February 27, 2014

Charley aka "The Lioness"

Actually, we are dog-sitting ~ Charley is a tea cup yorkie.

That means that she is in fact a dog, not a baby.
And, yet...she seems a little like a baby in my books.
She likes to be cuddled and she requires lots of attention.
The kids are thrilled.  Howie is thrilled.  Charley is thrilled.

Clearly, it's a win-win all around.

But, what about me?  

Well...it depends on who is going to be in charge of the baths.
And, there will be many of those.  After all, it's winter here.
Winter in our area means that there will be lots and lots of wetness.
I don't do well with a wet and muddy doggy in the house.

Not too well at all.
But, I am sure it will all work out ~ 
maybe Spring will come early this year?  Maybe.

Although Charley is a little package, 

she is big on personality and spunk.

Last time she stayed in our home, she showed us her wilder side.
Hence, the very appropriate nickname ~ The Lioness.
She is fearless and bold and makes her presence known.

Anything she might choose to challenge would come out on top.  

Every single time.  Without a doubt.

But, she thinks otherwise.
This is going to be an adventure.

Mostly, though, I think it will be fun.
And, so does Charley ~ I'm quite sure of that.
As I type this, she is snoring (yes, snoring!) on my lap.
Yes, Charley will be just fine.  :)

Happy Weekend Y'all!
Many Blessings,


Stephanie said...

Awww.. So cute! She reminds me of the Yorkie I had when I was younger. His name was Sir Oliver Sedgewick Mitchell...Ollie for short :) Have fun and enjoy your weekend!

Linda said...

So cute!!
Hope you are well dear friend.
Love and Hugs.

Pam said...

He looks cute; I have always liked Yorkies, and thought it would be nice to have one; but we usually end up with little mixes. I know what you mean about the snow and the dog; we have that problem here as well. I do so look forward to Spring. I am enjoying a catch up on your recent posts; Love the date night and Your little brother. Thanks for popping in on my blog yesterday.

Lisa said...

Haha! What a cute dog!!

PippaDavies said...

What a cutie Camille:) I can see she is bringing joy to your heart and home. Dogs have a way of doing that! Lots of love Pippa xx

Unknown said...

AWWWW! Have fun with Charlie!

Camille said...

Dear Stephanie ~ What a great name! Yes, the little doggy's need big names to match their big personalities. LOL! :)

Dear Linda ~ Thank you my sweet friend...thank you! :)

Dear Pam ~ Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words. I hope you feel better soon. :)

Dear Lisa ~ Yes...she really is! :)

Dear Pippa ~ Oh, yes...they really do! (I will admit that)...however, they are a little bit of work, aren't they? :)

Dear Jenny ~ Thank you my friend...we are certainly doing that! :)

Many Blessings,

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

What a fun treat. We need to find a little baby like Charlie to watch! :)

Wanting What I Have said...

Awwww...she's so cute!!! Full of spunk...sounds like a Charlie I know. ;)

Camille said...

Dear Heather ~ A very fun treat, indeed! Yes, go find yourself a Charley! :)

Dear Jennifer ~ Too much spunk sometimes....LOL! We are enjoying her, though. :)

Many Blessings,