April 29, 2016

Best and Dearest

" 'Surely, if I were a child of God, this would not happen.'
Oh! say not so, thou who art walking in darkness.
The best of God's saints must drink the wormwood;
the dearest of His children must bear the cross.

No Christian has enjoyed perpetual prosperity;
no believer can always keep his harp from the willows.  

Perhaps the Lord allotted you at first a smooth and unclouded path,
because you were weak and timid.  He tempered the wind to the shorn lamb,
but now that you are stronger in the spiritual life, you must enter upon the riper
and rougher experience of God's full-grown children.

We need winds and tempests to exercise our faith,
to tear off the rotten bough of self-dependence, and to root us more firmly in Christ.  
The day of evil reveals to us the value of our glorious hope." 

Quoted from Spurgeon's "Morning and Evening" ~
April 29 Morning Reading 

May the Lord bless each of you with His peace and presence
as you walk the path He has called you to.
He is forever faithful and will daily give the needed grace and strength
to make it through whatever situation you may be facing.  

These precious promises belong to God's people alone.  Are you His?
If not, prayerfully consider this article and cast yourself upon Him.
He will not turn you away if you come.  He is merciful and mighty to save. 

With Love,

**Image in this post courtesy of one of my first blogging friends, Christa ~
Thank you, sweet friend, for long ago sharing this photo with me!  XO 


Nikki said...

One of these days I plan to order this book but thank you for sharing this because this is EXACTLY what I needed to hear today. I LOVE how God does that for us. :) ~ Nikki ~

Angela said...

Thank you Camille for the encouragement as I walk this road of MS. God has and continues to be so faithful in meeting me each step of the way.

Christa said...

Camille, this was very encouraging and a great reminder of why we go through trials. It's all from the Lord and is for our good. "We need winds and tempests to exercise our faith..." I love this! Thank you for posting this.


Camille said...

Nikki ~ I am SO glad you were encouraged! Yes, the Lord is always on time in all things....what a blessing to rest in Him. On another note...we have Morning and Evening on our phone (and in book form, too)...I think it was free. Hugs! :)

Angela ~ Isn't it amazing to look back and see how many things the Lord has done specifically for us? What a precious testimony of His grace you have to share...thank you! Hugs to you. :)

Christa ~ Thank you, my friend....it encourages my heart that you were blessed. Hugs to you! :)

With Love,

Kelly-Anne said...

Dear Camille...I had to smile in agreement with this passage from Spurgeon's Morning and Evening - April 29th was the day Caleb was born and oh! What a deep valley it was we had to walk through to win the glorious prize...baby Caleb.

''He is forever faithful and will daily give the needed grace and strength
to make it through whatever situation you may be facing.''.

This is SO beautiful, true and challenging!
With love and blessings to you...