May 23, 2013

Another *L* in the Family

It's official ~ I'm getting old.  :)

Our Calvin has his learner's license ~
wasn't it just yesterday that he was our baby?
Time waits for no man, or, in this case ~ woman.
We must enjoy these seasons or we will forever be looking back
with fondness on days gone by all while missing out on today.

One day, I will look back fondly on these days ~ 
at least, I think I will.  *Wink*

As I advised when Austin got his learner's ~
Get out of the way!  :)

This is going to be an adventure.
Calvin's logged just over an hour ~ only 59 to go.
He must have an instructor (mostly me) with him for the first year and 60 hours ~
then, he will be able to challenge the road test for his *N* classification.
I'm in no hurry for this year to pass by ~ however, I do hope I survive it. 

On a side note ~ I have a little story to share about the 

vehicle we teach our children to drive in...
she's affectionately known as "Old Betsy".

When we acquired this family van, I was expecting Emma.
We were unable to fit another baby into our car, so a van was a necessity.
When we purchased her, Betsy was a new-to-us seven year old vehicle.
I casually mentioned to Howie that I thought she would be a
great van for the kids to learn to drive in ~ he laughed.
Austin was not quite seven years old at the time ~
when he would be old enough to drive, the van would be sixteen.

I smiled and secretly hoped I would be right.
And, I was.  Betsy is perfect.
And, she made it.  She's eighteen.

She's got a scratch or two already and
over 200,000 km on the odometer ~ a great provision, if you ask me.
Hang in there only have to last another six years ~
That would see us through to the end of Emma's year of learning.

What about you?  Have your children begun the adventure of driving?
Will you teach them to drive when the time comes?
If you do, please know that you have my greatest respect.  
It's certainly not for the faint of heart ~ or the weak of stomach. 
Let's cheer one another on...okay?  :)

Many Blessings,


Alice said...

We now have three youth drivers. Here in Michigan we have two training levels. After level one they have to log 50 hours of drive time but may take level two when they have something like 40 of those hours (including two night hours) logged in but the total would be 40 daytime and 10 nightime.

I'm a very cautious parent and never let my kids drive alone when they are 16 with a drivers license. I feel they still need more practice and it is my personal preference. I still am nervous when they drive 30-40 miles to work or be with a friend. I usually do not sleep until they are home and snug in their beds either.

I'd rather fall on the side of caution because I am responsible for them at the end of each day!


Nadine said...

How exciting! Our daughter Amy will be getting her learners permit soon, I admit that I am a bit nervous! So glad that my hubby teaches the driving to the kids! ;D

Blessings for a wonderful weekend!


Lisa said...

Oh Camille, This post made me laugh!! I love it! I'm so grateful our kids haven't hit the driving years....yet! {Only 3 more years to go!} Haha...when we arrive at that stage, plan on me contacting you for loads of advice on how to get through it :)

little sis said...

I wish we could put stickers on our cars here so we and others would know that they are learning. We have about 18 months to go before out oldest will be able to get his learners permit. I have told my hubby that he is doing the teaching but I know that I will help too. Have fun and so glad your oldest is putting on some weight. Leanna

Angela said...

Camille you have my sympathies!!! All the best teaching your boys. I had driver's training and my mom helped out. My dad, though a teacher by training, was not a good driving instructor! Patience and practice I suppose.

Camille said...

Alice ~ Welcome! It's a frightening thing for sure...I hear you on that one! I am thankful that our licensing program is a graduated one and that they are not set loose on the road unsupervised until after a year and 60 hours of instruction time. It also is a great blessing to trust them into the Loving Hands of our Heavenly Father...He loves them best. :)

Nadine ~ I always imagined that it would be Howie who would do the teaching in our family. However, since there are restrictions on how many can be in the vehicle while a learner is driving, it has naturally fallen on me to do the majority of the teaching so far. It's getting easier, by God's grace. I'm sure Amy will do fabulously. :)

Lisa ~ I used to think it was so far off in the future and I put it out of my mind. But, it sneaks up on out! :)

Leanna ~ I *love* the system we have certainly helps to know when there is learner nearby. We also label the new drivers as's a good thing. :)

Angela ~ Thank you for your well-wishes. :) It's certainly been an experience. But, it is a rewarding one. Our oldest got his *N* license and passed the first time he challenged the road test...I felt like it was my victory in a small way. :)

Blessings to you all!

~marci~ said...

My husband came home one day after shopping for a truck...with a tiny 2 door standard gear shift car to use for work. Wow~was that ever a shock. That turned out to be a huge blessing though. That 1996 vehicle has seen our three young ones at the wheel as they learned to first drive a standard..They then took the test in an automatic. They now can drive pretty much any car tho. My husband was a very good teacher, and each of them passed their driving tests as they grew into needing to transport themselves to their destinations. I still hold my breath sometimes tho when they are trying to pass vehicles on a narrow road or get too close to the car in front of them, or drive in bad weather. And... we still drive that 'learner' car!

Jill said...

Such an exciting time for him...but I agree I would be a nervous momma! Lol. He looks so very happy and excited in those pictures 😊 Thank you again for the vitamin recommendation, after the holiday I'm going to check it out at CVS. If you don't mind sharing could you tell me what medicines they put Austin on for his heart? You can private email me also. They have me on Coreg and increasing my dose after I run out of these pills. I take it twice a day. Want to also start me on lisinopril but I am Leary.... I dislike meds. As it is. I appreciate it so much. Enjoy your week!


Laura said...

What a great shot of Calvin!! He looks so proud..were you crying when you took the photo? I have 2 memories for you. When Jonathan got his L we were driving down the road with a ditch on my side and we were very close, I suggested moving over to the middle of the lane, to which he responded, I need to give them lots of room!! We came up to a busy road that if we crossed we would have to enter the freeway, too early, so I suggested before hand that we turn right at the light, we did. It was NOT our turn and a car was barreling toward us and away we turned right in front of him and I called with my eyes closed, See the L, see the L!!! Praise the Lord the other driver did and swerved around us, we then cut him off a second time!! Dad took over after that! The second one is with Rebecca, I suggested in the empty parking lot, that she watch out for the pole rather loudly and she asked me which pole?? I replied, the one right in front of YOU!!! She is getting lessons! :) Maybe Auntie Camille can give us a cut rate?

Camille said...

Marci ~ Aren't older vehicles just the best? I agree...when they learn in a challenging car/van...then they will be able to drive anything. Thanks for sharing your story. :)

Jill ~ He is one happy guy...yes. I am less nervous than I was the first time around when I was teaching Austin. And, yes...I will email you to answer your questions. So sorry you are going through this! Hugs to you. :)

Laura ~ I love it when you comment. No, I wasn't crying....should I have been? :) I enjoyed your stories...I love your kids. And to think...I've let my boys get into the car with your young man...should I have been worried?? I'm sure Rebecca will do just fine...she doesn't want to train on Betsy, does she? :)

With Love,