August 12, 2009

More Books...

Just thinking about the post I just did and want to add two more books to the list! "Morning and Evening" by C.H. Spurgeon is a must have for any Christian...two daily readings for each day of the year. We have found this devotional book to be such an encouragement in our Christian walk over the years.

Another amazing book is a rewrite of the classic by Bunyan. We have read it aloud to our children more than once, much to their delight. "Little Pilgrim's Progress" is true to the original and is certainly appropriate for any young teen on your gift list. Don't steer clear of it if your children are younger, you will all benefit from reading it out has been an incredible blessing to both of us as parents. If your children are younger, you need to be aware that this is a faithful adaptation of the classic, which means that there are some potentially frightening scenes included. These deal with Christian's struggles with various enemies as he journeys to the Celestial City. Helen L. Taylor is the author and you will not likely find it in your local Christian bookstore. If you click on the titles a link will to take you to a site where you can purchase them.

**I am in no way compensated for these recommendations ~
these are books we have in our personal library and encourage our friends to read.

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