April 21, 2015

Hands Wide Open

Oh, how easy it is to cling to those things we love most in this life.
We hold on tightly, fiercely, in order never to let them (it?) go!
So much trouble comes to our hearts when we grasp with a strangle hold
those things that are of utmost importance to us.

It may be a person, an object, a method, an experience.
Whatever it may be, it must be kept in its proper place.

 Anything that we set up in our hearts in the highest place
can actually become an idol.  It's true.  And, it's got to be de-throned.
Sometimes, that can be a painful process.  But, a necessary and a good one.
We are allowed to love and to cherish.  Actually, we are encouraged to do so.

Just not above the One Who deserves to be loved best.

Since we have already buried one child, the fear of needing
to bury another could threaten to overtake us.
God wouldn't call us to that, would He?  Surely not!
But, why couldn't He?  After all, He is the giver and sustainer of life.

Our children belong to Him before they belong to us.

Life here is uncertain.  Fragile.  Life in heaven is eternal.  Secure.
Perspective is set right when the heart views things rightly.
The only way to accomplish this is through filling our hearts with truth.
That truth is foundational to all that follows.  To all that matters.

Seeking these days to live life with hands wide open.
To hold people, things, methods, and experiences lightly.
Actually, to not really hold them at all.  But, to let them all go.
Into the Hands most capable.  Into the Hands of the One only able.

Because HE already holds it all.  And HE holds us.
What a precious, steadying, comforting, magnificent thought!

With Love, Camille

**Images in this post courtesy of our Calvin ~ from his earliest collection
of photos taken with his good camera.  :)


Jill said...

Love these photos and the peaceful feeling they bring. Enjoying the simple beauty of nature... hope everything is ok. Hugs!


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

This is just what I needed to hear today. As I'm preparing to have this baby, I'm letting things go, even ministries I've been involved in. I'm moving into a different season and need to be able to open my hands willingly to the Lord and let Him guide what I'm to be doing for the kingdom. I know He will show me my new path. He always does :) Thank you for sharing your heart! I'm sad that these lessons come with such a painful price for you and your family, yet I'm thankful that you are willing to share with the rest of us. You are a true Titus 2 woman! Love you, friend.

Esther said...

Oh my, I so needed to read this today! Thank you so much for sharing. Fear is a formidable enemy and I must say, we do battle regularly. Thank you for articulating so well what is often on my heart. And thank you for being so willing to share what the Lord is teaching you. Hugs!!

Melissa said...

I oftentimes find it difficult to let go of my girl. Praying for grace that I may...

Camille said...

Dear Jill ~ Yes, my friend...everything is going just fine here...thank you for your concern. I just mull these things over in my brain and occasionally they spill out onto my blog. I hope that makes sense? Hugs to you! :)

Dear Jackie ~ Your kind words are always a blessing to my heart. How much I need the Lord! How gracious He is with me!! You are right...He will guide you perfectly as you seek to follow Him into this new season of life. Your ministry is to your family...enjoy these precious days!! :) Praying for you today...

Dear Esther ~ You are a sweet blessing to me my friend...thank you for your encouragement always. Looking forward to our in person visit...soon! It is soon...right? :)

Dear Melissa ~ Oh, my friend...the Lord knows your heart and He is so very gracious to His children!! Hugs to you! :)

With love,

Cinnamon said...

What wonderful thoughts to share.
Thank you ♥ Praying for you this morning as you ponder all these things in your heart.

~hugs~ Cinnamon

Camille said...

Dear Cinnamon ~ Your prayers are a blessing to my heart. Thank you SO much for lifting us up to the Throne of Grace. How wonderful it is to belong to our Great God and His precious family! Hugs, Camille

Heather said...

Beautiful words. LOVE the photos, Calvin!!!

Camille said...

Dear Heather ~ Thank you for your sweet encouragement my friend! Hugs! Camille