January 6, 2010

Real Foods Diet ~ Healthy Eating!

Lindsay over at Passionate Homemaking has done a fabulous job of breaking down the steps toward more healthy ways of eating and preparing food. If you click on the link provided you will find her article...please go and see if there is even one thing you might change to encourage better health for you and your family!

As with anything...do it in baby steps and NEVER try to accomplish it all in one fell swoop. Even one small change per month would make a HUGE difference at the end of only one year!

**UPDATE ~ I have written a more in-depth article on this subject in response to J's request in the comment section of this post. Healthy Changes is the name of the post ~ click on the title to get yourself over there.

Happy Eating! :)


Farmgirl Cyn said...

We do try to make healthy changes here. haven't used margarine in a coon's age. Try to buy organic when economically possible. Have a share in a local CSA. The meat thing gets me, tho. SO expensive to buy grass fed, organically raised meat. IF I had the funds, it would be a change I would most definitely make. The white flour is another we are working on. I cut way back when I make bread, but if it's a dessert type recipe, then I drag out the all purpose. Itty bitty changes are easiest to swallow, and for the most part, we eat pretty healthy!

Wanting What I Have said...

I'm so glad you posted that link! We've been making small changes over time, but this gives me new ideas! (Kefir???) I'm very excited! Any chance you'd share what changes you're making or have made?

Camille said...

Cindy ~ Sounds like you are doing a great job! It's the little changes that make the difference in the long haul. As for the bread...do you know you can make 100% whole wheat bread by adding in eggs and fresh squeezed lemon juice? My bread recipe makes 5 loaves and I add in 2 eggs and 2 Tbsp lemon juice. Hope it works for you! I have been praying for you...trust all will go well tomorrow!

J ~ I may do a post on the things we have implemented over the years...I'll have to work on that! :) But...basically one step at a time...that has always been my motto or it can get very overwhelming! Don't let that happen...just pick one thing to change and get used to that one thing before moving onto anything else. I have found it to be a process ~ for sure!

Have a lovely week!

It's me ...Mavis said...

Great Link...It's true... I do think it's less overwhelming when you start small... and go from there.

Camille said...

Thanks Mavis ~ I totally agree! I don't think you are doing things on a small scale though! :)

Have a great night!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I like that you're telling everyone to break it down into baby steps. That is what I did and I look back now and can't believe how far I've come on this healthy eating journey in just 3 short years. Great post!

Camille said...

Jackie ~ Thanks for your encouraging words! I think there is always room for growth and improvements...it's such a huge area...overwhelming if one is not careful to keep perspective! :)