August 19, 2009


Why does life sometimes not seem to be "fair"? Why do we do what we know we should not do? Why don't we do what we know we should do? Why do we take so long to ask for forgiveness? Why do we not just humble ourselves and let the Lord do His mighty work in us? Why...why...why???

Could it be because we live in a sin-cursed world and we are still in the body and not in Heaven...yet? We indeed are in a spiritual after will never end until we reach the other side. The Lord is victorious. He will not fail. His truth will prevail. And yet, we must battle on. I think we often presume that we can sit back and take our ease, but this is just another lie from the Devil. We must always be ready to fight the good fight and not give up in this race. Arm yourself with the Word of God and prayer. Be sure you are in fact a Christian, and then draw strength from the by day...moment by moment!

Are you discouraged or feeling as though the Lord is not with you anymore? Pour your heart out to Him in prayer. He never leaves us if we are His...He promises to give us the grace and strength for whatever it is we must face. Look to Him and draw from Him all that you need...I am doing that right now.

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