April 26, 2013

Sun Starved

I'm sure I've said it before, but, it bears repeating ~
by this time of the year we are sun starved in our neck of the woods.
Absolutely and utterly sun starved.  We get a little giddy when we begin to
feel the warmth of its rays after a long winter of wet, rainy, grey days.

The line goes up (we take it down for the winter months due to 
the fact that it's attached way up high to a spindly tree that sways 
in the wind...I've lost more than one line to a wind storm),
the BBQ makes its d├ębut, and the tulips come into bloom.

It's time for us all to begin soakin' up some rays ~

And, boy oh boy, are we ready! 

I've been finding the two youngest outside reading lately ~
Fraser (in the first photo) opts for no blanket...
and Emma (below) prefers to use one.

 Sparkly shoes complete the ensemble...of course!  :)

Is it warming up where you live?  
What is your favourite thing about spring?

Many Blessings to you!


Ann at eightacresofeden said...

We are experiencing perfect weather here in our part of Australia. It's meant to be autumn but feels more like summer! Forecast for tomorrow is 27c - that's 80.6F! The girls are in the pool at the moment! The only downside to this glorious weather is that it is going to delay the hibernation of certain reptiles. Discovered a fresh snake skin in the garden bed where I was weeding yesterday - a good excuse to finish up and go inside for a cup of tea!

Jill said...

Nothing so enjoyable and relaxing as a day outside! Enjoy!


Camille said...

Ann ~ Ah, yes...snakes! I am thankful they are few and far between in our area. How Emma would love to join your girls in the pool...SO wonderful! Enjoy your HOT days. :)

Jill ~ Oh to be young again! Notice it's the children in the photos and not their Mama? LOL! Have a wonderful weekend. :)

With Love,

Maryann said...

Spring has been pretty cool here this year, but we have been able to start some outside projects and I hung some flower baskets on the porch yesterday. Feels so nice to be able to enjoy the outdoors again. Hope you all continue to enjoy the sunshine

Heather said...

Is that your yard? Wow, it looks beautiful! Personally, I think you should move to Ontario. Three reasons: more son, Toronto Maple Leafs, and ME! :)

My mom is okay, thanks for asking. She needs back surgery because she's not healing well. She's concerned about it so if you think of her, please pray. Thanks!

Love, Heather

Cinnamon said...

I am just catching up on a few posts that I missed. Those recipes...yum! Thank you for sharing. You have pretty handwriting :-)

I have not gotten to the point of soaking my oats but I know I need to. One thing at a time for me.

Sunshine...yes! It was a perfectly sunny wknd here. We soaked it up too. I was just telling my handsome husband how I can't wait to go to the lake and soak up some sun.

My readers love to lay on a blanket and read too. I always enjoy it when they do.

~Happy Spring~


Farming On Faith said...

Oh how cute~ I think your daughter has the right idea.I may just do that today.

Thank you for your prayers my sweet friend. Pray our home sells quickly!

Camille said...

Maryann ~ Ah, sunshine...it is a glorious thing! I hope you have many more days of lovely spring weather in your neck of the woods. :)

Heather ~ Yes, I will pray for your Mama...so sorry she is having to go through this. LOL...I would love to have a visit...however, BC is what we know and love...it's where the LORD has planted us. You do make ON sound appealing though. :)

Cinnamon ~ No pressure to *catch up* my friend...I know life is busy! Thank you for the handwriting compliment...just so you know, it can get messy at times...when I go too fast. :)

Carrie ~ I think you should soak up some rays my friend...just enjoy these days on your farm!! And, yes...I will pray. :)

With Love,

little sis said...

Supposed to be 99 today and they are talking maybe breaking the record for 100 in April. It feels so good. Have a great day.


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

We have been the same way around here. The sun comes and goes and when it is here, we take advantage of it's warmth (and light). Love this pics! You have a beautiful yard.

Lois said...

I'm glad you are enjoying spring! Here in west Texas, it's usually summer. Always. This spring has been colder than usual for longer than usual. No one here EVER lays on the grass, blanket or no. One would get attacked by cockleburrs if they did! I planted geraniums, water the pecan tree, and watch the cactus bloom. Oh yes, whenever the wild flowers (blue bonnets) are out, you know spring has officially arrived. Enjoy your week!

Camille said...

Leanna ~ Oooh...100! That rarely happens around here...enjoy! :)

Jackie ~ Yes...the coming and going of the light and warmth...it's a confusing season, isn't it? Thank you for the yard compliment...we are thankful. Enjoy your sunny days. :)

Lois ~ How fun that you have a signal for spring in the form of bluebells...love it! I cannot get my brain around summer and summer and summer...interesting how the seasons vary so much on our vast Continent. Enjoy your sun. :)

With Love,