September 8, 2012

Making Progress...

It's coming together.
What a LOT of work it has been!
But...SO necessary...and such a blessing!

Slowly, the mess is giving way to order.
And, we are beginning to see the end.
Another blessing. :)

Thank you for patience with me in this space.
It's been a necessary thing to keep
mostly silent these last few weeks.

Blessings to you all!
With Love,


Wanting What I Have said...

Oh wow!!! What a beautiful room! But more so, what a beautiful young lady! I'm so happy to hear order is emerging from the chaos. That's so encouraging! Keep on keeping on, my friend.

Intentional Living Homestead said...

Have a blessed week.


Anonymous said...

Camille, what a peaceful room you've created. Your daughter looks as if she is enjoying the space. I like the wall color you've chosen...everything blends so well...kind of a harmony, you might say. Blessings to you, my friend!

Patty said...

Camille ~ so glad its coming together. It's so much easier when the chaos ceases and order happens. What a blessing it will be for your family. Hope all is well with everyone. I am still staying busy and ready to get to that place of order and not chaos also! Getting there slowly.

Camille said...

Dear Jennifer ~ Thank you for your sweet encouragement my friend. What a blessing you are! :)

Dear Connie ~ Thank you...may the LORD bless you this week as well! :)

Dear Dianna ~ What an encouraging friend you are...thank you! It's a cozy space to do our school work...we are thankful! :)

Dear Patty ~ Oh how wonderful it is to come out the other side of mess! May the LORD give you HIS grace as you continue to work it all out as well. :)

Many Blessings,

Rhonda Schrock said...

I like that mirror over the day bed. Beautiful space. Lovely place. Happy girl I see. :)

Camille said...

Dear Rhonda ~ Thank you my friend! And, good eye for you to figure out that it's a day bed...I'm glad it looks like one! That was the plan. :)


PippaDavies said...

Love your colour and style in your new room Camille! I think I am going to come to you for design advice:) Your kids must be thrilled. hope your start of the school year is all the better for a great place to retreat! Blessings Pippa

Camille said...

Dear Pippa ~ Thank you for your kind and encouraging words my friend! The children do like their new space...what a blessing! Are you renovating/renewing in your home?? It's always a bit of a challenge, isn't it? Happy new school year to you. :)