February 13, 2012


I once, quite awhile ago,
read something somewhere in
this blog-world that made an
impression on me.

Not the impression the
author was looking for,
mind you.

It propelled me off in
the OPPOSITE direction.

A good thing.
A VERY good thing.

Her advice was to those individuals
who wanted to see their blog grow.
To see their following increase.
To see how to make all that
(and more) happen!

Blog every day,
was her advice.
Every. Single. Day.


At least,
that was how I viewed it.

Why do I blog in the first place?
To have *followers*?
To be popular?
To show off?
(May it never be so).


To glorify my Precious Saviour?
To share what HE is doing
in our lives?
In my heart.

To be an encouragement to others along this path?
To record for our children some of the
everyday things that we do together as a family?
To share our joys and our sorrows?
To share some of what I am learning
as a wife, mother, teacher, homemaker ~

That's it.

By God's Grace.

As an added bonus,
there are friends
to be made along the way.

True friends.

The ones who you pray for.
The ones who pray for you.
The ones you grow to love ~
In the LORD.

It's a beautiful thing.
And I'm thankful that YOU
have joined with me on this journey.
What a blessing you are.

Thank you for understanding when I don't
visit you as often as I would like.
And, be assured that I understand
when you are unable to visit me.

I really do!

Thank you for your patience.
And for your friendship ~
It is a joy.

With Love,

**Photos in this post courtesy
of our Emma ~ Thank you little love! XO


Michelle said...

Very much understood from this busy Momma. Your words are always a blessing.

Lisa said...

I appreciate your words. I, for one, am very glad to read what you write, however often you choose to do it! : )

Charis said...

Thank you for this Camille! That is so true...I get frustrated by the people who push...you have to do this to make your blog a success. A success to who? blessings!

Unknown said...

Oh yes! I totally agree, Camille! I think you do a fabulous job of balancing it all~ and I am the one who comes away blessed as a friend. {{{{hugs}}}}

Patty said...

Camille, even though we have never met in person I regard you as a fellow Christian friend and sister in Christ. I have enjoyed "stopping over" for some time and have felt blessed that you "stop over" also. The many times you spoke a word of encouragement or just said hi, especially last year ~ it was a very difficult year for us. It was always a blessing to find a note from you. Have a good night my friend.

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

I read that advice too Camille and do you know what I had exactly the same thoughts! I cannot possibly put up blog posts every day, not even a short post or even every few days and honestly I do not know how some of the younger mom bloggers manage to do it and also write e books and keep up with all the emails that are necessary if you have ads and run promotions. Something has to give. I turned down an opportunity to write articles for a homeschool magazine recently. I know if I had said yes it would have brought me more followers but I knew in my heart that I could not give it the time it required and it would take me away from what matters most. And yes, I have also examined my motives for blogging and the reasons I came up with, well - they are pretty much the same as yours!
And do you know one of the lovely things about not having a huge following is that you can develop more meaningful friendships with the people you meet who stop by your blog. They don't need to comment at every post but you know they called in and you remember their name. I am so grateful for your friendship Camille and maybe we will get the chance to meet one day though I think my daughter might make it to Canada first to meet up with her best friend within the next couple of years (remember those Canadians who we hosted, one girl was homeschooled and they instantly bonded and have kept in touch ever since)
Happy Valentine's Day! I have just made a tic tac toe heart game with the twins and I need to go and clean up all the mess.
I understand, I truly understand!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

OH, first let me say that Emma is a lovely photographer :) :)

I love your blog, and I think that first and foremost, you should write about what you love...and whatever that is, that Jesus Christ always figures into the mix :) :) I think you do that :) :) I'm blessed by your godly witness and encouragement :) :)

Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

Intentional Living Homestead said...

I'm with you on that...I started blogging so family in the East could read and see what's all going on.

Then I started getting nasty comments about such random posts. Finally found out who it was and emailed her...she now has stopped.

I've almost quit blogging for lots of reasons....and not the right ones.

My blog is like you said...so my children can read and look back at our life together.

And we've made friends along the way...like YOU. Thank you!

Now I'm blogging at WP so that I own the photos and content...not google. It's more private but still public....if that makes sense.


Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

I love your thoughts. I enjoy blogging and do like to share much with friends and a good way to share God's word and pray and gain friends. Hugs!

Lois said...

You blog so that I can get my kids to ask, "Why do you read blogs of people you don't know?" I reply, "It's how I meet people who think like me!"

