March 4, 2014

One Day

When I say that snow is a novelty, I really mean it.

In most parts of our country, and even (perhaps?) this entire continent,
snow is something to endure and wish away.  More often than not, it seems.
But, not for us.  Not here.  We rarely get the white stuff,
and when we do, we take full advantage of it.

We also try to stay safe and warm at home.

In light of all this, the children were outside playing ~
sliding down hills and building forts.
Of course, hot chocolate is always required at some point ~
that's what mamas (who are keeping warm inside) are for, right?  :)

One glove on and one glove off.  
It's the best way to drink hot chocolate ~ 
in case you were wondering.

Enjoying a cup each after an afternoon of play.

My favourite part of the snow is the way it makes everything appear fresh and clean.
It's a wonderful opportunity to view God's creation through new lenses.

When the snows stopped falling, the skies were blue and the sun was shining.
Isn't this just the most glorious sight?  It was stunningly beautiful.
This was the view from our front deck the morning after we were snowed in.
Don't you just love the way the trees are all laden down with snow?

Truly, the world does reflect the glory of our Great God!

As we observed this scene outside our living room window,

 Emma and I discussed the fact that though this world
is tainted with sin and corruption, it still retains much of its beauty.

Then, we tried to imagine what Heaven is like without

sin or death or sorrow ~ we couldn't.  It's impossible.
What an incredible thing it is to consider that
absolutely nothing evil is even allowed to be there.

Too incredible to fully comprehend this side of eternity.

One day, we will know, just as Austin knows even now.

One day, we will see.  One day, we will be there.  One day. 
How wonderful and precious these truths are!  Truly.

Many Blessings,


OurCrazyFarm said...

I would be happy to package up some of our six foot snow banks to share with you, Camille;) Thanks for the beautiful reminder that even the snow is a perfect gift from God! I noticed today that there are hardly any track in our yard, let alone snowmen this year, as we have had artic cold this winter that has prevented everybody from even enjoying the white stuff. Spring has to come soon- right? Thanks for your prayers and sweet concern. Remember that my prayers are being lifted to the throne for you, too. ~ Terri

Camille said...

Dear Terri ~ Thank you for praying my's such a blessing to know that you understand. May the LORD give much grace day by day as you seek to live for Him moment by moment. How precious He is! Hugs to you, Camille

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

I love how the landscape changes with the beautiful snow. I spend some time out photograghing whatever looks awesome. I created a heart in the snow this year. We don't get alot of snow either so I enjoy it while I can. Thanks for sharing the beauty of your Canadian snow!

Maryann said...

The photo of the snow and trees is beautiful, would make some lovely notecards. I loved how you used the snow as an opportunity to talk to your daughter about heaven.

Camille said...

Dear Becky ~ It truly is beautiful...especially when it is a novelty. I remember seeing your photo of the heart you made in the much fun! :)

Dear Maryann ~ What a lovely idea to make note cards with the photo...thank you for your kind encouragement. I appreciate you. :)

With Love,