August 17, 2012

In the Midst of Mess

It takes messing things up to get things done.
Sometimes. And, this is one of those times.

Awhile back, I mentioned that we were
switching things up in our home.
We are still in the midst of it.
And, it isn't pretty.

Here are some *in progress* photos to prove it.

Out with the old...

In with the *new-to-us*...
How ARE we going to get this inside??

"It" was Howie's desk
and it was HEAVY and awkward ~
In the end it had to be taken apart.

This is the old office space ~
Howie somehow managed to work during the upheaval.
(No, it didn't always look like this!)

The corner of the old schoolroom...

...And the boys' room with school stuff piled high!

We have books under the beds in three bedrooms
and spilling out into the living room ~
we *love* books, and it's obvious!

I thought the title of the book
most prominent in this picture was appropriate ~ LOL!

But, we are thankful.

Thankful that we are able to rearrange and make
this home more serviceable for our family.
Thankful that we have a home to work on!
As the children grow, things change.
We must flex and change with them.

And it is good.

The next few weeks will be full of painting
and rearranging and preparing for the new school year.
I trust to be *back in the saddle*
in this space once school begins in earnest.

May all of you, kind friends,
enjoy the remaining days of Summer!

Many Blessings to you!


Wanting What I Have said...

As much as I balked at our move, etc. I do LOVE to change things up in our home. It lends such freshness when all is said and done and to me, it's greatly satisfying to make a space serve our family better. I look forward to seeing your end results! :) (If you're up to posting them. :) )

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

Oh the joys of moving things around and making things better in a house. Am always on that and have been trying to get my daughter to keep up with her stuff in "our" office that she has alot of her stuff in. It's hard to get rid of stuff laying around. Sometimes I feel like just picking up the whole mess and tossing it. Sigh! Have a good summer. I have some fruit to take care of. Hugs!

Camille said...

Dear Jennifer ~ You are always the encourager...thank you my sweet friend! It's always a blessing to know that it will be worth it while in the midst of it!! Yes, I will hope to share some photos...thanks for wanting to see. :)

Dear Becky ~ Enjoy your fruit preserving...what a blessing!! As for the piles of stuff...yes, sometimes it would be easier to just toss it all! LOL! :)

Blessings to you both!
With love,

Unknown said...

Looking forward to seeing the sprucing up! I know what you mean about books piling up every where. We have that here, too!

Camille said...

Dear Jenn ~ Oh...may the LORD bless you as you begin your year with your precious bunch! :) Thank you for wanting to see our results...I'm thinking I will share, but not until we're done! :)

With Love,

Taylor Wise said...

I am sure it is going to be absolutely great. I can't wait to see the final pictures!

Camille said...

Thank you for your sweet encouragement Taylor! It's slowly coming together. :)

Blessings to you!

Cinnamon said...

Oh we love books too. I see we have some of the same ones. I try and purge my books when my shelves are bulging and do you know what happens? I tell my husband "we need more shelves!" haha!


Patty said...

Camille ~ how encouraged you will be when it is all completed. The means to and end ~ and what a blessing your new changes will bring. Things are still busy on my end also. Enjoy those sunny days that remain with summer.

Camille said...

Dear Cinnamon ~ Yes, the answer is ALWAYS to add in more shelves, isn't it? LOL! :)

Dear Patty ~ Thank you for your sweet encouragement! I appreciate you! Happy last-of-the-summer days to you too. :)

With Love,

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Oh, how exciting! I love switching things up. I know you are going to be so happy with your space once you are done :)

Camille said...

Dear Jackie ~ What an encourager you are! Thank you. :)

Hugs to you!