August 30, 2012

DCM and Crohn's ~ An Update

We were at Children's Hospital
for a cardiology appointment a few days ago.
The usual tests were performed.

Nothing has changed.

He still takes three medications
for his condition daily.
He is functioning well all things considered.
And, the cardiologist does not need to see him until Christmas.
These are good things.

We must be patient. We give thanks.
God's ways are higher than ours.

Five months ago, it was not known if Austin was going to live.
He was so incredibly ill. He was in heart failure.

By God's grace, Austin did not die.
Oh! How thankful we are that he was!

It was thought that a pacemaker
may have been needed within a month or two
of that hospital stay ~ it's now been five months.
He hasn't needed one placed.
What a great blessing!

On another note ~ Austin also has Crohn's Disease.
He began taking the starter medication for it
just after his stay in the hospital.
It's a maintenance dose.
It would appear that the honeymoon is over.
He continues to take it, however,
it seems to be less effective than it was initially.

We are seeking to be wise in how we deal with this condition.
Austin pays careful attention to his diet while taking the medications prescribed.
It's a long road. But, one worth travelling, it would seem.

We pray that the LORD would heal our precious son,
and that He would give us wisdom to know the way forward.
What a blessing it is to know that HIS ways are higher than ours.
We are aware that He may be able to use Austin
better through his illness than if he were perfectly well.

This life is not all there is.
In fact, it is so short in light of eternity.
This is but a shadow of the eternal.
What a blessing to have that perspective!

It changes everything.

Many Blessings to you!


Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

You are so right. It is times like this that make us long for heaven and ever so thankful that these trials are mercifully temporary for His children.

Praying wisdom and guidance for you all and healing for Austin. Although we know that healing IS in his future, I'm praying that it would happen this side of heaven.

Thank you for continuing to encourage us with how God is working in your family and how we can pray for you all. I'm thankful for the opportunity to once again draw close to the Lord with intercession and thanksgiving.

Trisha said...

As one who has had Crohn's for 18 years now (well, that's when it was diagnosed), I can tell you it is possible to have long periods of remission. I'm praying this for Austin. I'm also praying you'll have wisdom and peace during this time. I know it can all be overwhelming. Praise God, Camille, for the many mercies the LORD has given all of you. You bless so many with your faithful testimony of His goodness and mercy. I love you!

PippaDavies said...

Hey Camille,
So glad to hear that Austin is still doing well, and his heart condition is stable. I continue to pray for healing for Austin and wisdom for you all in dealing with illness. May this year bring great joy, and good health to Austin and all of you. Many blessings Pippa

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Praying for you to receive wisdom and discernment; I would be overwhelmed but know God's grace is sufficient.

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

Blessings for sure. That's great to hear! Does Austin try to eat any gluten free stuff/ would that help? Just a thought? Am praying and thanks for your comment.

Heather said...

It's so good to read updates, Camille. Thank you for sharing even though I'm sure it's difficult. How is your boy feeling emotionally? Is he handling his situation okay? Praying for his physical body but feel that I should also pray for his heart's peace too. Thankful that he's come this far and praying for complete recovery!

Camille said...

Dear Heather in AZ ~ Thank you so much for praying for us and for being a sweet encouragement to my heart. I appreciate it very, very much! :)

Dear Trisha ~ As always, your words bless my heart...thank you for your sweet friendship! The LORD is Good! :)

Dear Pippa ~ Thank you so much my friend...your encouragement is a blessing to me! May the LORD bless you all this year as well. :)

Dear Sandra ~ Yes, God's Grace is hard we must lean on HIM! Thank you for stopping by and for your kind and encouraging words. :)

Dear Becky ~ Thank you for kindly offering a suggestion! Yes, gluten free is one of our lines of attack, and it certainly does help! I appreciate the prayers you have prayed on our behalf...thank you! :)

Dear Heather in Canada ~ Thank you my sweet friend for your concern and for praying! It means so much to know that you are...what a blessing! Austin is not a complainer...and he is relying on the LORD throughout this journey...having said all that, he certainly would be encouraged to know that you are praying for his inner man...thank you! All we need comes from our precious Saviour! :)

With love,

Wanting What I Have said...

Dear friend, my heart aches to hear of the continued struggle..and yet you continue to point to Jesus and to trust in His sovereign goodness in all things at all times. You make me want to love Him more. Thank you for letting your light shine. Love you.

