June 9, 2015

Our Summer Eats

For the summer,  I've put together a simple food plan.
It just doesn't happen every single month.

Confession.  It actually hasn't happened around here for the last few.
It seems I'm always confessing about these things.
Well, it is what it is.  And, this should put all that right.

Summer always is a little trickier (in my books) since everything has
to be quick and easy and not create any more heat in the house than necessary.
At least, that's my summer meal plan motto.

We don't have air conditioning.  We don't need it.  That is,
for most of the year we don't.  However, for a few weeks in the height of summer,
it would be nice.  Actually, in the last few days, it would have been nice.
But, it won't happen.  Not in this house.

So, simple, quickly put together, and non-heat producing meals are best.
I formulated this plan on one of our recent hot-in-my-estimation days.  80 degrees.
Don't laugh.  It was 80 degrees outside as well as in.  Too hot for me.
The fan was strategically positioned and aimed in my direction.

Under those conditions, this is what I came up with.
It's my plan for the summer that seems to already have arrived.
In full force.  Good thing I'm prepared.  :)

Rather than make a day by day plan, this list has more than
three weeks' worth of meal ideas which can be rotated as necessary.
Along the way, I might throw something extra into the mix.
(Some of your ideas, perhaps?  Yes, please.)
My hope is that this will be enough to keep us going all summer long.

Auto-pilot and ease of operation are my goals
for meal preparation when the temperatures rise.  In order for that to happen,
I need to have a plan in place.  In my experience, anyway.
Oh, and stick that plan to the fridge.  And, implement it.  Yes, those things, too.

Welcome summer ~ I'm ready for you!

Dinner Ideas:

1.  African Dish
2.  Idaho Tacos
3.  Chicken Wraps
4.  Burgers (or from a box) on the grill
5.  Skillet Dinner
6.  Salmon on the grill
7.  Chicken on the grill
8.  Salmon Salad
9.  Pasta Primavera
10.  Black Beans and Rice
11.  Eggs and Beans on toast
12.  Refried Beans and Rice
13.  Farmer's Breakfast
14.  Steaks (from the half cow) on the grill
15.  Stir Fry something or other
16.  Crock Pot Roast Beef (from the half cow)
17.  Whole Chicken in the crock pot
18.  Taco Salad or Tacos
19.  Sloppy Joe's
20.  Mexican Salad
21.  Janine's Indian Chicken
22.  Hobo Beans
23.  Pulled Chicken in the crock pot
24.  Shish Kebabs

Lunch Ideas:

1.  Salmon sandwiches
2.  Grilled Cheese sandwiches
3.  Tuna sandwiches
4.  Egg Salad sandwiches
5.  Ham sandwiches
6.  Refried beans, Salsa, and Cheese on toast
7.  Pizza Buns
8.  Mini Pizzas
9.  Toasted Tomato sandwiches


1. Potato Salad
2.  Grilled Veggies
3.  Greek Salad
4.  Quinoa Salad
5.  Coleslaw
6.  Broccoli Salad
7.  Caesar Salad
8.  Veggies and Dip
9.  Pasta Salad

There you have it.  Our summer eats.
Anything to add to the list?  Any tips or tricks?
I'd love to hear how you handle meal prep in the heat of summer.
Please share.  I'm all ears.  Tell me everything.  :)

Happy Summer-ing.
With Love, Camille


Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

They all sound like great ideas... I've even pulled a few from you. Thanks!!

I know you eat fruit. But, I wondered if you've ever paired watermelon chunks (bite size) with fresh minced basil.

I also like to make Dutch Tomatoes. As well. as Capri salad. Fresh Mozz, sliced tomatoes and basil with a balsamic vinegar. olive oil and a sprinkle of seasoned salt.

The Dutch Tomatoes are ... sliced tomatoes, thinly sliced onion (opt.) and at very last minute - just before serving sprinkle (lightly) some brown sugar over the tomatoes and then add a light pouring of balsamic vinegar. AMAZING!!!

Esther said...

Ah, just what I needed. Yummy summer meal ideas. They all look so good. Cant wait to try some, maybe all of them? Lol Thanks so much for the inspiration!!!

Pam said...

I agree with you about summer, and cooking and air conditioning :). In Colorado we didin't have air conditioning... although our summers could get pretty hot. We did have a Swamp Cooler, but it wasn't as efficient as I would have liked. Here it is expected to get hotter, but I am so glad to say we have air conditioning.. I think the person who invented it is an amazing person :) . I loved your menu, and always feel inspired by it. I went through every link and found that my stomach is now growling. I loved the ideas. The Idaho tacos are a great idea... I will have to give that a try soon; but every last dish sounded great. I find that I am always inspired by what other people fix for dinner... or any meal. Thanks for sharing.
Love and blessings,

little sis said...

I use this recipe except I leave out the brown sugar and use crushed pineapple instead of rings. YUMMY!!


It is supposed to get up to 108 here on Sunday. Oven baking is done in the wee hours of the morning or after the sun has gone down. I really try not to use the oven but this month is a birthday month for 3 of us.


Stephanie said...

What a fantastic menu, my friend! I may have to save some of your ideas for when it gets really hot here :)

Thinking of you and wishing you a lovely weekend. Love and hugs!

Unknown said...

YUM! I love how organized you are! And now I am VERY hungry. :)

Camille said...

Bevy ~ Oooohhh...my sister made us Capri Salad when we were in CA...SO yummy! Thank you for the reminder and for the other two ideas...I will have to give them a try. Hugs to you! :)

Esther ~ Come on over and I'll share. XOXO

Pam ~ I would imagine air conditioned homes is a standard thing in Florida...just like in California. SO glad you have it! :) I hope you enjoy the Idaho Tacos...they are a hit around here. Hugs. :)

Leanna ~ 108?! Wow!! I agree...oven is not a friend on hot summer days. I have copied out your hawaiian chicken recipe and plan to use it next week. It sounds so yummy!! Thank you for sharing one of your favourites with me. And...happy birthday to the three of you! :)

Stephanie ~ I hope you like the recipes you try. Thank you for your kind encouragement. Happy weekend to you! Hugs. :)

Jenny ~ It's a constant battle to be organised in the meal planning department. But, I think I'm winning it this time. It's lovely to hear from you! Hugs to you across all those miles. :)

With Love,

Pam said...

I'm making the Idaho tacos tomorrow night when my girls come for dinner. Just wanted to let you know.

Camille said...

Pam ~ Fun! Thanks for letting me know. We are actually having them for dinner tonight! :) Hugs to you, Camille

Nadine said...

Looks like a great list! With all the hot weather lately, our meals have been pretty light and simple around here! :)