May 27, 2015

Best Things Last

"See, then, the happy estate of the Christian!  He has his best things last, 
and he therefore in this world receives his worst things first...

...Even now he grows rich by his losses, he rises by his falls,
he lives by dying, and becomes full by being emptied;
if, then, his grievous afflictions yield him so much peaceable fruit in this life,
what shall be the full vintage of joy afterwards in heaven?"

"If he can sing in a dungeon, how sweetly will he sing in heaven!
If he can praise the Lord in the fires, how will he extol Him before the eternal throne!
If evil be good to him now, what will the overflowing goodness of God be to him then?"

"Who would not be a Christian?
Who would not bear the present cross for the crown which cometh afterwards?
But herein is work for patience, for the rest is not for today,
nor the triumph for the present, but afterward.
Wait, o soul, and let patience have her perfect work." **

May we truly have our eyes fixed on those eternal, everlasting, 
and enduring best things.  Everything else pales in comparison.
At the end of it all, nothing else really matters.

With Love, Camille

**Taken from Spurgeon's "Morning and Evening" ~
May 18 evening reading


Heather said...

You are a lovely example of this, Camille. I know you would say you're not perfect, but it's such a breath of fresh air to witness someone walk through a trial and honestly feel their pain in a public way (on your blog) but, also demonstrate such a faithfulness to the Lord that it would draw others to want to know why. Thank you. XO

Patty said...

Yes, the best is yet to come!

I purchased a copy of Morning and Evening some time ago after you mentioned it in another of your blog post. I enjoy it, though I don't usually read it daily. I am reading through my Bible chronologically right now. I would recommend doing this to everyone. It makes the Old Testament much easier to understand.

Have a wonderful rest of the week, Camille!

Maryann said...

The timing of this post was perfect for me, oh how I need to be reminded of these truths.
Blessings to you my friend

Camille said...

Heather ~ You bless my heart...thank you so much for your sweet words of encouragement. The Lord truly is the only reason we have been able to walk this path without falling apart. He is so very good to us! Hugs to you my friend. :)

Patty ~ I have often thought about reading through the Bible chronologically...I am sure it helps to get things in their proper order in the OT especially. I am so glad you have your own copy of Morning and really is a treasure. Hugs to you! :)

Maryann ~ I have been praying for you my friend. Hang in there...the Lord is with you each step of the way. Big hugs! :)

With Love,