April 12, 2013

7.6 Pounds ~ An Update

During Austin's recent crisis in his struggle with DCM and Crohn's,
we sought the LORD as to what He would have us do next.
Day by day, He leads.  Moment by moment, He is Faithful.
Where would we be without Him?

Last Friday, Howie and Austin visited with the 
Heart Failure Specialist at Children's Hospital.
This particular Cardiologist made it very clear that he 
does not expect Austin's heart to recover.
He only hopes that it will not get any worse.

Our Electrophysiologist, however, has a
conflicting opinion about Austin's prognosis ~ 
she believes his heart could recover some of its function.
Austin's pacemaker is therapeutic ~
its purpose is to facilitate improved heart function 
over time with ongoing treatment.
However, neither specialist knows the future for Austin.

We serve a Great God, and He alone holds the future.
Our hope does not lie in man or medicines or devices.
Our hope lies in the LORD of the Universe!
Whatever He deems best is what we seek after.
By His grace.  For His glory.
It's easy to demand what we want.
To dig our heels in and say we will accept nothing less than a miracle.
But, we do not command God.  
He is the Potter.  We are the clay.
We must submit to His way with us ~ it is best.
May we remember this.  Always.
Even when the valley is deep, the path long, 
and the sorrow nearly crushing.

We must remember.  He is Good.

In recent weeks we have employed another
set of means to help settle the Crohn's down.
It appears to be working well.
Austin has gained 7.6 pounds in three weeks.
He is encouraged.  So are we.  
The Lord has led us each step of this journey.
We look to Him to make these means a blessing to our son.

Reducing the heart medicines has also produced some good results.
We are so thankful that the Lord has gone before us in these things.
So thankful that He prepared the hearts and minds of the
physicians who care for Austin.

It's all such a blessing and an answer to prayer.

It seems that once again, the tide may be turning.
There still is a long way to go, but, the initial signs have been good.

Eleven months ago, we were rejoicing to see

our son thriving after nearly losing him.
How quickly the change was wrought in his physical body.
It was a glimpse of how life was prior to any of these challenges.
Only a few months later, however, a decline in Austin's health began.

It surely has been a roller-coaster, but, 

our Precious Saviour has carried us through at every turn.
I can testify to the fact that He never leaves us nor forsakes us.
Wherever He leads, He gives the grace and strength required for the journey.

How blessed we are to belong to Him!

Wherever this path ends up, we have confidence that
He will lead and guide for our good, and for His glory.
There really is nothing to fear and everything to hope.
Because He is Good.  Always.

Thank you so much for praying for our family.

We are thankful for all the loving care and concern shown to us.
May the LORD bless you each one.

With Love,


You Can Call Me Jane said...

Oh, Camille. I just got caught up on your last couple posts. Thinking of you and your whole family and praying for peace and God's will for your lives. Love to all of you!

Grandma Becky said...

Glad to hear of Austin's weight gain. Oh it's gotta be hard to see him suffer and not be able to do a lot for him, physically speaking. I'm sure he appreciates all you do for him as loving parents. Hugs!

Camille said...

Jane ~ Thank you so much for praying and for your sweet encouragement. The LORD is Good. Always. Blessings to you and your sweet family. :)

Becky ~ Hugs to you my friend! Thank you for rejoicing with us...it's been quite the journey. But, the LORD never fails...HE is Good! :)

With Love,

Nadine said...

Continue to look at all the blessings through-out these trials...God is with you always!
Keeping you all in our prayers!

Love & Blessings,

Jill said...

Been thinking and praying for you all every day. I recently got some scary news about my health that I blogged about today. We never know what cards life will deal us, but it's how we react to the news that matters. He is so blessed to have God in his life and a loving, supportive family. I continue to wish you nothing but good things to come your way. Many blessings,

~marci~ said...

How God loves and cares for each one of us is beyond our comprehension. Your a testimony to His grace in your family.So happy to hear the good news~and will be praying that Austin continues to gain the health that he so desperately needs. Your words are an encouragement to me.

Camille said...

