November 5, 2011

Some of Our Journey

What a journey this has been!
God is so Good.
All the time.

What a blessing it is to
rest in HIS Goodness.
In HIS Grace.

~ Photo courtesy of my Emma ~

Some of you may
be on a similar journey.
Crohn's Disease
is a tricky thing to deal with.
It's not simple.

Simply not.

We have been to see a
G.I. Specialist at
Children's Hospital in Vancouver.
We have been to our GP.
We are also seeing a
Naturopathic Physician.

They all have something to offer.
Advice to give.
Instructions to follow.

When we first got the
Crohn's diagnosis we were not surprised.
It was something we already figured he had.
It was, in some ways, a relief to know.

We started using dietary supplements.
We altered his diet.
We have been following this one.

Things went well.
Very well.
For a few months.

Then, some things stopped going well.
A flare up.

Not uncommon for those with Crohn's.
But, at the same time, disheartening.
Our son has been careful to follow
his dietary restrictions and recommendations.

No chips.
No chocolate.
No grains.

He is committed.

We continue to follow the
principles laid out in Elaine Gottschall's book ~
Breaking the Vicious Cycle.
We are also following the advice
of our Naturopathic Physician and General Practitioner.

Sometimes adjustments are necessary.
We are willing to do whatever it takes
to help our son get well.


We seek the LORD for wisdom.
We pray.
We seek the wisdom of Physicians.
We weigh it all up.
We act.

I would like to share some of
what we are doing and going through
to be an encouragement to those of
you who may be in the same boat.

I also want to record it
for future reference.

To bring down the swelling
in our son's leg
(a manifestation of Crohn's),
we are administering a poultice
of grated potato and carrot with ice chips.
Wrap this in cheesecloth
and apply to the swollen area for about
an hour at a time.
Do this at least twice per day.

For settling and soothing the abdomen,
soak a flannel cloth in
Castor Oil infused with Lavender
and Chamomile and place on the tummy.
Cover with plastic and have
the child lie down on his back
and apply a hot water bottle to the area.
Lie still for an hour or two.
Do this twice per day.

For tummy cramping,
we are using a tincture of
Viburnum Opulus.
For our son, the dose is 30 drops
in water three times per day.
During a flare up,
it may be administered up to six times
per day, if necessary.

He also is taking a
natural anti-inflammatory twice per day,
a GI repair supplment at every meal,
a probiotic twice per day,
and vitamins.

As well as all the above,
we are keeping his diet very simple.
Nothing that will stress the system
is allowed.

I am currently making up
a big batch of hearty beef broth.
Chicken Stock is also an important
healing food that is being administered.
Did you know that homemade broth
has so many amazing nutrients in it?

Emma was recently feeling sick,
so I took some rich Chicken Broth
from the freezer and boiled it up for her to drink.
She started to feel a little better.
Her fever broke the next day.


Maybe, but I don't think so! :)

May the LORD give us all
wisdom as we seek to lead our families
in the journey of good health.
For HIS Glory.
By HIS Grace.

Many Blessings,

**Disclaimer ~ I am not a medical professional.
I am just a Mum sharing some of the things that
we are using to help our son.
Please consult with your Doctor
prior to administering any drug or supplement.
Dosage amounts will vary due to weight and
the age of the individual being treated.
Some people will respond adversely to some treatments.


I'm Cassie... said...

I'm never disappointed when I visit your place here!

I just said a quick prayer for all of you on this journey - for healing, for grace, for wisdom.

I also took a peek at the chicken broth recipe you mentioned. I will be trying that soon!

Unknown said...

Praying for you guys... Camillle! I can empathize as we have Celiacs here... but you already know that. Health issues can be a very real challenge~ and opportunity to experience God's faithfulness and presence in ways that you might not otherwise. ((((hugs))))

Tami said...

Camille, remission is what I will pray for your son. Love that you post all this wonderful info for anyone who will be led to your blog in the future, too. You're a good Mum. I like that you say "Mum." :o)

Love from NM -

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

I think that it is wonderful that you want to record what has helped alleviate the symptoms of this disease for your son for the benefit of others who also face this diagnosis. I have also read that potato makes a great poultice and chicken broth/soup - oh yes I believe in it too and during winter it is on our menu at least three times a week. I use the recipe in Jordan Rubin's book - have you read his book yet and the story of his journey with Crohn's disease and how he overcame it? Praying for your son and the rest of the family as I know it is something that affects you all - the hospital trips, the time you are putting into research and the adaptions you are making to your diet. Thanking God that He is there for you during these times and that He is the Great Physician.

Wanting What I Have said...

Oh Camille, what a journey you are on! I love reading about all you are doing-and the kindness in your tone. Precious and encouraging! I'd love to get your recipe for beef broth...that's something that's always intimidated me. :)

Camille said...

Dear Cassie ~ Thank you for your sweet and encouraging words...they blessed me! :) Thank you so much for your prayers! And yes, please do try making the chicken is so easy and SO good! :)

Dear Susan ~ Thank you so much for praying for us my is such a blessing to my heart to know that! :) I totally agree with you ~ these challenges do provide an "opportunity to experience God's faithfulness and presence in ways that you might not otherwise" blessed we are! I know you know that first hand too...may the LORD continue to give you HIS grace in the midst of your journey as well! :)

Dear Tami ~ It's always lovely to hear from you my friend...thank you for your sweet encouragment! :) *Mum* is British...and since my husband has British parents (emigrated to Canada in the 60's), and he is the one who taught the children what to write in cards to me, I have become *Mum* too. I am honoured.

Dear Ann ~ What a thoughtful and sweet comment my friend...thank you for your encouragement! Isn't God's provision for us amazing?? I think it's so wonderful that HE has given us so many things for our health. What a blessing to your family that you make broth too! :)

Dear Jennifer ~ LOL! I *hear* you on the beef broth! The last time I made it was about two years ago and it was HORRIBLE!!! Our son needs iron, so beef broth was required...I was *forced* to do it. ;-) This time I just took the soup bones right from the freezer, covered them with water, poured in a little apple cider vinegar and let the pot sit for about an hour. I added peeled and chopped carrots, onions, garlic and celery and brought the whole thing to a boil. Skim if necessary and reduce to simmering, cover with a slightly vented lid and simmer for about 12 hours. Bring to a boil one last time and turn heat off. Cover the pot and let sit until cool enough to put into containers. Strain into your containers, label and freeze. Wonderful stuff!! :)

Many blessings to you all!
In HIS Love,

Linda said...

Dear Camille,
I have missed you sweet friend. I have had problems posting as it does not let me post replies? I am so hoping it will this time.
I loved your post and as always you inspire me!
Hugs and blessings

Camille said...

Dear Linda ~ So sorry about the blogger glitch...yes, you are able to comment now! Yippee!! I am thankful you persevered and finally got to leave a sweet encouraging note to me here...thank you! :) I am sporadic in my blogging these days...thank you for being a sweet and faithful friend.


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Such good news that your son is in remission. I pray he stays this way. Such interesting techniques for dealing with it. Your son is so lucky to have a mom like you! And yes, broth is amazing! I lived on homemade chicken noodle soup last week while I dealt with my sinus infection and I know it helped.

Camille said...

Dear Jackie ~ Thank you so much for praying...what a blessing it is to know that you are! And yes...YAAAY for Chicken/Beef Stck!!! :)