My friend, a homeschooling mother of 9, military chaplain's wife, mentor, blogs instead of scrapbooks, and she prints them out in books to keep a record of her family's doings. Especially with all their adventures and journeys around the world, and adult children living elsewhere, they all manage to stay connected. She gets more done in a day than anyone I know. She gives up sleeping! LOL. Your blog is a relaxing place for me to spend a few minutes. (I don't have an ocean view outside my window!) God bless you my friend, and have a happy Valentine's Day if Canada observes that!

Make a Joyful Noise all ye Lands said...

His "Divine Appointments."

I have enjoyed sharing with you and praying for you and your prayers for our family..


Lady Farmer said...

You and your blog are a blessing and joy to me! Your reasons for blogging are why I enjoy coming here so much. I never feel pressure, I enjoy learning from and about you and your family, sharing the ups and downs of our earthly adventure, just like good friends do, encouraging and praying for each other.
Thank you for taking some of that precious time to share with us, when you can, from your heart!

Showers of Blessings to you and your sweeties on Valentines Day!

Nadine said...

Excellent post...words of wisdom indeed!
Wishing you a lovely day my friend!


Sharon said...

Dear Camille,

Thank you for YOUR friendship, you certainly are a blessing to me! I agree with how blogging can easily become bondage. Not a trap I want to be in. It is for His glory!

Have a Happy Valentine's Day btw sweetie!


Dragonfly Damsel said...

All is grace--and where would we ever be without it? Thank you, kind friend, for the reminder! Enjoy this day, this celebration of love this celebration of Love!

American Home said...

It is so good to read your words again. I hope all is well with you.

Blessigs dear friend,

Camille said...

Dear Michelle ~ Thank you for your kind words. May the LORD give you grace day by day to follow HIM in what HE has set before you to do! :)

Dear Lisa ~ What a sweet thing to say...thank you for your encouragement! :)

Dear Charis ~ Yes, indeed...*success* has a different meaning for a Christian, doesn't it? :)

Dear Susan ~ Thank you my friend! How I need the LORD each and every day!! :)

Dear Patty ~ I'm so sorry last year was so trying for you!! May the LORD give you HIS grace day by day. Thank you for your continued friendship in this blog-world. :)

Dear Ann ~ How lovely it is to *know* the people who stop by...I agree! I am thankful that my blog is small enough to enjoy that benefit. Thank you for your friendship...it is a blessing. :)

Dear Heather ~ Thank you for your sweet encouragement! And thank you as well for your kind words about Emma's photography...she was blessed by them. :)

Dear Connie ~ Yippee for friends made along the way! I'm so sorry you had all that nasty stuff going on with someone in your comments...not nice at all! :( May the LORD continue to give you grace for the journey. HE is the One we live for! :)

Dear Becky ~ Thank you for your sweet encouragement. How lovely that you blog for similar reasons. There is so much freedom in it, isn't there? The LORD bless you as you seek to shine for HIM! :)

Dear Lois ~ I am glad that you do stop by for a visit...it is lovely to *know* you. Wow...your friend sounds like Super Woman! :)

Dear Virgina ~ How sweet you are! Thank you for being a blessing to my heart. :)

Dear Raeann ~ Thank you for your sweet friendship...I appreciate you! It's a blessing to *know* you too. :)

Dear Nadine ~ Thank you my sweet friend! Blessings to you too! :)

Dear Sharon ~ I am so glad you decided to continue blogging long ago...it would be so sad if you weren't here! Thank you for your continued friendship and encouragement along the way. :)

Dear Judy ~ How wonderful HE is!! Thank you for stopping by and for your sweet encouragement. :)

Dear Donna ~ How I have missed seeing you here in this place. What a blessing that you are settled in your new *old* home! :)

To all of you ~ Many rich blessings to you each one! Thank you all for your sweet words of encouragement and yes, for your friendship. :)

With love,

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Emma is becoming quite the photographer! I love this post. I haven't been blogging as much either and I'm SO OK with it. It is so freeing! Gotta live this life God has given us and the people who hang in there with you truly become good friends. I certainly count you as one of them and hope we can meet in person one day :)

Camille said...

Dear Jackie ~ I would enjoy meeting up with you one day too my friend. Thank you for your faithfulness in this blog-world over the last few years...it's lovely to *know* you. :)