February 6, 2011

"Let Me Count the Ways..."

Austin just completed his
Online English 10 course.

I don't remember having
in Grade Ten English
back in *the* day!

One of the units of study was on Poetry ~
Of course.
He read some of this...

"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways."
~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning ~

It got me to thinking...
What a good theme for a Thankfulness post!

The LORD is
than any human being!

And HIS ways are perfect.
HE does all things well.
We often forget this.

At least, I do...
to my shame.

How many things I take forgranted.
How many things I neglect to thank HIM for!
Oh that I would have a tender heart.
Oh that I would really *see*
all the things HE does for us.

Day after day we have breath.
We have food and shelter.
We have more than we need.

And yet, I can carry around a cold,
unthankful heart.

Lord, please help me truly *see* with eyes
and heart all the ways in which
You show Your never dying love.

In the *small* and *insignificant*...
in the *grand* and *lofty*...
in the *quiet* and *still*...
in the *loud* and *boisterous*...
in E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.
I give thanks this Monday.

Will you join us?
Joy will be there.

"I will praise thee, O LORD,
with my whole heart;
I will shew forth all thy marvellous works.
I will be glad and rejoice in thee:
I will sing praise to thy name,
O thou most High."

~ Psalm 9:1&2 ~

And so, I continue to count and count and count...
HE is in the midst and HE provides the joy!

1146. An inexpensive date night ~
$50 gift card for dinner (thank you Mom)
and free babysitting (thank you Austin)!

1147. Coming home to peace and quiet ~
the children all asleep

1148. Lazy Saturday mornings

1149. The paper route ~
Week in and week out...
a wonderful job for the boys.

1150. Mild winter day to open up the windows
and let the fresh air in!

1151. Grandma's Recipe
and the precious memories that go with it.

1152. Making them at the request of the children ~
new memories being made

1153. The joy it brings my heart to hear Emma
singing "If You're Happy and You Know It" in the shower! :)

1154. Caramel Corn on a Saturday evening

1155. Fellowship with God's people

1156. Being able to drop in to see Howie's parents
on the way home from church

1157. That we live close enough to music lessons
to be able to walk if need be

1158. That we've been able to make one vehicle
work for us for over 16 years

1159. "Old Betsy" (our van)
has been in our family's service for 9 years

1160. Hope

1161. Trust

1162. A new day

1163. Blogging friends ~
I appreciate each and every one of you!

1164. James 1:5

1165. Sweet treat in the mail ~
A wonderful change from the usual bills and *junk*

1166. A Starbuck's gift card to use

1167. Friends who invite us all for a meal ~
Thank you!

1168. Sourdough starter from that same friend. :)

1169. Super Glue to the rescue...again! ~
I've used up a whole package

1170. The sun and blue skies with puffy white clouds ~
rare for us in the winter months

1171. Pineapples from my Dad ~ Thank you! :)

1172. My servants ~ washer, dryer, dishwasher,
oven, fridge, van, etc...

1173. BCAA Membership to the rescue once again! ~
We are getting our money's worth.

1174. Sermon Audio

1175. Ability to "tune in" to our church service online
(when we are unable to be there in person)
or download sermons *on demand*

Many Blessings,


Anonymous said...

Wow, Camille, your sourdough bread looks SPECTACULAR! You truly are a natural at this! Congrats! Love, Claudia

Wanting What I Have said...

#1158 - Wow. Y'all are so cool!!! That is awesome and wonderful and amazing and encouraging!

I love the thought of Emma singing in the shower. Precious!

The caramel corn - yummy! And so beautiful!

I'm so glad you're continuing to number - you encourage me!!!

Trisha said...

I'm blessed by reading your list of blessings! Thank you for this cyber-hug of encouraging words. I thank God upon my every remembrance of you. Much love!

Make a Joyful Noise all ye Lands said...

Good Morning Camille,
What an uplifting post filled with gratitude for all the Lord has done for you in your life. Many rich and wonderful blessings.
My Annah has also been working on her 10th grade on line English courst. Almost finished. I do remember learning so much in college. A blessing to homeschool our children..
Have a wonderful day.


Teresa said...

Hi Camille!

Just dropping in to see how you're doing. Grade ten--he's getting so close to finishing high school! I can identify with the need to give thanks--I've been reading Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts book. It makes me see the giving of thanks in a whole new light. I still plan to try your caramel corn recipe sometime--it looks so good.

Lord bless your day!

With His love,

Terri said...

AMEN! What a blessing you are! Have a beautiful day!


Camille said...

Dear Claudia ~ Thank you for sharing your starter with me and getting me going on this in the first place...we are thoroughly enjoying it! Tonight I am doing that pizza crust with it. BTW...I *love* it when you comment!! Have a great week! :)

Dear Jennifer ~ We are in a situation where it works for our family...I realise it's not always possible...for now it is....we are glad. :) You encourage me...thank you for your sweet friendship.

Dear Trisha ~ I am thankful for YOU! I appreciate all the wise insights you share on your blog...they are a blessing to my heart. :)

Dear Virginia ~ Yaay for your girl! How precious it is to be able to homeschool...it really is a privilege. Have a wonderful week my friend! :)

Dear Teresa ~ I've just begun to read Ann's book too...we really do have so much to be thankful for, don't we? Oh, do try that caramel corn...it's super yummy and easy! I'm glad you stopped in for a little visit...it's lovely to hear from you. :)

Dear Terri ~ Thank you my friend! May the LORD give you a beautiful day too! :)

In His Love,

Mari said...

Oh Im praying with you! To have eyes to see all the blessings, all the "small" gifts in the everyday.

Tami said...

Oh your list always encourages...and well, 1163...back atcha! You're a blessing all the way around! And I love those servants...we have some too! Making one vehicle work for 16 years?!?!? That is amazing!! We were a one vehicle family for a long while...before children! LOL! Needless to say, I am impressed!
Love to you, sweet friend! Thank you for details about how God has loved you this week!

Camille said...

Dear Mari ~ Thank you for your sweet words...it is a blessing to be on this journey! :)

Dear Tami ~ Thank you my friend! You are one of those treasures...I appreciate your sweet encouragement...all the time! :)

Many blessings,