February 24, 2014

Snowed In

We live in Canada.  However, we rarely get snow in our part of the country.
This winter has been typical in this regard ~ mostly, we've had rain.
It's only snowed twice ~ just prior to Christmas, and again these last few days.

The first snow made its appearance while we were gone.  

And, on the very same day it snowed here, it also snowed in Arizona.
So, we didn't miss out.  We've enjoyed a little white stuff twice this winter.
Usually, however, it's gone within a day or two.  It's just how it is.

This past Saturday evening, the most recent snow began.
By the time we went to sleep, it was beginning to collect in earnest.
In the morning, we woke to a beautiful winter wonderland.
Out the front door, it looked like this...

And, out the sundeck door it looked like this...

Because it snows so rarely, and because we live on a side street,
the snow plough doesn't usually make it down our road.
Due to that fact, it's most often best to just stay put.

So, on Sunday, we were snowed in.

Our church is an hour's drive away.  It wasn't wise to venture out.
We are so thankful that the services are live-streamed both
in the morning and the evening.  What a blessing!

Although we were snowed in, we were still able to attend via the internet.
Modern technology does have its benefits ~ especially in these sorts of situations.
We are so incredibly thankful for the live broadcast that is provided each Lord's Day.
Every time we have found it necessary to join in by that means,
it has blessed our hearts abundantly.  Our thanks to those who make it possible.

Now...back to the snow ~
it was several inches deep by late morning...see?

I went outside and snapped some photos.
Here's a shot of our front window from the edge of the yard ~
See the kids inside?  See the snow falling?  
It snowed all day long, and continued on into the evening.

On the inside, I captured Emma quietly reading on the couch ~
snug and cosy and warm.  So wonderful.  So thankful.

What is it like where you live?  Do you have lots of snow or none?  
Does your area handle snow well?  Or, do you get stranded when it comes?

We are somewhere in the middle on that score.  The main roads do get cleared.  

We have found, however, since we aren't on a main road, it's usually best to stay home.
In just a matter of days, all our snow will be gone ~ not a bad thing, really.
We'll just have to enjoy it while it lasts.  It's a novelty to have any at all.

Needless to say...the kids are thrilled.  

They are enjoying every minute of it.  Of course.
And, today?  The snow continues to fall in earnest.  It's still piling up.
We have declared today to be a day off.  It's officially a snow day!

Warm Hugs to you all!


Nadine said...

Beautiful snow pictures. Sadly, we only got rain! :(
Oh well, winter is not over yet! ;D


Donna said...

We've had more snow this year than in the past which is very rare for us. Living in the South we are just not prepared for a snowfall even a couple of inches. We have had several adventures this year with the snow!
Your pics are gorgeous!
Live stream is wonderful and I listen to it often.

Angela said...

It's been snowing here for 2 days also. It's beautiful. Fortunately I am able to get out.

I love the new technology too. I watch my Alma mater's student service Sunday nights. It blesses me every week. A great way to end a beautiful day of worship and fellowship.

Intentional Living Homestead said...

yes...us too. Snowed in, in the Fraser Valley. Missed church too. But it is pretty.

Camille said...

Dear Nadine ~ Ah, yes...rain! We do get SO much of that! It was nice to get snow for a change. :)

Dear Donna ~ I saw what snow did to your area...dear me! It looks like it is quite the upheaval when it makes its appearance. :)

Dear Angela ~ I agree...it is so pretty! I am also thankful that when it leaves, it goes quickly. It really is a blessing living in this part of the world, isn't it? :)

Dear Connie ~ We are on the same page my friend...pretty is how I describe it, too. I do like our milder climate, however, and am not usually sad to see it go. The kids are having fun in it though. :)

Many Blessings,

Wanting What I Have said...

How wonderful!!!! We've had our share of snow and more recently, ice. It's wisest to stay put in this area. (Lol!!!) What a blessing to have church streamed live. That's awesome!!!

Camille said...

Dear Jennifer ~ Ah, yes...ice! Never a fun thing!! (Except for skating on...of course). We are so thankful for the lived streaming that we are able to take advantage of when we need to. God is Good! Hugs to you, Camille

Linda said...

Hi Camille,
Enjoyed your post and what beautiful snow photos!! So pretty!
We have not had any snow this Winter which is unusual but we have had non-stop rain which has caused so much flooding and damage.
Planning on a trip to Canada probably next year as the Lord provides. Hope to meet up with you if I do get to visit. I will be in the Niagara Falls area and not sure how far from you?
Much Love and hugs.

Lisa said...

Oh, this post made me smile! I love seeing the snow, and dare even venture to say I miss it every once in a while :) Beautiful pictures, my friend!

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

Love your snow photos. Hopefully you're all thawed out by now. Looks you had more snow than us, well, a foot is a big deal here, which we had the first part of Feb. There is a threat of snow this weekend but it's probably gonna be in the higher levels. Have a good weekend!

Unknown said...

Beautiful! We have had so much snow this year that we haven't seen the ground since the first part of December! We have got somewhere around a total of 68" of snow so far this winter!

Camille said...

Dear Linda ~ Oh, I hear you on the rainy winters! That is usually how it goes around here as well. It would be fun to connect with you when you come to Canada. However, Niagara Falls is about 3500 km away from my home. If you come to Vancouver we could definitely connect. :)

Dear Lisa ~ Come on over and enjoy our snow for awhile...you are most welcome! :)

Dear Becky ~ It's been warmer and most of the snow is gone...the roads are dry/wet, but, we do still have snow in our yard. Thank you for your sweet compliments on the photos. Snow is pretty, but, I am thankful we live in a milder climate than most of the rest of our country. :)

Dear Jenny ~ Wow! That is a lot of snow!! It's a strange feeling not to see the ground for that long of a time...that never happens here! Spring is just around the corner...hang in there. :)

With Love,