April 12, 2011

There's an *L* in the Family

In BC we have what is referred to as
a Graduated License Program for new drivers.

At 16 years old,
you can get your *L* ~
Learner's License.

One year later,
after 60 hours of practise,
you *graduate* to an *N* ~ Novice License.
This is after a road test,
and comes with restrictions.

After having your *N* for two years,
you can go for the full meal deal ~
Otherwise known as a Class 5 license.
At that time, another road test is required.

If all goes well in this process,
the teen of the family can be set loose
on the roads *L* and *N* free at age 19!

How times have changed.

In *OUR* day,
when you reached the ripe old age of 16,
you could get your Learner's License.
Thirty days later (with only 30 hours of practise),
you could go for the driving test.
If you passed it, you were set free...unhindered!


How glad I am that the times have changed! :)

If you live locally....get out of the way!
Don't say I didn't warn you. LOL! ;-)

Happy Travels!


Cinnamon said...

Camille, That is soo funny! Here in Iowa, little ones can drives at 14 yrs old!!!! Now that is scary. They can only drive to and from school but still :-/

He looks quite responsible behind the wheel :-)


Heather said...

Yay! Congratulations!
I bet it feels like he was in diapers just yesterday :)

Trisha said...

How exciting, Camille! It's still that way in the US. Scribe will be getting his learner's permit and then has to do 50 hours on the road and a driver's course. Then, he can get his license. How neat to have sons in the same stage of life. :) Love you my sweet friend!!

Lisa said...

That is quite the process. We have about 3 years before we have to deal with any of ours driving, and I'm perfectly happy with that!

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Aha Camille - I have just come home (in one piece!) from a trip into town with my second 'L' plater in the family. We have a similar system but learners have to do 120 hours. It used to be 50 hours. The 120 hours requirement is a huge burden on families - everywhere we went my son had to drive with the rest of the family in the van. 20 of those hours were to be at night. We actually went out just to drive around the streets at night in order for him to get his night driving hours! It was quite a nerve wrecking experience and here I am again going everywhere in the passenger seat but it is less stressful teaching a daughter - I even have to say 'You can speed up now honey'!' After passing the practical test Ls turn into P's(provisional) for 18 months then automatically go onto a full licence. Apparently, the government is cutting back the hours required to 80 as too many people were 'making up' the hours in their log book. I really don't know what we will do when my twins are 16 - maybe cars will drive themselves by then!
I learned to drive in London with an instructor in a car with dual controls after quite a number of lessons. The traffic was horrendous and driving in it was stressful. My husband (off a farm) was driving at 15 and passed his test after driving round the block with the local police officer! I don't think there were even traffic lights in his town! Yes, times have changed!

Intentional Living Homestead said...

Congratulations....that is awesome.

Wanting What I Have said...

This makes me grin so big!!! And remember the day my mother took me to get my "learner's permit" at the ripe old age of 15! After passing the test and getting my permit, we headed to Krystal to celebrate and paid for our burgers and cokes with change (lots of coins!) and I broke the glass jar they were stored in. Nice. Then Mom offered to let me drive to school. It was HILARIOUS! I drove over a bridge and mom kept screaming, "Get OVER" and I was thinking, "well, I'm supposed to be in the right lane, I'm in the right lane, she must mean I'm too close to the median." So...I kept scooting closer and closer to the guard rail and mom just kept screaming, "GET OVER!" Once we got over the bridge she told me to pull over and get out. She'd meant that I was too close to the guard rail and to scoot closer to the median. Ha. I am still brought nearly to tears thinking about it! I hope you have much safer experiences!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Congrats!!!! Wow, times have changed. I wonder what it will be like in three years when it is Josh's turn.

Patty said...

We have a fairly new driver also. It is both an exciting and a cautious time. I hope all goes well for your son and ours as they are in their learning stage. Blessings.

Camille said...

