January 29, 2013


The LORD's mercies truly are new every morning.
They are countless.  Numberless.  Infinite.
In light of all this, I'm starting fresh.

Perhaps it's the influence of a New Year.
A fresh calendar.  Fresh possibilities.
Maybe even a fresh perspective?

The numbering of my thanks has been a tremendous blessing to my soul.
Truly, numbering has been a balm. But, now, I'm leaving the numbering behind.
My plan is just to list ~ point by point.  Line by line ~ one after the next.

Join me?  I'd be thrilled!

If you do put up your own post, please alert me to the fact
that you are listing out your blessings, and I will seek to stop by for a visit.
Let's encourage one another!

"Many, O LORD my God, are Thy wonderful works which Thou hast done,

and Thy thoughts which are to us-ward: they cannot be reckoned up in order unto Thee:
if I would declare and speak of them, they are more than can be numbered."
~ Psalm 40:5 ~

So, on this grey day in January, I list out my numberless thanks.

They are random and not necessarily logical,
but, they are precious nonetheless.

~ Memories of times like these...

~ That this young man could indulge...

~ It was a momentous occasion...

~ We all enjoyed watching him take that first satisfying bite!

~ Our Stanley Park walk that ended with a view of the city ~ isn't it beautiful?

There really are so many things to be thankful for!
May the LORD grant us eyes to see 
and hearts to rejoice in HIS many Good Gifts.

Recently, we were reminded in a sermon that 
the question should not be ~
"Why do bad things happen?" But, rather ~ "Why does anything good happen?"
True, isn't it?  We have our very breath because 
the Great God of Heaven gives it to us!!

With Love, Camille

**The last four images in this post courtesy of Calvin ~

Thank you my love!  XO


Farming On Faith said...

Hello Camille~
I am so thankful for a warm fire~ a sweet family~ a blazing fire and chili as the snow storm is about to hit!

Hope you are warm and cozy tonight!

Wanting What I Have said...

Oh I am ALL smiles!!! How wonderful! Sister says she is "happy for him!" And yes-why does anything good happen? The children were complaining that such and such wasn't fair. I told them how wonderful it is that life isn't fair or we would all be enemies of God. How sweet and precious and for our benefit is it that life isn't fair?!

Love the picture with your tree in the background! And dear Emma reading! Sweet memories!

~marci~ said...

I will be creating a thankful post soon. You inspire me~which is my first thankfulness?!

Patty said...

The blessings they do abound. You are right ~ Why does anything good happen? ~ grace, grace, and more grace.

Camille said...

Dear Carrie ~ Ooooh...that all sounds so lovely my friend! Isn't it wonderful to be warm and cosy with family on a stormy night? Thank you for sharing your thanks. :)

Dear Jennifer ~ Thank you my sweet friend. Please tell Sister that I think she is a sweetie pie! :) And, yes...God is SO Good to give us anything good!! We are all blessed with HIS mercy!!

Dear Marci ~ How wonderful that you will be making a thankful post too...I will stop by soon for a visit. :)

Dear Patty ~ It's all of HIS mercy...what a blessing!! Thank you for your sweet friendship. :)

Many Blessings,

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

How wonderful that he was able to enjoy a burger. It sure is in the little things, huh?

I love you first picture, too :) It is a sight that I'm seeing more often around here and thrills my heart! It is so satisfying to know that as a homeschool mom, you taught them to read!

Camille said...

Dear Jackie ~ It was a much anticipated treat for him...what a blessing!! And, yes...there are rewards to teaching our children, aren't there? :)


Make a Joyful Noise all ye Lands said...

Oh My Friend,
These pictures are such a Blessing. Austin looks great!!
You faith is teaching me to view all things in the light of eternity. To wrap our lives around His Divine Love and Care and Trust Him during our trials. To consecrate all of our days to His service.


Camille said...

Dear Virginia ~ You bless my heart, my friend...thank you for your sweet encouragement! May the LORD be glorified in all we do...how we NEED HIM!!! :)

With love,

Unknown said...

I always love your counting posts! Love that Austin was able to enjoy a meal like that!

Camille said...

Dear Jenn ~ Thank you my sweet friend! It really was a joy to watch him eat it. Sometimes it's the little things, isn't it? :)