May 9, 2012

Of Curls, Weddings, and Beginnings

Our niece was married last Friday.
Nearly 21 years ago, she was our flower girl.
Emma was given the privilege of doing the same for her.

Full circle.  A tradition.

Emma read while I curled her hair. It took over an hour!
The style had to hold for more than five hours ~
the photos were being taken prior to the ceremony.

Emma was sent off with instructions
not to move her head!  Poor thing. :)

The ceremony was beautiful.  The bride was lovely.
(I haven't had permission to post photos yet, so I will leave you to your imagination).

The vows and rings were exchanged.  The documents were signed.
The kiss was given and received. :)
The unity candle was lit.

The couple were introduced as Mr. and Mrs.
And there was joy all around!  As it should be.

Austin and Fraser had the honour of
playing the background music at the reception
as guests found their seats.

Calvin was our photographer. We forgot to get a family picture.
I am so sad.  But, as I told Emma prior to the big day ~
"It's not all about us!"  And it really isn't.

The bride and groom were sent off in style under a tunnel of love.
We were so happy to have been able to witness
the beginning of their lives together as husband and wife.

It's such a joy to witness two young people who
love the LORD as they are united in marriage.
May the LORD be glorified in and through them ~
And may HE bless them abundantly in the years to come.

Blessings to each of you as well!
With Love, Camille

**Last three photos in this post courtesy of Calvin ~
Thank you my love! XO


Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Emma's hair looks so beautiful Camille. What a joy it must have been for her to be a flower girl and that you were all able to contribute to that very special day for your niece. My younger girls have not yet had that privilege of being flower girls but with big brothers and sisters I'm sure it will come their way God willing in the not too distant future. I can only imagine how excited they will be. They have dresses very similar to Emma's sent by their grandmother - just need an occasion for them to wear them!

Patty said...

Lovely young lady! I don't think I could have done her hair even in two hours! It's that time of year ~ weddings abound. Our oldest son will be getting married June 2. It is a bit nerve wracking at times but such a blessing to see him moving into this stage of life. What a blessing it must have been for your niece to have your boys play during the reception. Looking forward to pictures if you get to share. Have a great week!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful time! I love weddings and Emma looked absolutely beautiful!

Jill said...

What a sweet post! Those curls were just beautiful!!
Hope all is going well.


Lady Farmer said...

Oh, Camille!
Your family is absolutely precious! Emma is so lovely, and how special to have your boys playing music and snapping photos!
Aren't weddings wonderful? They bring back memories of blissful days in our own lives.
Thank you for sharing your niece's joyous day!

Tami said...

Lovely! Please tell Emma she made a stunningly beautiful flower girl! Good job on that hair, mama! So pretty.

Camille said...

Dear Ann ~ Thank you for your kind words! Yes, it was a special treat, that's for sure! I am sure your little girls will enjoy it when it is their turn. :)

Dear Patty ~ How wonderful that your son has found himself a bride! What a blessing to enter into that next stage with your children as they grow! Enjoy! :)

Dear Jenn ~ Thank you my friend! I love weddings too! :)

Dear Jill ~ Thank you for your sweet compliments my friend! I was able to relax a little once Emma was ready and out the door. :)

Dear Raeann ~ Yes, indeed. Blissful days! How precious these times are for a young couple just starting out. We were blessed to be a part of it. Thank you for sweetly entering into it with us my friend. :)

Dear Tami ~ You are a sweet encourager...thank you for your kind words my friend! :)

With Love,

Heather said...

Look at that gorgeous girl! What a very special tradition too. I think since you missed the family photo, you'll all just have to get dressed up again, right down to the curls, and take that pic! Why not? :)

Camille said...

Dear Heather ~ I thought of it...minus the curls ~ they were! It really wouldn't be quite the same though. Thank you for your sweet friendship and for entering into this joy with me. :)

Love to you!

Farmgirl said...

What a lovely post! Emma is beautiful!

Camille said...

Thank you Heather! It was such a wonderful day. The LORD is so Good. Always.