January 9, 2013

After Ten Years...

After ten years of cutting Emma's hair exclusively,
I finally took her to the hairdresser.  The boys are a different story.
No one has ever cut their hair but me.
Up until yesterday, I could say the same for my Li'l Em.

In the spring, after the wedding,
Emma asked to have her hair bobbed.  I complied.
However, it was challenging to do, and I was forever *correcting* it!
She was planning to grow out her bangs at the same time.
And, that's what she's been doing.

All good, until now.
It needed a little (or, a big) professional touch.
And, that was where this idea came in.

It may be another ten years before we do this again,
so, I thought it necessary to capture the experience in photos.
Our hairdresser kindly consented.
And, she even agreed to let me post them on this blog.

She also taught me ~ A LOT!!
When it came time to pay, she told me the cut was free,
but, that I would have to pay for the lesson.
Wasn't it sweet of her to teach me?  I didn't even ask!  :)

Many of the photos captured the hairdresser's hands
flying about...they were blurry so often!  
MUCH quicker than mine when I do Emma's hair ~
Just ask her about it sometime!  ;-)

They both look like they had an 
enjoyable time, don't you think?
Two lovely ladies.  :)

Now, if I can just remember what I learned,
it will be a very good thing.  

Many Blessings,


Make a Joyful Noise all ye Lands said...

Emma, you look beautiful.
I love your new hair cut.
A lovely day.


Nadine said...



Lisa said...

Oh, that was such a cute post Camille! I've always cut my family's hair too. Your little Emma looks like such a sweetheart :) And her new hair cut is beautiful! Those girly moments spent together are so precious and so much fun. Thanks for sharing.
Much love,

Maryann said...

Simply lovely!

Cinnamon said...

What a sweet stylist. I love teachers like that :-)

And Emma looks so happy and like a princess up there getting treated so well.

Good idea Mama!


Grandma Becky said...

Emma's hair cut is cute. It was nice of your hairdresser to show you how to cut it. Cutting hair isn't fun. I've cut my son's and sometimes my daughters. Not done that in a long time. Still cut Megan's bangs once in awhile between hair cuts, mine as well.

Anonymous said...

Aw, she looks beautiful! I just took my 11 year old to get her hair cut right before Christmas. I too had been the only one cutting her hair for years so our experience was very similar to yours, minus the fact that your hairdresser was much more pleasant than ours. lol :)

Camille said...

Dear Virginia ~ Thank you for your sweet encouragement to Emma! It made her smile. :)

Dear Nadine ~ Thank you, my friend! :)

Dear Lisa ~ I know you understand my friend! With a similar amount of male influence in your home, you will know how much fun these special times can be! Thank you for your kind words. :)

Dear Maryann ~ Thank you, my friend! :)

Dear Cinnamon ~ I was blessed that she took the time to do some teaching...without even being asked! Perhaps it was the way I was standing soooo *up close and personal* with the camera and all! LOL! :)

Dear Becky ~ Sometimes we do what we must do, don't we? What a blessing it is to be able to do some of these practical things for our families, don't you think? :)

Dear Kristy ~ How lovely it is to hear from you!! What a blessing that the LORD has given you all those precious girls to raise up for HIM! ENJOY!! :)

With Love,

Wanting What I Have said...

She is SOOOO CUTE!!! I love the bob! And what a blessing to get such a great lesson. I could use one of those. (I bobbed Little Bit's hair and am also constantly correcting and "fixing" it.) What a sweet memory for both of you!

Sandy said...

Dear Camille,
Two lovely ladies is right! I love your new hair cut, Emma! Looked like you had a great time. We are trying to cut our little man's hair and we've been putting it off b/c neither mom nor dad knows how to do it. Please give us some tips, Camille. :)
In His Grace,

Camille said...

Dear Jennifer ~ Isn't it a difficult cut to get *just right*?? Emma got to the point of knowing the *look* I was giving her when I would head to the closet for the scissors. She would assure me that it was just fine! LOL! :)

Dear Sandy ~ Ah, yes...the first cut!! I think your little man's hair is CUTE just the way it is!! But, if it's getting too long, just wet it and comb it straight up (the way it wants to go) and trim off the amount you want...perhaps an inch or two?? Next time you're here...I don't mind showing you what it is I am trying to say...if you would like me to. :)

With Love,

Jenn said...

What fun and a special treat for Emma! Tell her we love her new haircut!

Camille said...

Dear Jenn ~ Thank you, my friend! I will tell Emma...she will be pleased. :)