September 3, 2013

Year Eight Begins

Year eight begins ~ how time has flown!
were beginning grades six, four, and two.
Emma was four years old at the time.

It felt as though I had been thrown into the deep end.
Sometimes it still does.  :)
But, I am so thankful that we have been called
to this path ~ SO thankful!

After morning devotions and breakfast,
we went on our beach walk.
It's good to get back into these routines of life.
They do, however, produce bittersweet memories of days gone by.
It's a path we must tread.  The Lord is Faithful.
He is with us each moment of each day.

His ways are perfect and He lead us so gently along.
How precious it is to belong to Him!

The day began with rain.
We got soaked, so the clothes required drying time.
I *love* my mud room!

Calvin got Emma set up with some things she
needed online for school.
It warmed my heart to see and hear
them interacting at the kitchen table.

Fraser was so happy to crack open the computer
and begin his studies this year ~ 
doesn't he look excited about it all?  
(He really is excited...I'm not joking).

I've mentioned before how much I *love* these books ~
It's a blessing to have access to such wonderful resources!

Who can complain when roses are still in bloom and
making their way indoors?  So fragrant and lovely.
These blooms are from our hybrid tea rose tree
a gift from our neighbours in memory of Austin...
wasn't that just the sweetest thing to do?

See Emma in the background of this photo?  :)

At this moment, the children are out getting the papers
sorted and delivered ~ It's a blessing, too.
When they come indoors, it will nearly be time for dinner,
and then our night-time routine will be underway.
The first day of year eight is coming to a close.

Thankful this day that the Lord's promises
are sure and that He will keep us until the day 
we are taken Home to be with Him.
May we be found to be faithful to follow wherever He may lead.
May each of you find that His loving Hand is upon you as well.
He is Good.  He is Faithful.  His ways are always best.

Many Blessings,


Dianna said...

Year 8! What an accomplishment, friend! I loved seeing the pictures of your students...and the picture of wet clothes drying in the mud room. Your drying rack looks so sturdy. I have one, also, but it is wooden and I have a feeling not as sturdy as yours.

Thinking of you and praying for you and the family, Camille. You are precious to me.

Angela said...

Wow = 8 years!!! All the best on this year's adventures.

Patty said...

Camille, I hope this year brings an abundance of love and blessings in your homeschooling this year. Have a great week!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

There is something comforting about getting back into the homeschool routine, isn't there? Although I can imagine it being bittersweet with so many memories. How wonderful that you have a beach to walk to. This is day two for us and so far our new, much stricter schedule is working out better. Josiah even thanked me for it! Looking forward to seeing what God is going to do this year. BTW, we're still waiting for orders. It has been a bureaucratic nightmare, but I keep trusting in God's timing. After a year and a half, I'm so ready to move, but I know God's timing is always better than my own.

Camille said...

Dianna ~ Thank you my friend...thank you! The drying rack came from you have one in your area? I'm sure they still have them. :)

Angela ~ Thank you my friend! It only seems like yesterday in some ways...and, I'm still learning. :)

Patty ~ You bless my heart...thank you! May you know the Lord's blessings in your home as well. :)

Jackie ~ Yes, my friend...the Lord's timing is always best. How precious it is to rest in His perfect plans for us. Hang in there! :)

With Love,