November 30, 2011

Entering In

Howie came up with a
great idea awhile back.
The idea?

To allow the children
each a twenty-minute block
of time to share with the rest of us
whatever they wanted to.

A family version of
"Show and Tell".

It went over well.
An understatement. :)

Fraser is our resident
atlas/languages/professor sort.

His pick?

Google Earth.

We visited places I had never
heard of and discovered new things.
What an adventurer!

Calvin is our budding photographer.
Some of you may have noticed
that I feature some of his work
here on this blog.
He's serious about it.

We enjoyed looking through
a photo album that he put together
last year after a family vacation.

Happy Memories!

Austin has been learning
a little about programming.
He has created little games
and question and answer sorts
of programs to tickle the funny bone.

He's even opened up a
you-tube channel as an avenue to
showcase his virtual rollercoasters.

Under that serious-looking
exterior there lurks a sense of humour.
Wonder where he got that from?

Emma has a serious love for
all things *Nancy Drew* ~
She shared an excerpt from
the book she was reading at the time.

The *original* series of novels are
being devoured at a rapid rate.
We have most of the earlier set
of books...what fun! :)

She then showed us her collection
of shells that were acquired
on our recent trip to visit with
Auntie Beverley.

God's Glorious Handiwork!

And the boys entered in.

It was an enjoyable time
spent learning just
a little bit more about
the unique individuals God
has entrusted us with.

What an honour it is to
seek to raise them for HIM
and for HIS glory!

Many Blessings,


Maryann said...

Terrific idea

Heather said...

What an awesome idea!
Having little ones here means there's always some kind of "show and tell" but I have a feeling, a more deliberate kind would make them VERY happy :)
Interesting and amazing things your kids are into!

Cinnamon said...

What a wonderful idea! I will have to try this out....SOON :-)


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

What a neat idea! Instead of sitting around watching tv, you guys are getting to know one another and building solid relationships. Embracing their strengths and their differences as wonderful contributions to the family! AWESOME!!!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful way to spend time as a family!

Jill said...


I love this idea! I think I will try it with my girls as well. We always talk, share, play, but a designated time and a plan for it sounds like fun! I know they would enjoy this. Hayley found a whole set of classic/original Nancy Drew books at a yard sale for $5.00! She can't wait to read them! Have a wonderful day!!


Patty said...

What a neat idea. Sounds like everyone enjoyed sharing.

Nadine said...

What a wonderful looks like everyone really enjoyed it too!


Trisha said...

I love this, Camille!! And your sweet Emma looks so much like you. We'll be trying this great idea! (Though we might have to split it up over two nights. :))

Sharon said...

Sweet Friend!

What a blessing of a post! I LOVE this idea, a huge blessing for all. Imagine how things would be without this special time? Instead you all grow closer to the Lord and each other. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this with us :)

Blessings to you sweetie!

Camille said...

Dear Maryann ~ Thank you my friend! :)

Dear Heather ~ I know what you mean about the never-ending *show and tell*! It did seem to make a great impression on the children when we did it in a deliberate fact, one of them, on seeing this post, asked when we were going to do it again? :)

Dear Cinnamon ~ I am sure your family would LOVE it! :)

Dear Stacie ~ How amazing it is to see the unique individuals that God has created even within one family...I'm sure you experience the same wonder with your precious ones! :)

Dear Jenn ~ Thank you my friend! It certainly was...we will have to do it again! :)

Dear Jill ~ What a find to get all those books for such a little amount!!! :) I'm sure your Hayley will enjoy reading them as much as our Emma does!

Dear Patty ~ They surely did! Thank you for visiting here my friend. :)

Dear Nadine ~ It was a special time together...we are hoping to do it again sometime. Thank you for stopping by for a visit my friend. :)

Dear Trisha ~ Yes, two nights sounds like a very good idea my friend! :) ENJOY!

Dear Sharon ~ Blessings to you too my friend! You are always an encouragment to my heart...thank you! :)

Many Blessings to you each one!
In HIS Love,

Tami said...

What a lovely idea! Undivided attention and a little spotlight on their interests. Such a loving thing to do with your family, Camille. Your children are precious and seem to have grown so very much since I first saw your blog. My how the time flies! You're wise to do what you can to capture the moments.

Wanting What I Have said...

What sweet and precious family time! And such a wonderful idea! Hmmm...

I LOVED Nancy Drew. I have all the originals and her cookbook! We also have all the Hardy Boys (the thrift store score of a lifetime!). I look forward to the day Sister and I get to devour them together!

Camille said...

Dear Tami ~ I cannot take any credit for this wonderful idea! My sweet husband thought of it. :) How quickly the children makes me sad to think how quickly the time is flying by! Enjoy these days with your little ones.....

Dear Jennifer ~ I had the cookbook too! Although, it is not in my collection any more...I am sad. :( ENJOY those books with your precious girl!! :)

Many blessings,

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

What a wonderful idea... And every time I see pictures of your four, it just makes my heart sing to see what I have to look forward to with my three boys and a little girl! :)

Camille said...

Dear Heather in AZ ~ ENJOY these precious days with your little ones while they are little...I cannot stress this enough!!!! How quickly time passes and they grow. Enjoy each stage...

Many Blessings,