April 8, 2015

What We Do Have

Trying over here not to focus on what we don't have.
But, on what we do!  It's a constant battle, but, so worth the fight.
It is incredibly easy to spiral down into the have not abyss,
rather than to ascend on the wings of the blessings.

Today would have been Austin's 20th birthday.

We don't have our Austin here with us physically.  
But, we do have him!  What a wonderful thought.
He is not gone.  Just gone ahead.

Gone from our home.  But, not from our hearts.
He is still part of the fabric of our being.  Of our family.
That will never change.  Never.

Though our family photos will not include him.
Though our children will grow up and, Lord-willing,
have children of their own.

Though those children will not know their uncle.
He still will be their uncle.  And, if they know and love
the same Saviour, they will meet.  One day.

On the other side.

So, today I focus on what we do have.

Our sure foundation.  Our eternal hope.  Our heavenly home.
What a precious place to be!  What a wonderful place to rest.
Only by the grace of our Great God is it even possible.
But, because of Him it is sure.

Praising Him.  By His grace.  In His strength.
Eternity is forever.  Life here is temporary.
May we be found living for His glory until the day He calls us home.
May we willingly follow wherever He leads.

With Love, Camille

**Photos in this post were taken in 
April 2005 ~ Austin was ten.


Katy said...

That was beautifully written Camille!!!
Not gone...just gone ahead ~ how wonderfully true that is. I love your sweet, biblical, strong faith and focus that you have.

Despite your strength, I am sure this day is terribly difficult for you. Please know that I will be continually remembering you in prayer today.

OurCrazyFarm said...

Many prayers will be lifted for you today, Camille. This road of grief is long, but eternity is going to be much longer. Forever and ever and ever to gaze at the face of Jesus... I can't wait.

Farming On Faith said...

Hugs my sweet friend. Your faith and grace are an inspiration to us all.

Prayers going up for you today!

KM Angel said...

Thinking of your family today!

Melissa said...

Oh, sweet Camille! Praying for you today!

Esther said...

Camille!! You have been on my mind all this week. Always actually but more so this week and today especially, being Austin's birthday. How much you must miss him!! And be torn between wanting him here and rejoicing where he is. Oh the day, when you will be re-united with your precious son. There are no words to describe the joy. Just thankfulness to the Lord for the work He has done that makes the hope for that day possible.

Praying for you today that the Lord will comfort you and give you peace.
I love you and and your family and wish I could hug you today. XOXOXO

Susan V. said...

Such beautiful pictures of blessed times gone by! May the Lord fill you and your family with His comfort and peace on this day of special memories of Austin. Praying for you dear friend!

Angela said...

Camille and family, I am praying for you. May God's perfect peace pass your understanding and be your Prince of Peace. Love, Angela

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

Precious memories. Praying for you and your family as you continue to walk your life in God's love and knowing that Austin is safe in heaven. Stay strong and keep loving on the sweet kids you have. I'm sure it's not easy for them at.all! Hugs!!

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Prayers going up for you my sweet friend right now. That word 'Gone' has such a different meaning for the Christian. Gone onto glory, a change of address, not simply 'gone'. Oh how wretched it must be for those who do not possess that blessed assurance of a Heavenly home and seeing their loved ones again. I received a message from one of our Asian friends just the other day telling me she was flying home because her father was 'gone'. I had to clarify that she meant he had died. It was such a sad text and I realized she was using the word 'gone' in its' most hopeless context. Yes, I want to be found living for His glory until the day He calls me home and telling others about the certain hope of heaven and eternity spent with Christ for those who put their faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Stephanie said...

Dear, sweet Camille... you are in my prayers. Because of the Lord you are made strong - may you continue to draw strength and comfort from Him. Love to you!

Camille said...

Dear Katy ~ Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement and for your prayers...they mean so much! Hugs. :)

Dear Terri ~ Truly, my friend...I know you know! Thank you for your prayers and for your sweet encouragement along the way. Hugs to you! :)

Dear Carrie ~ Thank you so much, sweet friend. What a blessing to know that God's people are praying!! Hugs. :)

Dear K. Angel ~ Thank you SO much! You bless my heart. :)

Dear Melissa ~ What a sweet encouragement you are to me...thank you so much for lifting us up in prayer. :)

Dear Esther ~ Thank you SO much for praying for us...we are so thankful for your friendship. I felt the hug...here's one back! :)

Dear Susan ~ SO lovely to *see* you here my friend...it means so much to us that you pray. We remember you all before the Throne of Grace as well. Hugs! :)

Dear Angela ~ Thank you so much my friend...you bless our hearts! Hugs. :)

Dear Becky ~ How much we need the Lord each step of this journey He has us on. Thank you for lifting us up in prayer. You are a blessing. :)

Dear Ann ~ What a precious reality it is for the Christian! What hopelessness for those who do not know the Lord as Saviour! Thank you for sharing the story about *gone* here...so appropriate. And, thank you so much for praying for us. Hugs to you all! :)

Dear Stephanie ~ Yes, truly...it is only because of our precious Saviour that we have any strength at all. What a blessing it is to belong to Him! Thank you for praying for us...you bless our hearts. Hugs. :)

With love,

Sandy said...

Dear Camille,
Thanks for your post, what a great reminder of what we ought to do, to count our blessings, to focus on what we have. That's what I need to remind myself all the time because it is so easy to go the other way.
Thinking of you and your family!

Jennifer Jo said...

Hugs to you, dear one.

Camille said...

Dear Sandy ~ You are a precious sister in the Lord...thank you for your kind words and friendship. Hugs to you all! :)

Dear Jennifer Jo ~ Awww...thank you! SO appreciate those hugs. :)

With Love,

Heather said...

May God bless you so richly with clear, beautiful memories each year that you can celebrate. Praying His peace for you today and always. Thank you again, for teaching your readers to rejoice in the midst of pain.

Camille said...

Dear Heather ~ Thank you, sweet friend...for always being such a wonderful encouragement to my heart! Love to you! Camille