February 24, 2015

Prepared and Appointed

**"You have not the making of your own cross....
but your cross is prepared and appointed for you by divine love,
and you are cheerfully to accept it;  
you are to take up the cross as your chosen badge and burden,
and not to stand cavilling at it.  

This night Jesus bids you submit your shoulder to His easy yoke.  
Do not kick at it in petulance, or trample on it in vainglory, or fall under it in despair,
or run away from it in fear, but take it up like a true follower of Jesus.
Jesus was a cross-bearer; He leads the way in the path of sorrow.
Surely you could not desire a better guide!  And if He carries a cross,
what nobler burden would you desire?  

The Via Crucis is the way of safety; fear not to tread its thorny paths...
remember that it will soon be followed by the crown,
and the thought of the coming weight of glory will greatly lighten
the present heaviness of trouble."

Many Blessings, Camille

**Quoted from Spurgeon's Morning and Evening
February 23rd evening reading


Esther said...

I love this! I read it too!! I especially like that he goes on to say that the cross will soon be followed by the crown. Oh happy day that will be!! :-)

Funny thing, I almost quoted Spurgeon the other day too!! There's a good reason he was called the "Prince of Preachers"!

Camille said...

Dear Esther ~ Yes, indeed...the Prince of Preachers! So thankful we have access to his wonderful words of encouragement. I adjusted the post to reflect that eternal hope you referred to...thank you for pointing that out to me. With Love, Camille

Pam said...

It is just at first that it is difficult to bare the cross;but as we grow in Him, we find ourselves strengthened in a way that we can do and bare it all so differently than we could in our younger years don't you think? It is His grace; it transforms us, so that we find ourselves as co-laborers with Him, and then taking up the Cross, is motivated in a longing to hear Him say "Well done…" which truly is my hearts longing. Great post Camille.
Love and Blessings,

Camille said...

Dear Pam ~ Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement and for your kind friendship. I am thankful that our Lord walks with us as His people and does that work in us that needs doing in order to make us fit for eternity with Him! What a thought!! Hugs to you, Camille