January 12, 2011

Cherish the Moments

This post is somewhat of a
continuation of the last ~
A summary of some of the gatherings
we enjoyed with extended family this past Christmas.

We had both my parents and my brother
over to visit during the Christmas Season.
My sister and her family live far, far away,
so we were unable to connect with them.
We did, however, get to chat on the phone...
that's always a blessing!
Howie's siblings all gathered at Sister-in-love's home
for a Christmas celebration.
We made the trek out to visit with Howie's parents
during the daytime on Christmas Eve.

Precious times.

Family is

Grandparents are ultra important.
We know that these are precious days...
and we are cherishing them ~
the days AND the Grandparents. :)

My Mom and brother came over for an evening prior to my Mom
leaving town to visit my sister and her family.
We had a lovely time together singing carols and exchanging gifts
in front of a blazing fire.

A little explanation about Emma in the highchair ~
No, she does NOT sit in it anymore...
*except* when we have company and need the extra space at the table.
Our table is just the right size for the six of us. :)

Grandma always brings the Christmas crackers...
What fun!

My Dad was here for his birthday
(three days before Christmas)
just like always.

It's a tradition.

First, we do the birthday dinner and gift/card in the kitchen.
Dad always requests Chocolate Log Roll for dessert ~ YUM!

Then, we move to the living room and switch gears to have our
Christmas time together.
Grandpa always wears the requisite hat.

It's a tradition.

On Christmas Eve, for many years, we have
had a wonderful tradition of *Dinner by the Fire*
which included Howie's parents.
This year was a little different.
Dad was unable to drive out to us,
so we went to their home for a special time
together during the day.

What wonderful memories to treasure in our hearts forever.
May the LORD help us each to cherish all
the precious moments HE gives ~
how quickly they are flying by!


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Your family is so cute!!! I really enjoyed reading about your holiday traditions!!! Okay, the part about your dad wearing the requistite Santa hat...too cute ;) :) Have a great week!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Wanting What I Have said...

What sweet memories you are making! I love that y'all sing carols together! And your sweet attitude about traveling...wow. I struggle in that area.

I laughed seeing Emma in the high chair!? She is beautiful! Radiant!

Dianna said...

Camille, thank you so much for sharing these very special moments with us. I love the joy found on each one's face because it comes from deep within! Precious, precious memories!

Lady Farmer said...

Celebrating with family is just the best, isn't it? I certainly have been *cherishing* this season with my youngest daughter. Sadly, she leaves very early tomorrow morning. I will have to learn to be alone during hubby's working hours again. I will miss her so.

Treasures Evermore said...

What beautiful pictures. Yes, family sure is important. I never get to spend Christmas with my side of the family as they all live in Ontario...and with seven kids, it would be hard for everyone to fly there.

But always great have dh's family with us and around us during the holidays.


Nadine said...

What wonderful memories with your family! :)


Linda said...

Hi Camille,
Beautiful photos of your family! Beautiful precious moments and you are so right family is so important.What a blessing to be able to all gather together.Glad you were able to talk with your sister on the phone over the holiday season.
Enjoy your day.
Blessings and hugs.

Mountain Mama said...

Oh Camille!!! These last two posts with all the beautiful pictures!!! LOVED them! You have such a lovely and cozy home and warming up by that fire looks like something I'd love to do! What a neat tradition to have your Christmas Eve meal by the fire. Just something special about that.

Your dad and my Zoe must have the same birthday! What a neat tradition to have with him.

And I was thrilled to see you and your husband all up close! You both have such sweet, sweet, beautiful smiles - now I see where your children get theirs.

So glad you shared this on your blog, Camille. Your family is indeed blessed and it's fun to see photos of the blessings!

Love you, friend!

Camille said...

Dear Heather in Oregon ~ Thank you for your sweet comments! Yes, that hat...really, Emma was asking to make sure he was going to wear it...what could he do? It really is a tradition now. :)

Dear Jenn ~ Thank you for your kind words...they are always a blessing! Just to clear a few things up...Emma has to sit there only to make room...our table is small-ish. And...the *travelling*...that was probably not the best choice of words. It's about an hour's drive one way, so we were in the car less than two hours and it brought so much joy to them. We are thankful that we live relatively close to be able to so such things! You do MUCH more travelling in the car with your children than we ever have!! :)

Dear Dianna ~ Thank you for your sweet, encouraging words...they are a blessing to my heart. :)

Dear Raeann ~ How wonderful that you have had this special time with your daughter! Enjoy this last day with her and treasure up all the moments! I cannot imagine what it will be like when the children all leave home. How precious that you have such a lovely relationship with your girls and that they come home to visit! :)

Dear Connie ~ I am sorry you aren't able to be with your family at Christmas, but what a blessing that you have your husband's family nearby! Yes, flying with seven children would be a bit challenging! Have you ever done the drive?! :)

Dear Nadine ~ Thank you for your friendship...it is a blessing to me! I'm glad you had precious family times over Christmas too! :)

Dear Linda ~ Thank you my friend! What a blessing it is to be able to talk with our sisters on the phone...I know you understand that one well! :)

Dear Tami ~ I appreciate your sweet words my friend! Thank you! How fun that your daughter and my Dad have the same birthday...just a *few* years' difference though!! And...you are always welcome to come sit by the fire...that would be lovely! :)

Many blessings to each one of you!
In His Love,

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

What a precious post, Camille. I loved all the pics. Thanks for the continuation.

Cinnamon said...

Those are wonderful and cozy pictures. Everything looks warm, loving and delightful.


Karen said...

oh what great pictures and what great memories you have made with and for your family..
keep going girl...
Family is important....
God Bless

His bondservant said...

What beautiful pictures...and more important memories. Grandparents are so very important as you said. This was our third Christmas without my Dad. It has taught me to cherish every moment with my Mom.


Camille said...

Dear Jackie (Cheesemakin') ~ Thank you so much for your sweet friendship! I appreciate you. :)

Dear Cinnamon ~ Thank for being a sweet friend in this blog-world...I am so glad we met! :)

Dear Karen ~ I appreciate your encouragement during the time when YOU are needing the encouragement! Thank you for taking the time to visit...it is a blessing. :)

Dear Jackie (Bondservant) ~ I'm so sorry your Dad is no longer with you...oh how precious the days are!! Thank you for the reminder to count our blessings and to enjoy the times we have with our parents. May the LORD give you many happy times with your Mom! :)

Many blessings,

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Your Christmas looks so peaceful and divine! The perfect Christmas!

What a blessing to be able to celebrate with your family and sing hymns together.

Camille said...

Dear Stacie ~ It truly is a blessing to share the LORD with family! Thank you for your sweet encouragement and friendship...I appreciate you! May the LORD bless you in the coming days as you recover!! :)

With Love,