December 5, 2011

A Few Ideas...

In a baking slump?
Need ideas?

Here are a few of our favourites.

Apple Tart

Absolutely the BEST
Cinnamon Buns ~
A Christmas Morning Tradition!

Whipped Shortbread ~
If I only bake one's these!

Click Here
to get to a post from
last year...
if you need a little
encouragement in the
gift-giving department.

Be encouraged!
It's not all about the amount
spent or on the trappings of the Season.

It really is all about
the LORD Jesus Christ.

Let's prepare our hearts for HIM!

Many Blessings,


Ann at eightacresofeden said...

I just made the decision the other day to make cinnamon buns as a gift for friends and neighbours this Christmas. I'm going to arrange them into a wreath shape to bake and tie on some festive ribbon. The recipe I have been using is the best I have tried thus far and I have memorized it. It's from the allrecipes website and is called 'clone of a cinnabon'. You make the dough in a bread machine, I use the pizza dough cycle so it takes just 45 minutes and only needs one rising. I adapt the same recipe for savoury scrolls which is what we had for lunch today - so easy!
Baking will be a whole lot easier this Christmas as I found a brand new food mixer at a garage sale last week for just $10. One of my best finds ever. It will be a while before I can afford a KitchenAid as they are so expensive here but this one will do me nicely for now. I read up the reviews on the one I found and one lady had owned hers for 15 years so I have plenty of time to save for the Kitchen Aid!
Hope all your Christmas preparations are going well. Blessings!

PippaDavies said...

You are an amazing baker Camille. God has certainly gifted you in this department. I think you should start your own business:) Blessings Pippa

Nadine said...

mmm...they all look so delicious, in fact you have made me hungry with those yummy food photos! :)


Hopes Handcrafts said...

oooh yum! You are making me hungry, Camille!!

Becky said...


The apple tart and the cinnamon buns look so promising that I will have to try them! <3

Lois said...

Oh sure, tempt me with all these food items right before lunch! I haven't done much Christmas baking yet, but here are some to try. Thanks!

I enjoyed reading about your family show-and-tell too. It helps each child feel special.

Intentional Living Homestead said...

Everything looks so delicious. Will definitely be trying these.

Thanks for the recipes.


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

These look absolutely delicious. I remember some of these recipe posts.

You are so right about what Christmas is truly about. We decided to give all our parents and some friends gifts to needy families through Gospel for Asia and Voice of the Martyrs. It is the perfect gift for the people who already have everything they need. Christmas shopping was a cinch! Blessings, Jackie

Anonymous said...

it all looks delicous..i love appel taart like we call it here...

Camille said...

Dear Ann ~ How FUN to be your neighbour!! I'm sure they all will be blessed by your kind gift of baking! YUMMY!!! Yaay for garage sale finds! ENJOY! :)

Dear Pippa ~ Thank you for your kind compliments! It is certainly something I enjoy doing...but, I heve never thought of it as a gift before. Thank you for directing my attention to the ONE Who gives all good gifts. :)

Dear Nadine ~ LOL! Unfortunately, NONE of this has been done here this year yet....these are last year's photos. :)

Dear Julia ~ Come on over! :)

Dear Becky ~ I do hope you enjoy them...we surely do! :)

Dear Lois ~ I must confess that none of my baking has been done yet either! I should get going! :)

Dear Connie ~ I'm sure your family will enjoy them. :)

Dear Jackie ~ What a wonderful idea to give such a useful gift to your loved ones! They will be pleased I am sure. :)

Dear Soraya ~ Yummy....whatever it's called in different lands won't's SO good! :)

Many CHRISTmas blessings to each of you!
In HIS Love,

Anonymous said...

This was precisely the answers I'd been searching for. Amazing blog. Incredibly inspirational! Your posts are so helpful and detailed. The links you feature are also very useful too. Thanks a lot :)

Camille said...

Dear Anonymous ~ Thank you for your kind words! May the LORD use it all for HIS glory.

Many blessings,