February 17, 2016

If All I Did Was Cook....

If all I did was cook....life would be busy enough.
With five of us here most of the time, food and all that it entails
makes up a large part of what I do day after day.
The planning, shopping, and cooking can sometimes be overwhelming.

And, there are only five of us (how I miss the days when we were six).
Some of our friends have double (and more) our number
in their families.  I can only imagine what it must be like for them!

Being wife and/or mother is busy.  It's a calling.
It's no wonder that many have dedicated their lives to being full time homemakers.
Running a home is no small task.  We are called to be keepers
of our homes and help-meets to our husbands.  What an incredible occupation!

It must be noted, however, that there are those who have a heart for the home,
but, find themselves in the position of needing to help out financially.

My heart goes out to these ones as I know that
there are still so many responsibilities that require attention and time
within the four walls of their homes.  Somehow, it all must get done.
It is a balancing act of grace and strength and endurance.

How life unfolds for some of us will not necessarily be the same as it does for others.
We must be faithful to work within the sphere we have been called to.
And, seek to be a blessing to those around us while we do it!
In the midst of it all, God's grace and goodness abounds.

As we seek Him for it, the Lord promises
to give wisdom for the journey He has us on.

Not long ago, a blogging friend of mine wrote a lovely post on homemaking.
Click here to read her words.  I am sure you will be blessed just as I was.
May we all be found encouraging one another as we navigate the life
the Lord has called us to by His grace and for His glory.  Alone.

With Love,

**Images in this post are from 2010 ~
Emma was nearly eight years old.


Domestic and Geeky said...

Amen my sister! I love this post :)

Farming On Faith said...

What a sweet post! Thank you for your prayers. Hoping for answers this next week~ I covet your prayers!

Pam said...

What a precious post Camille. And you know that I relate to all that you said. Thank you so much for linking my blog, and for the encouragement you always bring to me and those around you. Many blessings to you for a beautiful week, and may you be fulfilled in the very special calling that is uniquely yours.

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

Thanks for sharing your homemaking thoughts, Camille. I'm right there with you. We are three now, all adults. I remember when son was here, growing up years and now he's got a place with his wife and two children, #3 in May! I recently downloaded a couple meal plans for chicken and ground beef from $5 Dinner Mom website. All meals are made at once, prepped, then frozen. I need this in our busy life. Yes, working outside the home can be good but I have to be good at planning meals as well. It can be done. Still a keeper of the home.Thru the years! Hugs and have a good day!

Camille said...

Domestic and Geeky ~ Thank you for your kind words of encouragement! Hugs to you. :)

Carrie ~ Praying for you all today....hugs! :)

Pam ~ You have such a lovely way of putting things into words my friend..."may you be fulfilled in the very special calling that is uniquely yours"....I love it! And, thank you for sharing your thoughts on your blog...you are a blessing. Hugs to you! :)

Becky ~ Ah, yes...pulling a meal from the freezer is a wonderful blessing! I know your life is busy....may you daily know the grace and strength to accomplish it all. How exciting to have another grandbaby on the way! Hugs. :)

With love,

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Very well put, Camille!

Camille said...

Jackie ~ Thank you, my friend. I know you understand. Hugs! With love, Camille