August 8, 2009


See the previous post? I quoted from the Bible from the book of Romans (8:28, 38-39). Are you a child of the King of Kings? Are these verses true for you? They can only be true for you if you are a blood bought Christian...saved from your sins by trusting in the perfect life and sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ. Search out these the Bible...pray and find out if what I am saying is true. If you are already a Christian these truths are for you!

Our future is secure...even though we do not know what the future holds. The Lord promises not only to be there with us, but He is in control of whatever happens to us! He is Sovereign...nothing takes Him by surprise. What a blessing to rest in this. It is entirely possible to go through life experiencing a peace that is unexplainable even in the midst of tumultuous circumstances. May the Lord lead you to Himself, show you your need of the Saviour, and give you this incredible peace.

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