Patty said...

Camille ~ I am praying that God will show mercy in this situation and restore Austin's health. Also, for wisdom for you all as you walk this path. What a wonderful praise that Austin is with you today and has not needed a pacemaker.

Becky said...

Thank you for the update! We think often of Austin!!
Love and Prayers,
The Wamsley Family

Unknown said...

Camille, so glad that you posted this update. I will continue to pray... from my (own unruly) heart. {{{{hugs}}}}

Maryann said...

Keeping an eternal perspective is what helps me get through some of the tougher times. knowing that he has a plan and a purpose for everything, it's what gives me comfort. Thanks for keeping us updated on austin, it's a good reminder to me to keep your family in prayer {{hugs}}

Camille said...

Dear Jennifer ~ How gracious our Loving Saviour is...I am so thankful to belong to HIM! Thank you for your sweet friendship and for lifting us up in prayer...the LORD is Good! :)

Dear Patty ~ Thank you so much for your prayers and for your friendship...they are a blessing to my heart! :)

Dear Becky ~ How lovely it is to hear from you!! Thank you for stopping by and for praying for us! Please give our love to your precious family. :)

Dear Susan ~ How thankful I am for your prayers for us...God is Good! I will continue to pray for you and your *unruly* heart as well my friend. :)

Dear Maryann ~ We will remember you in prayer tonight at family wonderful to know that our Precious LORD hears and answers and continually gives HIS strength and grace! Keep your eyes fixed! :)

Many Blessings to you each one!

In HIS Love,

Rhonda Schrock said...

"This life is not all there is." On that solid foundation, you can rest. I often think how the worst down here, the worst possible things that can happen, are only temporary. Only temporary,for there is coming a day...

Camille said...

Dear Rhonda ~ Yes, indeed...there is a coming day! What a thought!! May we be content to remain here and may we shine as lights until our Precious Saviour's return. It's all about HIM! Thank you for pointing my eyes to the LORD my friend...I appreciate you! :)

Many Blessings,

Taylor Wise said...

Camille- I was reading in Psalms the other day. "God hems me in - before and behind. He has laid His hand up on me." I love the imagery of that verse. As we move, and walk the path he is has us on, he is hemming us in, and he is before and behind you and Austin and your family. Praying for you!

Camille said...

Dear Taylor ~ So beautiful! Thank you for sharing that insight from the Psalms with me...what a blessing! God is truly Wonderful! :)

Blessings to you!

Cinnamon said...

Praying for your wisdom and healing for Austin. What a special gift to have him home. To have him with you.


Unknown said...

We continue to pray for Austin and your whole family! I love you dear friend and your trust in the Lord comes through so profoundly!

Camille said...

Dear Cinnamon ~ Truly, each day is a gift...what a blessing to have this perspective. Thank you for praying and for your kind words...I appreciate your friendship. :)

Dear Jenn ~ Thank you my sweet friend...I so appreciate it! The LORD is so incredibly good to us, isn't HE? :)

With love,

Jill said...

So happy to hear things have not gotten any worse and I continue to pray for his healing. My thoughts are with your family. I haven't been able to get to visiting blogs as much as I would like to but I try to check in when I can. :-) Hope you have a wonderful week!


Camille said...

Dear Jill ~ Thank you my friend! Oh...I hear you on the visiting...I completely understand!! :)

Have a fabulous weekend!

Intentional Living Homestead said...

I camille: (you don't have to approve this comment if you don't want).

Continuing to pray for Austin and family.

Not sure if this is important...but my sister studied with a man who was a naturopath doctor specializing in Crohn's disease. And my sister mentioned to me where Crohn's truly comes from.... and healing methods...maybe some of this information could be helpful for Austin. Anyway, you don't have to approved this email. Just wanted you to know in case you want to email me. My sister is passionated about wellness and has studied under most naturopathic medicine while working on her degree.

Camille said...

Thank you so much Connie! I have emailed you...I appreciate very much your concern and your prayers. :)

Many Blessings,

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

What a blessing that things have not gotten worse, but I do continue to pray for things to get better. Thanks for the update. I've been wondering how things were going, just been too busy to blog much lately. Hugs, Jackie

Camille said...

Dear Jackie ~ I haven't been blogging much either...I completely understand the need for time away!! Thank you for sweetly maintaining our friendship...I appreciate you! :)