructions on how to put
a raggy quilt together, click here.  So easy and so forgiving.

The main difference between these quilts and my first one is this ~
the edges of the jean quilt haven't been snipped.  But, I am planning to change that soon.
The quilts in this post have been washed up and are all ready to be given away.

What projects do you have on the go?  Tell me everything!  :)
Have you ever made a raggy quilt?  If not, why not?  Ready...Set...Go!

Happy sewing/crafting!
With Love, Camille


Patti said...

Oh, those quilts are lovely...and just right for these chilly fall days. The recipients will love them.

I have never made a quilt. In fact, I don't do any handcrafts like that. I have 10 thumbs and 2 left hands when it comes to sewing.


Nikki said...

Beautiful work.

Dianna said...

Your raggy quilts are beautiful, Camille. I've not done anything like that ever! I do thoroughly enjoy crocheting though. When I see yarn, I'm like I imagine you to be in a fabric shop. With all we've had going on here I've not really started any major crocheting project, but I do need to make myself some dishcloths. That will probably be my first fall project with crocheting. :) I also enjoy soaping. :) And making my own household cleaners as well as personal care products.

Jenn Bowers said...


Camille said...

Patti ~ Awww...I like to say that I have the black thumb of death when it comes to plants...haha! :) I am glad for those who have green thumbs...it means we are able to eat! Thank you for your sweet words...I do hope the little ones like these quilts. Perhaps it's the kind of gift that they will grow to love. :)

Nikki ~ Thank you for your sweet encouragement! I know you have some crafty girls in your family...what a blessing. :)

Dianna ~ Yes, I would imagine that yarn and fabric hold a similar type of charm. I think dishcloths of the knitted/crocheted variety are wonderful to work with. It's a relaxing thing to work with your hands, isn't it? I haven't ventured into the personal care products department...you are one adventurous lady! :)

Jenny ~ I love how forgiving these types of projects are....my type of craft. :) Thank you for encouraging me along the way, my friend.

With Love,

Esther said...

I love them!!! Especially the colours you put together! They are beautiful! Makes me want to do another one too!!

Katy said...

They look fantastic! :)

Camille said...

Esther ~ Awww...so glad you liked them. Yes, put one together...after you move!! Hugs. :)

Katy ~ Thank you! They were so much fun to put together. Maybe you will make one, too? Hugs to you! :)

With Love,

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Super cute! My sis and I have done stuff like that many times. Love smart phones for that very reason!

Camille said...

Jackie ~ It is an amazing tool to have access to, isn't it? Big Hugs! Camille xo