Dear Cinnamon ~ 14??!! Now that IS scary! :) Regarding the photo...he is stopped and IN the driveway...he is should look *responsible*. LOL! ;-)

Dear Heather ~ Oh how quickly the time FLIES by! :)

Dear Trisha ~ It is neat to think that we will be going through this together...let's pray for each other! :)

Dear Lisa ~ I remember thinking those same thoughts...watch out...it will be upon you before you know it!! :)

Dear Ann ~ Oh how HUGE that commitment is!! Hats off to you!! Unfortunately, our *L* is only allowed one extra passenger (beside the instructor), so it will be very challenging to fit in practise time ~ LOTS of trips with Mum on errands I think! I enjoyed reading how it is for you there and how it was when you and your husband got your licenses. :)

Dear Connie ~ You need to keep an eye out...we will be travelling though your neck of the woods occasionally. LOL! :)

Dear Jennifer ~ What a fun story! your poor Mom!! Oh...I pray that I will be patient in this process. God's grace is always there for us, what a blessing!! :)

Dear Stacie ~ Only three more years? Be aware that it will pass so quickly and you will be in my shoes! LOL! :)

Dear Patty ~ How fun that you are in this too...what an exciting time! Yes, may the LORD grant us all safe passage through this process. :)

Many blessings,

Farmgirl said...

congratulations! another step in the growing up process!!

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

Congrats to your new driver in the family and will be praying for all of you as you guide him in learning and not losing your composure in the car. Rules have changed in US as well. Too many teens driving too soon and with their friends that got them in bad accidents. Glad it's changed. Take care! Hugs!

Linda Stubbs said...

We have one more girl to go to get her license. Have fun.......life changes.......but it is new fun. I remember our first when he got his........it was......"oh, Jas can you go get this........and this.....and this"........made life a little simpler on this Momma!

Sweet to see that big smile on your young man's face!

Hugs sweet friend, Linda

Unknown said...

OH my friend.. I am fixin to have on L in my household tooooooo..
lets pray for each other right now..stop what we are doing , get on our knees and start praying.. :0
lol.. congrats..
enjoy.. it wont be long and then he can run to the store for ya when you are out of eggs..

Unknown said...

Congratulations to your son! We will be looking into all of that next year!

Camille said...

Dear Heather ~ Oh you are so right...another step! How quickly it flies by! There are more restrictions here in BC though...your boy is completely free to drive alone now, isn't he? :)

Dear Becky ~ Oh how frightening it is to think of those terrible accidents involving teens! I am so thankful we are on a graduated program here in BC! Thank you for your prayers! :)

Dear Linda ~ How wonderful to hear from you! What a blessing that you have gone the path before me and can speak of all its benefits! Isn't it wonderful when they want to be of help too? :)

Dear Karen ~ Yes, let's pray! I will pray for you right now. As for the running to the store...he already does that for me...on his bike! (I prefer it that way...LOL!)

Dear Jenn ~ How quickly it sneaks up on us hey? You are just behind me on this parenting journey...how fun! :)

Many blessings,

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Wow! I bet you're pinching yourself right now. Praying for his safety and those around him ;) Blessings!

Camille said...

Dear Jackie ~ Prayers are greatly appreciated! What a blessing it is to rest in the LORD and HIS Sovereignty! :)


Lois said...

We have a learner's permitted driver too! She'll be 16 next month, and then AND 6 mos. after the LP she can get her license. I think she has to record 20 hrs, including night driving and an hour of backing! I told her they don't mean you spend a whole HOUR in reverse, but it is rather hard to time! (Let's see, 12 seconds to back out of the driveway. Check!) My husband took her out first. She asked him if he was nervous. He said, "No. Should I be?"

Camille said...

Dear Lois ~ What fun to find out a little more of your family's life! LOL...your husband's response was priceless. And yes...how DO you log those driving backward sessions? May the LORD give you all safety and grace as you go through this process too. :)

Many blessings,