Nadine ~ How precious it is to have the prayers of God's People. It's a wonderful blessing to belong to HIS Family. Hugs to you my friend. :)

Jill ~ So sorry to learn of your own health challenges. I will bring you before the LORD in prayer...hang in there. Blessings to you! :)

Marci ~ Thank you for your kind words of encouragement my friend. The LORD is Good. May HE bless you and your family as you face your own trials...praying for you as well. :)

With love,

Patty said...

May your every need be meet today and the peace of Christ rest upon you. Our Heavenly Father brings you to mind and I lift my voice in a word of prayer ~ reminded myself that He is faithful.

Lois said...

I'm sorry for all the troubles you and your son have been enduring. Our pastor this morning preached on Phil. 2:5-11, one of my favorite passages to cling to. I will continue to pray. As part of the body of Christ, we are here to share your burdens. Thank you for sharing what must be a most difficult situation. Much love to your family.

momto8blog said...

when I read this as an objective reader who never read your blog before I can see how God is drawing all of you closer to Him. I will pray for your family tonight.

Camille said...

Patty ~ Yes, my friend, HE indeed is Faithful! Thank you so much for praying. I am praying for you and yours this day as well. :)

Lois ~ How lovely it is to hear from you! And...how precious it is that you have pointed me to Scripture. Thank you for praying...I am praying for you, too. :)

Mom to 8 ~ Welcome here! Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement and for praying for us...it's a blessing! May the LORD bless you and your family as well...I will pray for you all this day.

With love,

Sun Valley Homestead said...

I just saw this post. So glad Austin has gained weight and the crohn's is getting in hand. But continuing to pray for all his health issues. You are right, we sure serve a mighty God. I often forget that.


Maryann said...

So glad to hear that Austin has had improvement in his weight, will continue to be praying

Camille said...

Connie ~ I trust you are all feeling better in your home? I am praying for your family tonight. How wonderful it is to have good health and strength. And, yes...we certainly do serve a Mighty God! May we always follow HIM wherever HE leads. Hugs to you! :)

Maryann ~ Thank you so much for praying for us my friend...I am praying for you tonight, too. May the LORD bless you each day! Hugs across the miles. :)

With love,

Lisa said...

Going through and catching up on all your posts I've missed. We've been in the middle of moving, and things have been a little hectic :) As I read your words, I am so encouraged by the strength and love you have for the Lord, even in the face of such struggles! Thank you friend for being such a pillar of strength!! I surely am grateful to the Lord for bringing you into my life! Continuing to pray tonight and each day for your sweet family. Hope all is well!

Camille said...

Lisa ~ How sweet your encouragement is my friend. How blessed we are to belong to our Great God! Life is not worth living without Him. May HE be glorified in all we do and say. HE alone is Worthy. :)

Love to you!

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

Continuing to pray for you all and so thankful that He holds us and knows the future, even when we don't.

Camille said...

Heather ~ True words my friend...HE is Good! Thank you for your prayers...I am praying for you today.

With love,

PippaDavies said...

Camille, sorry to hear that this roller coaster ride does not seem to bring answers. Trusting like you do in Jesus for final resolution does seem to bring Peace though as you say. Praying that the Lord keeps building Austin up in weight, strength, endurance, heart health, and mostly hope for a good and perfect future!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I'm so sorry to hear the prognosis on Austin's heart. I'm so glad the Crone's is getting better and that he is gaining weight again. I will continue to pray that God will give you wisdom and understanding as your family lives out this difficult situation.

All my love,

Camille said...

Pippa ~ Oh how wonderful it is to know that our future is perfect in the LORD! What a blessing it is to have that eternal perspective. Thank you so much for your sweet encouragement and your friendship...it is a blessing to my heart. :)

Jackie ~ How precious HE is! Thank you so much for your kind words and prayers for our family...you are a blessing to me my friend. :)

With love,

Jenn said...

Praising the Lord with you, my friend! HE IS GOOD!

Camille said...

Jenny ~ Yes, indeed my sweet friend. Truly, HE is Good!

Love, Camille