September 12, 2012

And the Love Continues to Grow

It finally happened.
Emma got to ride a horse!

In our area we have DealFind.  And, it found a deal for me!
Three one hour lessons for a ridiculously low price.
Apart from the fact that it took us over an hour to get to the riding stable,
it was very, very economical.  What a blessing!

Emma has always
(since she knew what they were) loved horses.
This was a dream come true.

These were lessons, after all, and part of the package was grooming the horse.
Emma got to get up close and personal with Flynn right off the bat!
She loved it.

After being taught the basics, Emma was handling the horse by herself!
She got to do a few laps of the exciting!

Posing for Mama.

Two more lessons to go!
And the love for horses grows.

Many Blessings,


Trisha said...

How wonderful! My Emma adores horses, too. Riding a horse was her favorite part of this summer's vacation. :) Beautiful pictures, my precious friend!

Unknown said...

What fun!! I was like Emma~ absolutely *loved* horses when I was younger. I was forever writing horse stories, drawing horses and pretending that I was a horse as well~ galloping around our yard and jumping over picnic benches too! Such fun memories! I'm really happy that she could ride "for real!" (I did get to do some of that too!)

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

How exciting for Emma! We live not too far from a riding stables but the cost of the lessons means it is one extra-curricular activity that is not on our agenda. My daughter was blessed for a couple of years to have the free use of an old pony and paddock belonging to our neighbour but he became quite grumpy in his old age and eventually died. The other horses were racehorses so that was the end of the riding adventures. I think I will have to let the twins have at least one experience of horse riding - maybe for a birthday. There are companies here that offer deals but have never seen horse riding lessons offered! What a blessing.

Terri said...

LOVE THIS! :) Yay for little girls who love horses!! She looks like a natural!

Camille said...

Dear Trisha ~ Thank you for entering into our Emma's joy my friend! And...all while you are still recovering!!! How are you doing?? I continue to remember you before our Heavenly Father's Throne of Grace. :)

Dear Susan ~ You and I are kindred spirits when it comes to our childhood love of horses my friend! I did the very same things. And, yes...occasionally got to do the *real* thing too! Thank you for making me smile. :)

Dear Ann ~ Oh...lessons are insanely expensive!! But, it was an incredible deal that I could not pass up...truly a blessing! I hope something like that turns up for your little girls my friend. :)

Dear Terri ~ How lovely to hear from you my sweet friend! Thank you for stopping by. :) It was incredible how she took to it considering how new the experience was. Oh...the joy!

Blessings to you each one!

With Love,

Tami said...

How fun! Oh Camille, it has been a joy to catch up on your blog!!! Emma looks in her element. Simply precious. The house progress is fun to see, boy y'all DID make some major changes. It's looking great! So glad that Austin continues to do well. We continue to pray for him! Must say, I am IMPRESSED with all the biking y'all did - these are the kinds of things I dream of getting to do with my sweet family when our kiddos get bigger. And I just have to say that your sweet encouragement and wisdom is always just that, and nothing more. Your words are always gentle, and that is a rare treat in the bloggy world. Thank you for being such a peacemaker! I sure have missed you!
Love you much!

Intentional Living Homestead said...

What a wonderful gift. Our daughter Stephanie is obsessed with horses. And riding is very good for autistic kids. She did riding for a few years but then had her facial cranial is no longer permitted to in the event she would fall or the horse hit her in the jaw the metal plates could kill her.

So we look at horses from afar...and her bdrm is filled with everything "horse". LOL.

The smile on your daughters face says it all.


Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

Her face says it all! My sister had a fascination with horses and I remember well when she received a few lessons as a Christmas present one year. Oh the excitement!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that Emma is getting to do this, Camille. It is evident from the smiles on her face that she is definitely having fun! Isn't it just so wonderful when the Lord makes the way for us to do something for our children that they really want? Hugs to you, Camille.

Patty said...

Good for Emma! Isn't it sweet to a mother's heart to see her children's dreams come true? Have a great day, Camille.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Oh, how exciting for Emma! I grew up around horses on a working cattle ranch, so I totally get her love for horses. They are amazing creatures who can teach us a lot. So glad you were able to find such a great deal on lessons :)

Camille said...

Dear Tami ~ How fun it is that you had a chance to stop by! Your visits always bring a smile to my face...and your encouraging words are such a blessing. Thank you for your sweet friendship! Love you much too! :)

Dear Connie ~ How lovely that your Stephanie had the chance to ride in the past...sorry she is not able to any more. I've heard the same thing about autistic young people...isn't it amazing how God's creatures can have such an impact? HE is so Good to us, isn't HE? Thank you for stopping's always a blessing to hear from you. :)

Dear Heather ~ Yes, excitement indeed! Interesting that you mention your sister and not you...I think it's wonderful how God created us each unique!! In our family growing up, it was me who was horse crazy, and not my sister. Thank you for's always lovely to hear from you. :)

Dear Dianna ~ Yes, my friend...yes! It is the LORD Who paves the way...what a blessing!! Thank you for entering into her joy here with me. Hugs back to you! :)

Dear Patty ~ It truly is! I didn't know how it would ever work out, and then there it amazing opportunity that I snapped up and took nearly a year to use! Thank you for stopping by for a's lovely to hear from you my friend. :)

Dear Jackie ~ Your growing up around horses was something I dreamed of doing...but, we were urban dwellers and it didn't happen. I was able to have the occasional farm experience when we went to visit with relatives in Saskatchewan...oh the joy! Thank you for rejoicing with us my friend. :)

With Love to you all!

Taylor Wise said...

Yay for Emma!

Camille said...

Thank you Taylor...yes, it was a *Yay* kind of day! :)

Blessings to you!

Unknown said...

How exciting! I would have loved that as a little girl! What a blessing for her and what wonderful memories she will have.

Camille said...

Dear Jenn ~ Thank you my friend! Yes, I would have loved it as a girl too. It's a blessing that I found it for such a great's a once-in-a-lifetime thing for Emma to do. :)

With Love,