January 30, 2013

Just 30 Minutes

I've found myself getting frustrated lately ~
I look around at all there is to be done in our home, 
and I'm finding that there are no big blocks of time in which to do it all.
This is where the *old* idea of taking it in small doses comes in!

It really is brilliant.  

I'm enjoying crossing things off my list. 
Little by little...those *extra* things are getting done. 
The frustration is being replaced with a feeling of satisfaction.

Do you realise what can be accomplished in small chunks of time?
Added up, those small chunks become big.
I've allocated 30 minutes a day to the task of addressing
some of those larger projects that just never seem to get done.
Little by little.  Day after day.  Just 30 minutes!

Do-able?  I think so!

How do you tackle those looming projects in your home?
Please share so we all can be inspired,
and be an encouragement to each other.

Let's tackle them together.
Ready?  Set.  GO!!  :)

Many Blessings, Camille

**Images in this post are of small *projects*

that have been staring at me for awhile now ~
they're finally getting attention.  Yippee!! 


Wanting What I Have said...

This is brilliant! I am bad about putting "life" on hold for a few hours to tackle something when it is really driving me crazy. (In other words-I should be doing laundry and preparing dinner, etc but I will let it all go to clean out a closet am then I am scrambling!) There are several projects that need 30 minutes of my attention each day. Perhaps once we are all well again I will begin that process. :)

~marci~ said...

Lately just going through and sorting the mail has even become an overwhelming task for me. And yet that takes less then 10 minutes! I get sidetracked so easily...!

Bevy said...

Yes! it is doable. I just did this yesterday. I said "just five" plastic grocery bags.

Fill em up! And fill them up I did.

It's doable.

Go for it.

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

This is the approach I was taught years ago from Emilie Barne's books and I can testify it works! I know she advocated just 15 minutes but some tasks do need a little longer so half an hour is more realistic. I have always used this method to keep my kitchen in order... so it is sorting and cleaning one drawer at a time, one shelf in the pantry and so forth. I really do need to apply it in other areas of the home though and in the garden too as it is very easy to spot something else that needs attention (like taller weeds in another bed!) and move onto that without finishing the original task I set myself!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Homeschooling seems to just consume our day as the kids are getting older. Tasks they've traditionally done during the week days are now being moved to Saturday morning when we can all work together to hammer it out. It has really reduced the stress level for me just to have a pick up once a day and not really have to worry about cleaning anything during the week.

Nadine said...

I have a goal to really declutter and organize this year. I wrote down each room on a piece of paper and then everything in that room that I need to go through. Tackling one piece of each room at a time is so much easier than the whole room at once! :)


Camille said...

Dear Jennifer ~ I have been caught in that trap many times too! I hope you all are well soon. :)

Dear Marci ~ Yes, the mail can take over, can't it? That's one thing I try to deal with right away before it piles up. Hang in there! :)

Dear Bevy ~ I like your *just five* rule...what a great idea! :)

Dear Ann ~ Yes, we must try to stick to the task we started out with...LOL! I found 15 minutes a little too short for me as well...interesting that you found it to be that way for you, too. It's exciting to see what can be accomplished in that special 30 minute window of time, isn't it? :)

Dear Jackie ~ Isn't it wonderful to have helpers?? Love it!! And, yes...homeschool takes priority, I hear you! As they grow, they will become more independent in that area as well...it's all good! Enjoy these quickly passing days!

With Love,

Camille said...

Dear Nadine ~ I was leaving a comment while you were leaving yours...sorry I missed you! Yes...one piece at a time is SO much more manageable than taking on the whole thing at once! Keep on going!! You will so enjoy the results!! :)


Maryann said...

I never try to tackle an entire project all at once. I either do a portion of the project (if I was cleaning out a dresser I might only do one drawer a day) or I set a time limit. Lots af littles add up

Camille said...

Dear Maryann ~ Yes, my friend...*lots of littles add up*! Isn't it a wonderful thing? :)


Make a Joyful Noise all ye Lands said...

Dear Camille,
How wonderful you are crossing things off the to do list.
I am with you on this.
Cleaning, purging, orgainizing feels great every little bit adds up.
A great feeling. I share your joy my friend.

Heather said...

Thanks for the encouragement... right when I needed it! I have been feeling the same way, especially because I have recently run a bridal shower and now am decorating the ceremony. Things tend to creep up on the schedule that take time away from the regular flow of things around here. Love the take it bit by bit idea. I think we all know it but need reminders! Bless you, Camille!

Camille said...

Dear Virginia ~ Yes, *every little bit adds up*...it really does! And, yes...it feels wonderful! And...where does all this stuff come from???!!! :)

Dear Heather ~ I am glad you were encouraged my friend! Perhaps this is a season of not doing having to do those *30 minutes* while you are doing so much? Hang in there...I know you are being a blessing!! :)

With love,

Lisa said...

Wow, Camille! This really spoke to me. I can definitely relate. This morning I wrote a similar post. Life sure can get overwhelming sometimes {this week was it for me}...but I too am learning "baby steps" at conquering the big things. And to not beat myself up for the things that just possibly can't get done that day. Thanks for the encouragement. I always feel blessed to visit your blog :)

Camille said...

Dear Lisa ~ I am glad you were encouraged! It really is too easy to get caught up in the trap of *to do*, isn't it? Hang in there. The most important things ought to be first. The LORD will daily give HIS grace. :)

With Love,