August 11, 2012


This is the story of a girl who desperately wanted a pet.
Her parents decided to start out small.  Very small.

The girl and her parents settled on a fancy bear hamster.
Mischievious was carefully selected and brought home.
Yes, his name is Mischievious (Mis-chee-vee-ous),
and not Mischievous (Mis-cha-vous).

We prefer it that way.

I am trying to get over the fact that he belongs to the rodent family.
Methinks it's an important factor to come to grips with.
Having said that ~ he is rather cute, wouldn't you agree?

He already has brought us much joy.
It's hilarious to watch him run around in
his exercise ball...he's learning to navigate amazingly well in it.
Oh, and he is living up to his name!

Many Blessings, Camille


Lisa said...

Um, cute as he is, I don't think I'd be able to get over how mouse-looking he is! :) I hope your daughter continues to have lots of fun with him!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Cute name! Even cuter rodent!

Camille said...

Dear Lisa ~ It's a battle that must be fought! LOL! But, when I force myself past the *mouse-ness* of him...I do like him! He has a real personality. :)

Dear Cindy ~ You make me smile. Yes, you do! :)


Farmgirl said...

This reminds me of when Braden and Emily were small and wanted pets. We went to the pet store and brought home 2 female degus. Or, rather, we were told they were 2 females. They weren't. They were rodents and I hated them. Too mousy looking for my taste!
I hope you enjoy Michievous more than we enjoyed what's their names. I don't even remember their names.

Take care my friend!

Camille said...

LOL Heather! I didn't know what degus were! I had to google it. :) Yes, I agree...they look * mousy*...I think it's the tail that does it for me. "Mischievious" does not have a long tail...yippee! :)

Love to you!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Oh, he is so cute! My kids are nagging me for a pet, too. I'm thinking of getting them a hedge hog. They read about it in one of the Little House books about Laura's great-grandmother who was born in Scotland. They got a hedge hog who lived in the pantry and ate all the bugs so they didn't ruin their food. Of course his name was "Hedgie". It's only a matter of time before I cave,...LOL

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

What a cutie!

Camille said...

Dear Jackie ~ Oh, a, that would be an experience!! I hope your kids win! :)

Dear Stacie ~ LOL! Well, we think so! :)

With love,

Hopes Handcrafts said...

awww...sooo cute!! We have guinea pigs...also of the rodent family :o)

Camille said...

Dear Julia ~ We contemplated getting a guinea pig or even a rabbit...but, they are not a small as a hamster! I am not surprised that you have guinea have lots of animals living in your home...what a blessing for your children! :)

Blessings to you!